Betfair Trading: Strategies that work in 2024

What are the Best Betfair trading strategies - Harry TheTrader explains

In this Betfair Trading article, we’ll explore the following strategies:

  • Scalping
  • Hedging
  • Swing Trading
  • Cross-Market Trading
  • Dutching

The best Betfair trading strategies that work in:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Let’s get started!

Harry TheTrader 17 minutes

Once upon a time, someone said that using the right strategy is fundamental to achieving success. And they weren’t lying!

Show me someone who has succeeded without the proper effort or the right system. Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, nothing comes for free.

The same is true in Betfair trading strategies.

Without proper preparation, strategy and knowledge, you won’t be able to make a profit, and you’ll only be contributing to the industry.

So, what system should we choose with the knowledge and sufficient resources to invest in our trading ventures?

Discover this and more in the following article, where we’ll cover top Betfair trading strategies that work – and if you’re not a Betfair customer yet, you can easily open the account there using this link and get your welcome bonus.

Our fantastic sports trading strategies can be used with any betting exchange you like.

Chapter 1

What is Betfair Trading?

What is Betfair Trading?

In this section we’re going to describe what Betfair trading strategy exactly is and answer following questions like:

  • How does Betfair trading work?
  • What are the most profitable Betfair trading strategies?
  • What is the difference between financial and trading on Betfair exchange?

Betfair trading is the activity of trading odds on a sports betting exchange.

It involves buying action at the highest possible odds by placing a back bet (it will happen) and selling at the lowest possible odds by placing a lay bet (it will not happen).

With the above bets, we can exit the market at a profit even before the match or race starts.

Sports Trading Terms

  • Back bet – It’s a bet like at a traditional bookmaker. If we believe that an outcome will occur, we place a back bet. For example, a back bet on Manchester City means betting on Manchester City to win the match.
  • Lay bet – This is the opposite of a back bet. By placing a lay bet, you are betting that the event will not happen. For example, a lay bet on Manchester City means betting that Manchester City will NOT win the match.
  • Liability – The amount of money that will be taken from your account when placing a lay bet. With a back bet, the liability is your stake amount.
  • Commission – An amount that sports exchanges charge on your winning bets, usually 2%.

Betfair Interface

Betfair is the most popular sports betting exchange and is most likely where you will start your trading adventure, so there is a Betfair interface explained below.

Betfair interface definitions


  1. RED – The best current odds and amount of money for back bets and lay bets.
  2. YELLOW – Next best price to back and amount available at each price. 
  3. BLUE – The next best lay odds and the amount of money waiting to be matched.

The advantage of the exchange is that you don’t have to set any Betfair odds alert to place a bet at the desired odds. Instead, you have to select a lay bet or back bet and then put your desired odds in the betting slip.

Manchester vs Liverpool Betfair Odds

As you can see, the current odds to back Liverpool are 1.6. You will be shown your bet on the right-hand side if you click on these odds.

You can adjust and set the odds you want and place your bet there. If the odds are available, the bet will automatically be matched.

Betfair current odds bets

Betfair Trading vs Financial Trading

Sports and financial trading are based on buying and selling on the exchange.

The difference is that, as the name suggests, sports trading involves exchanging and trading the odds in the markets of various sports such as football, tennis, horse racing, basketball and others.

Financial trading is based on the exchange of a security (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, derivatives or any financial instrument).

Chapter 2

How to start trading on Betfair Exchange

How to start trading on Betfair Exchange

In this chapter you’ll learn where to begin your sports trading adventure.

Get our step-by-step Betfair trading tutorial and start earning right now!

We will present the Betfair trading guide from start to finish on a few relevant points:

  1. Create a new account on Betfair Exchange through this link and get a £20 bonus.
  2. Learn about the principles of back and lay betting.
  3. Read tutorials about different sports trading strategies and find the most suitable one for you.
  4. Try the strategy on Betfair’s free exchange simulator and avoid financial losses.
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If you want to check the detailed sports trading guide you can find it here.

Once you have gone through all the above points and successfully traded on the free simulator, you will know how to win using best Betfair trading strategy. However, remember that it is not as easy as it may seem, as it will take a long time to learn the right strategy and implement it successfully, especially if you are starting out and learning the basics. 

