Crypto Betting Exchanges

The advancement of technologies has introduced Cryptocurrency, allowing many online platforms to utilize the secure option. Sports betting exchanges are not an exception here.

In fact, hundreds of betting exchanges have emerged to provide crypto options for bettors of all kinds. 

Considering these high numbers, finding a valid and licensed crypto sports betting exchange may be difficult.

Luckily, we have got you.

This review will expose you to only the best crypto betting exchanges. Our experts have tested and reviewed these services, so you can trust us as we review every detail of these platforms.

Best Crypto Betting Exchanges in 2023

Unfortunately there are no good and reliable betting exchanges for now. But you can use crypto sportsbooks and casinos with good reputation listed below. We’ll add blockchain exchanges to this list as soon as we find and review them.

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Important to know: Neither crypto betting exchange nor crypto sportsbook/casino licensed by UK government. Most of them have Curacao international gambling licence that doesn’t make the sportsbook/exchange legal in UK. We strongly recommend work with legal companies in your country!

Chapter 1

What is a Crypto Betting Exchange?

What is a Crypto Betting Exchange?

For starters, you may find it difficult to differentiate between your crypto exchange and traditional bookie.

This section will show you to what a crypto betting exchange is, and also its pros and cons.

A cryptocurrency betting exchange is a platform that readily grants bettors the chance to bet against each other using cryptocurrencies.

Unlike the traditional bookies, these platforms allow gamblers from all regions to wager against other gamblers rather than the house. Inclusively, they offer these services with a widely-known and most secure payment option. 

With the rise of bitcoin betting exchanges, gamblers are now open to various betting options with competitive odds.

The operators only generate their profits through commission on net winnings. Thereby, they do not need any reason to provide unfavorable odds. Hence, they give some of the best odds in the market to willing customers. 


  • Highly competitive odds with chances to maximize profits.
  • High-level security and anonymity using bitcoin and other crypto options.
  • Availability of these services to a wide range of regions.


  • Very few promotional offers for new customers.
  • Commission rates may be very high and uncomfortable.

Chapter 2

8 Points To Pay Attention To When Choosing a Bitcoin Betting Exchange

8 Points To Pay Attention To When Choosing a Bitcoin Betting Exchange

Selecting the right betting exchange is every bettor’s concern.

Therefore, you need to consider some crucial points to ensure you are going for the best.

Read on and find eight points that you must consider to choose the right exchange platform.

Before selecting an exchange, you need to ensure it satisfies specific criteria. Here are eight points you must consider to give you the right pick for your betting endeavours.


Every betting platform must be able to meet a reliable status that automatically attracts gamblers.

To meet this level of reliability, betting brands seek certification and licensure. This way, you as a trader can verify how trustworthy their services will turn out to be.

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Platforms without certificates and licenses already expose the possibility of running an illegal service: so run from it.

To make further confirmations, you can also check other customers’ reviews. Bettors make other players aware of their experience by giving online reviews.

Take your time to read these reviews. Some of the negatives around a brand are primarily seen in customers’ comments and feedback. 


When we talk about liquidity in exchange, we are not referring to anything about water. Instead, it refers to the amount of money available for any bettor to make profitable wagers to bag a reasonable profit.

As usual, an exchange must involve another bettor that will trigger the bet. So, the liquidity comes from the potential stake from each of the bettors. 

Liquidity is a reason for you to be sure there is enough money in a gambling exchange. And realistically speaking, even the top brands experience occasional liquidity shortage which would result in partially matched or unsuccessful wagers.

But it should not be a norm because it will cause you frustration in the long run. Hence, it is important to check that an exchange has good liquidity. 

Range of Markets

When picking a betting exchange, one thing to always remember is the platform’s range of markets.

This covers the whole arrangements of sports and other entertainments the platform has for you.

Even though you may be interested in just one sport, make sure the platform has a variety of other sports. This way, you get to try other entertainments when you are bored. 


Crypto sports betting exchanges are known for many lovely things but the commission. Instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, it is understandable that these services generate little profits from the commissions.

You may enjoy as low as 0% to 5% commission rate on winning trades. It would be best to avoid the advances of some greedy sites that charge highly significant charges. 

There are no imposed regulations on the percentage rates of commission in a betting exchange.

Yet, you can still find generous exchange software and apps that offer as low as 2%. At the very least, ensure to find services with a considerable commission rate. 

Welcome Bonuses

Surprisingly, crypto, including the bitcoin sports betting exchange, also gives its customers promotional offers and bonuses.

