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TheTrader project was created for all people who are involved in sports trading but not only.

Our goal is to teach and help you gain the necessary knowledge and experience, without which it would not be possible to make profits from trading.

We will guide you step by step from explaining what trading is and how it works, through choosing the best betting exchange, to selecting the strategy based on your capabilities and expectations. This will help you get through the most difficult steps without any problems.

The idea is addressed not only to beginners but also to those intermediate and advanced who would like to learn the secrets of their strategies or learn completely different trading methods.

Our articles may turn out to be extremely helpful for the most demanding people.

Who knows, maybe at the intermediate level you will discover extremely useful information that will greatly improve your trading experience?

In addition, we want to make trading much easier for you by providing all kinds of facilities, i.e. betting exchanges reviews, opinions, guides, calculators, tips, and much more! You can find all these facilitations on our website and you also have the opportunity to receive a special gift by subscribing to our newsletter.

You’ll find there something for everyone, no matter how much knowledge you’ve gained so far!

What’s more, we are the only one among all our competitors to provide direct contact to our expert who not only provides free predictions in our Telegram channel but also answers all your questions. This way you can be sure that you are dealing with a real expert with many years of experience who has reliably prepared and written articles for you.

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Our team

Egor Knysh – Team Lead

My name is Egor and I’m the Team Lead of this project. I’ve been doing digital marketing for 6 years. I started my way as a freelancer and thanks to that I’ve got a decent knowledge of SEO, PPC, SMM, SERM, and other ways of getting traffic. Growing online projects inspires me, it’s my hobby, work, and passion that I can do 24/7.

TheTrader.bet is a project that I’ve made with love and care. I’m so excited to find out what we’ll be able to achieve!

Some projects that I took part in:


My social media accounts:


Egor Knysh - Team Lead at TheTrader

Dawid Zurawski – Chief Editor

And here I am, the main person & copywriter responsible for this ‘mess’ :)).

My name is David and I was 20 when I started to be fascinated by sports and bookmakers. I was immediately interested in the Betfair exchange and analyzing Asian markets because I was curious about how the money on the market depends on the final results. That’s how I’ve been systematically analyzing markets for over 7 years.

I shared my knowledge, analysis and experience on various Facebook forums. So, why not do it on your own website? I shared the idea with Egor and that’s how TheTrader.Bet was born.

Some projects that I took part in:


My social media accounts:


Dawid Zurawski - Chief Editor

Scott McGlynn – Editor-Proofreader

Scott has been creating horse racing and football content for several years and loves getting one over the bookies. A fan of both flat and jumps racing, he’s a regular at tracks throughout the UK and Ireland plus further afield, having visited Sha Tin and Happy Valley in Hong Kong and Churchill Downs in the US. Scott is also a massive Scottish football fan and loves traveling, having visited over 60 countries in recent years.

His experience:


Contact information:


Scott McGlynn - Editor-Proofreader at TheTrader

James Hall – Website Author

James is a copywriter with particular experience in sports betting and online casino games, writing reviews, blogs and other site content. In his free time, he likes to produce electronic music, so when he isn’t writing, you’ll probably find him making music, listening to it, training in the gym or reading a book.

He also loves to travel! In 2021, he took a trip through Northern and Eastern Europe and stopped in nine different countries. Overall, he’s traveled nearly 4000 km on trains. Next up, he wants to travel across the US.

His experience:


Contact information:


James Hall - Website Author at TheTrader

Emmanuel Omoloyin – Website Author

Emmanuel is a content writer and copywriter who loves what he does! His flair for the gambling industry led him to delve deeper into knowing how it works. He writes anything gambling-related to be it casino and sportsbook reviews, strategies and systems, just name it!

Asides from writing, he also loves tech! You will always find him acquiring one tech gadget or the other. His curiosity drives him! Overall, he tends towards a quiet and reserved personality so he kinda fancies staying indoors most times. Although it doesn’t stop him from playing soccer once in a while!

Emmanuel Omoloyin -  Website Author at TheTrader

Ivakhiv Tatiana – Designer

She’s a professional designer-illustrator. She creates 2d illustrations, characters, and icons for the website. She also draws NFT now. Drawing is her job and hobby. It all started in early childhood when she drew greeting cards for her family :). After that, She has finished art school, and the Academy of Arts later.

For the rest of her free time, she reads books and does yoga. She also loves hiking in the mountains with a tent. She mainly travels to the Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine). What is more inspiring than nature?

Her works:


Contact information:


Ivakhiv Tatiana - Designer at TheTrader

Irakli Vasadze – Content-manager

He’s been working in digital marketing and web design for 5 years. At TheTrader he does the design and layout of articles.

He started as a freelance designer, now works as a marketing specialist in the team, also he runs several side projects and his own startup together with a friend.

In his spare time, he likes doing calligraphy (gothic is his thing), reading books, going hiking, and learning languages (currently learning Spanish and English).

Irakli Vasadze - Content-manager at TheTrader
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We’re still looking for talents! Do you want to join us? Or you’ve got a special offer? Feel free to write to us using the contact information below!

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Email: [email protected]

Telegram: https://t.me/TheTraderBet

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