An example of successful Betfair trading strategy is shown in the screenshot below, where a back bet was placed at very high odds, and then the bet was hedged by placing a lay bet with the score at 1-2. In this way, even if the match had ended 2-2, we would have come out of the market with a profit.

Betfair Hougang Geyland Match Suspended

Since you’ve known the basics of Betfair trading let’s move on to the most famous trading strategies that sports traders use to get a profit.

Chapter 3



Find out more about one of the most famous Betfair trading strategy.

Are you trying to use this system for sports trading on Betfair?

Let us help you to make a fortune!

Scalping is very easy to understand. That’s because it is all about profiting from changes in price over a short period of time.

You buy cheap, sell high – just like in trading. It involves placing bets on either side of an active market selection in the hopes of being matched at slightly different prices.

Example of using betfair scalping strategy

As you can see in the screenshot above, the odds on the Home Team changed from 2.16 to 2.24 within just a few minutes.

So, with that in mind, we can make a few pounds of guaranteed profit using a scalping strategy in just 3 minutes. And that’s what scalping is all about—a small profit in a short period of time.

Now, let’s say we placed a LAY bet on the home team at odds of 2.18 for £100. Then, only three minutes later, we could have placed a BACK bet on the home team at odds of 2.24 for £100.

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Are these terms new to you? Learn every aspect of back and lay betting in this article.

If both bets are matched, we can make an extra £6 with no risk, absolutely free, but only if the home team wins.

If they don’t, we have a full refund of the stake. Scalping can, of course, be used in other ways to generate a profit, even before the match has started.

Example of scalping with lay and back bet on the home team

Read also:

Chapter 4



In this section of the article you’re going to learn:

What is hedging?

How to use it in Betfair exchange trading?

Is it profitable?

Interested? Follow us!

Hedge betting, often known as hedging, is a sports betting technique in which a punter takes the opposing side of the initial bet whenever the probability of winning that original bet increases.

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You can read the complete guide to hedge betting on this page.

This is distinct from arb betting, in which you take advantage of disparities in odds given by several bookmakers.

Instead, you take advantage of a shift in circumstances to assure the highest potential return.

Example of hedge betting from TheTrader

For example, in the screenshot above, a LAY bet has been placed on the away team (meaning they will not win the match) during the score at 1:2.

After a goal at 2:2, the bet has been hedged by playing BACK away so that regardless of the result, you won’t lose money, and you’ll even make a guaranteed profit.

Chapter 5

Swing Trading

Swing Trading

Let us introduce the next profitable trading system!

In this chapter you are going to know more about swing trading as a football trading strategy.

Just check the example below and everything become clearer!

Swing trading is designed for people who like to dig deeper and do some research because this method involves taking advantage of price movements and staying in the market for a longer period of time.

Swing traders can hold their trades for hours or even days.

Therefore, it is essential to properly analyze the upcoming odds fluctuations because that is where the money is made.

As you can easily guess, swing trading is a pre-match trading strategy.

Example of swing trading from TheTrader

The above football trading strategy for a Champions League match was based on research.

I expected the odds on AC Milan to drop significantly due to the current table situation, where the Italian team needs points to fight for the Play-Offs in 1/8 of the Champions League.

At the same time, the English team Liverpool doesn’t really need to do anything and are guaranteed promotion.

Champions League group B table

Given the above aspects, I played a BACK bet on AC Milan shortly after Betfair made the offer available. While the odds at the time of opening were 2.50, I managed to grab equally valued odds of 2.44 for £200.

BACK bet on AC Milan shortly after Betfair made the offer available

The odds for the home team began to drop as predicted. But I wasn’t expecting huge fluctuations, the drop to 2.14 was enough for me, so at this point, I already had a nice profit.

Then, instead of using the cashout feature, I opted to hedge my bet and leave a free bet, so I placed a LAY AC Milan bet at odds of 2.16 also for £200.

Thanks to that, I managed to get a free bet of £56. So if the home team wins, I will win £56 without risking anything. That’s the way to make money using football trading strategy with zero risk.

Now you’re probably wondering what the difference is between swing trading and the scalping method discussed earlier since there are very similar bets?

Well, in the case of swing traders, they hold their positions for at least one day, waiting for larger price movements.

In comparison, scalpers make money in a short period on smaller price movements.

