Manual calculations carry a huge risk. What if you make a mistake in your calculations and it will be too late? Use the improved calculators that will automatically show you appropiate stake, final profit, and reduce your risk to a minimum. Why take risks when there are free tools available?

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Matched Betting Calculator

It is a must-have tool for anybody who uses Matched Betting Strategy. When we make a bet with a bookmaker, we also make a lay bet with a betting exchange. The Matched Betting Calculator will tell you exactly how much your lay bet should be, how much liability will be, and whether you’ll make a profit or lose money.

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Dutching Calculator

The Dutching Calculator shows you how much you should bet on each selection to guarantee an even profit regardless of the final outcome. Simply enter the odds for each of your chosen picks, as well as your stake in the appropriate box.

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Arbitrage Calculator

An arbitrage calculator, often referred to as an arb calculator, estimates how much you should stake on each result in a market you want to arbitrage.

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Each Way Calculator

Using an Each Way Bet calculator allows you to calculate the returns on your each way bet quickly and precisely. The Each Way Bet Calculator is a fantastic tool for easily calculating your stakes for each way bets.

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Early payout calculator

The Early Payout Calculator helps you to calculate the best stakes to lock in the maximum profit when your team is ahead. It is a must-have tool if you want to make a decent amount of money from offers like 2up.

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Sequential Lay Calculator

The Sequential Lay Calculator may be used to profit from multiplies and accumulators without taking any risks. This calculator allows you to calculate the lay stakes for your accumulator bets and the consequent profit in a variety of ways.

Why should you use calculators?

Every trader understands that there is no way to completely eliminate risk in the exchange markets.

The good news is that the risks can still be reduced.

Given that each trading technique can result in both profitable and losing trades, the risk must be lower than the predicted profit.

As a result, the first rule of money management is to stick to a stop-loss-to-take-profit ratio of at least 1:2, and preferably 1:3 or higher.

Rule number two is this: the key parameter you need to know about when opening the trade is the volume and the odds that you need to use.

The best way to minimize the risk of making a mistake is to use the appropriate calculators.

By doing so, you eliminate unnecessary risk and increase your chances of successful trading.

So don’t hesitate to use the above calculators, especially since they are totally free!


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