They go as far as providing bonuses for new players, which is a significant aspect of a good exchange.

In addition, some exchanges directly hand out no deposit bonuses, free bets, deposit bonuses, birthday gifts, and many more. 

We advise that bettors ready to start trading easily go for platforms with sign-up offers. It is an opportunity to start making real money without actually risking extra.

However, make sure to confirm the site’s wagering requirements on their bonus offers. This gives the chance to verify the genuineness of the promotions and the general betting brand. 

Payment Methods

Banking is another crucial aspect of any online platform dealing with real money.

Even more, you will have to consider the type of exchange you will need since you will be using crypto for payments.

Apart from the highly secure form of crypto currency and bitcoin, you will still need to confirm whether the platform is reliable and safe.

That way, you can guarantee the safety of your money. 


The usability simply implies how exactly the platform looks and performs.

Hearing this alone makes it essential that you find the best sports betting exchange with a responsive and simple website or app.

The platform’s colourings, designs, and mobile optimization must be sleek and controllable, even for the least tech-savvy person. 


The best customer support team readily assists bettors in making the best decisions on their website.

We highly prioritize platforms that include various customer support options, including a phone line, email, and a live chat medium.

To add to it, these services must be available 24/7. Their availability is needed all the time. We don’t see any reason they shouldn’t be available 24/7. 

Chapter 3

Best Bitcoin Betting Exchanges: Our Top 6 To Work With

Best Bitcoin Betting Exchanges: Our Top 6 To Work With

Save your time and energy, and let us pick the best bitcoin sports betting exchange for you.

Allow us to list six of the top bitcoin exchanges right now.

These services have passed all the criteria we listed and have shown extreme affection for customers.

Let’s go.

Sports Trading can become more straightforward with six of the best cryptocurrency betting exchanges. Without further ado, we will also show you their top features, bonuses, and other details that qualify them as the best. 

Fairlay Exchange

Fairlay Exchange logo

Fairlay is one of the few groups of sports exchanges that offer genuine crypto gambling options. Since Fairlay came to the limelight in 2013, it prioritized Canadian players, offering them an enjoyable real money trading session.

On the downside, Fairlay disappoints crypto lovers with a limited range of available cryptocurrencies, only including Bitcoin. However, we still expect a better upgrade from Fairlay. 

Key Features

  • Low commission rates
  • Secure and private trading sessions
  • Instant banking

Welcome Bonus

Unfortunately, there is currently no welcome bonus offer for new customers at Fairlay. Their profitable market venture is focused on creating the perfect sports entertainment with incredible exchange odds.

Instead of dwelling on their ungenerous act, make your deposit and find ways to enjoy their profitable exchange offerings for you. 


  • Faster banking durations
  • Highly competitive odds
  • Favorable commission rate as low as 2% on winning bets. 


  • There is currently no promotional offer at Fairlay. 

Expert Conclusion

Judging from the industry’s high competition, Fairlay stands out as one of the best decentralized betting exchanges on the net today.

We only hope they improve on their generosity in terms of bonuses. If they can only feature bonuses and promotions for every player, more hands will be able to reach their prolific services.


Exbet.Io logo

Exbet started operation in late 2020 and has already dominated the hearts of many sports gamblers.

The brand also accepts very few crypto payments, mainly bitcoin, and appears to be one of the best Canadian traders. Let’s have a visual picture of what Exbet has got for players.

Key Features

  • Commission charge is as low as 1%
  • API for Algorithmic Trading
  • Wide range of sports, including soccer, NFL, NBA, and Cricket. 

Welcome Bonus

As of the time of writing this review, Exbet has not presented any form of bonus deals for customers. We hope they fix this as soon as possible. 


  • A safe environment for back and lay bet options.
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Easy-to-use mobile platform
  • 1% commission charge on winnings


  • Only a few sports entertainments are available
  • No bonuses and promotions

Expert Conclusion

Overall, Exbet is an outstanding crypto exchange for sports betting with many unique opportunities for Canadians. However, the brand is still lacking.

This is in the aspect of providing bonuses and promotions to their services. To be factual, there are no current promotions on the platform, which we hope they fix soonest. logo

Sportsbet started operating in 2016 with the motive of giving bettors the best online crypto exchange options in the industry.

It is one of the top platforms with official partnerships from some of the biggest European football clubs. Without further ado, let’s take an overview of this world-class exchange.

Key Features

  • An extensive library of sports choices
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.
  • Excellent promotional deals and bonuses. 
  • Mobile-friendly platform

Welcome Bonus

The blockchain betting exchange does not provide any form of welcome reward for new customers.

However, there are a variety of promotional offers, including bonuses and rewards for different sports.

Sportsbet is ready to spoil players with the most genuine form of bonuses. 


  • Live and In-Play options
  • Amazing user interface
  • An abundance of sports betting entertainment
  • Downloadable mobile app
  • Accepts an extra number of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, eth, etc.


  • Restriction in many regions
  • There is no welcome bonus for new players.

Expert Conclusion

Let us say this; Sportsbet is genuinely a remarkable bitcoin betting exchange. After evaluating their services, the brand seems to be performing excellently.

Their bonuses and services are outstanding, and we trust that Canadians would have a great time playing on the platform. is an early exchange for professional players seeking to play the best peer-to-peer crypto betting exchange.

After launching their major services in 2021, has since then continued to dominate with exclusive trading operations. Canadian players are no exception here. 

Key Features

  • In-Play trading opportunities
  • Plenty of sports to enjoy
  • Entertaining exchange odds for peer to peer Bitcoin betting. 

Welcome Bonus

There is no information about bonuses and promotions at, which is somewhat natural for an early exchange. Yet, we hope they extend their services to cover this soon. 


  • No betting limit on the edge
  • Only 3% commission on winning trades
  • Provides an anonymous social crypto betting environment


  • Poor market liquidity
  • Few numbers of bet types

Expert Conclusion

Although they are still at the early stage, seems promising, and they are showing this through the provisions of lucrative deals for Canadian bettors. 



While there are already a handful of good decentralised crypto betting exchanges in the market, Rollbit makes quite an extraordinary space for bettors and traders.

Still new to the online gaming environment, Rollbit made its debut in 2020 and has grown excellently into a licensed crypto betting platform.

The brand boasts of operating using four of the fastest blockchain payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Litecoin.

Key Features

  • Exceptional bonus offerings. 
  • Unlimited Withdrawal amounts and times. 
  • 15% cashback bonus program

Welcome Bonus

Sadly, there is no current welcome offer on Rollbit’s exchange menu.


  • Accepts BTC, ETH, Solana, and LTC
  • Huge selection of sports entertainment. 
  • Decentralized betting exchange


  • No welcome offer

Expert Conclusion

Since Rollbit is still in the early phase, there is not really much to qualify their services. But from the little we have seen, the brand is a remarkably decentralized exchange based on crypto, aspiring to dominate the industry as a bigger brand. 



Degens is another top exchange platform that prioritizes its markets based on the Ethereum economy.

If you feel your betting exchange is limiting its services to an extent, Degens is here for you.

The brand encompasses everything from your traditional bookie to an exchange. With just one click, everything will be delivered to your doorstep.

Key Features

  • Responsive mobile interface
  • Excellent customer service
  • Decentralized exchange using Ethereum

Welcome Bonus

Remember, Degens is not like your usual traditional betting exchange; this company features both sportsbooking and exchange.

This is a reason not to expect too much generosity, especially a welcome bonus offer. We hope they consider this feature in the future. 


  • Easy-to-use and responsive platform
  • Decentralized market focused on Cryptocurrency, particularly ETH.


  • No welcome bonus or reward

Expert Conclusion

Degens is an exceptional exchange for Canadian players, hosting some of the most straightforward cryptocurrency exchange services.

This way, they serve as an intermediary between bettors and their exchange, regardless of regional regulations. 

Chapter 4

Final Words

Final Words

As we finalize this review, let’s briefly recap what every crypto betting exchange entails.

Read on and see our final thoughts as we conclude this review.

Alert Green icon

Cryptocurrency banking is on the rise as one of the safest, fastest, and private payment options.

On seeing this, betting exchanges also show their prominence in encouraging this decentralized market with numerous money-making opportunities for betting traders.

Luckily for you, we have researched and revealed six of the best crypto-based exchanges you should be dealing with. 

Chapter 5



Is There a Bitcoin Betting Exchange? 

Yes, in fact, there are numerous Bitcoin betting exchanges worldwide. To be safe, it would be better to go for licensed exchanges. 

How To Choose The Best Crypto Betting Exchange?

From our review, we listed eight crucial factors to consider when choosing a suitable betting exchange for your endeavours.

You can take another look at the review and draft those criteria. 

What Is The Best Crypto Betting Exchange?

Naming the best crypto exchange will be pretty tricky as they all come with different top features. However, you can navigate through our recommended list and make your pick.


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