Moreover, scalping involves a lot of betting and quick decisions, while swing trading is quite the opposite, making it less stressful for swing traders.

Chapter 6

Cross-Market Trading

Cross-Market Trading

Our Betfair trading strategy is cross-market.

Let’s find out what this strategy is about and how to use to get a profit!

Have you ever placed an opposing bet to generate a profit regardless of the outcome?

This is the simplest way to explain cross-market trading as a football trading strategy. You place two or more bets on the sports exchange, and the critical thing about this strategy is catching the correct odds. 

For example, a successful cross-market trade might involve both of the following bets: 

  1. Placing a back bet on a correct score of 0-0
  2. Placing a second Lay The Draw bet

Chapter 7



Have you heard about dutching?

I bet yes!

But what it exactly is? And how to use it for making money?

These and other questions were fully covered in this chapter!

Dutching is the strategy of spreading your chances of winning by placing multiple bets on the same event. By doing so, you cover a greater number of possibilities that can occur.

It’s the best Betfair trading strategy if you are unsure which selection to choose.

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In this article you can check how this system works in Greyhound Racing. Do you like horse racing? Then you can read how to use dutching there in this article. Coul you expect that you are able to use dutching strategy for football? Yes, you can and here we’ve explained how!

For example, consider a horse race in which you believe that one of three runners will win.

This technique eliminates the possibility of selecting the wrong option.

Example of dutching strategy from TheTrader

However, this strategy is risky in its own way because what if none of the bets you play turn out to be winning ones?

That is why you can use dutching on all selections. Although the profit will be much smaller, there’s no room for failure and losing money.

This technique heavily relies on correct calculations. It is worth remembering that favourites and odds are one thing, and reality is another.

Choosing the ideal event to bet on is vital for this approach to succeed. Ideally, you should be able to feel confident that one of your selections will likely triumph.

Even better is finding a race that allows you to wager on every horse and still win.

This strategy is not the easiest and fastest way to make money from trading because you divide your stake into several bets, and you won’t be able to win a fortune.

Moreover, the Betfair Exchange is one thing, but bookmakers are a whole different ballgame.

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You should be aware that if Betfair offers the best odds on one horse, the odds on another may be better elsewhere. So, in addition, you should look for the best odds not only on the exchange but also the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Chapter 8

Football Trading Strategies

Football Trading Strategies

What are the best football trading systems?

Is it Laying the draw? Or is it Laying correct score markets?

Stop guessing! Dive in and get the right answer!

Laying The Draw (LTD)

The name of this strategy speaks for itself and is one of the most well-known trading techniques.

The basic idea behind it is that we first bet against the draw, confident that if a goal is scored in football, the price on the draw will increase, and we’ll be able to trade our bet out by betting on the draw.

Laying The Draw example in football trading

This would necessitate the scoring of a goal. Because when one team wins, the market considers the draw to be less likely, and hence the price rises.

After a successful transaction, you will be able to lock in a profit regardless of who wins the match.

Laying The Draw example in football trading - placing bet after scoring a goal
  • The first bet was a LAY the draw at odds of 4.0 for £100 and a £300 liability.
  • The second bet was a BACK the draw at odds of 20 for £20.
  • The result was a profit of £80.
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The only thing you must keep in mind is that you need to be in a market where you can make a profit from the odds movement on a draw after a goal is scored.

Laying Correct Score Markets

In this strategy, our job is to place lay bets on correct scores, which we don’t think will happen. It is perfect for teams that tend to like scoring goals in the second half.

You may also lay bet several scorelines in the correct score market at halftime if you believe the game will go in a specific direction.

If you lay a few correct score markets, you will have a lot more green scorelines than if you were backing.

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Especially for our readers: In-depth guide to correct score trading

However, you will most likely prefer to favour scorelines with lower odds since they are generally the most likely.

Laying Correct Score Markets in football strategies

In this case, we placed a LAY bet on the following events:

  • Score 0-0
  • Score 0-3
  • Score 1-0
The match ended as we'd expected. We won!

The match ended 0-1, as we expected.

We were able to earn £57 by choosing the right football match.

Laying Big Favourites or Underdogs

This method is primarily suitable for those who don’t have a sizeable budget.

However, this strategy will always be a good choice if a few important conditions are met.

Laying big favourites makes sense because of several factors. So let’s check them out.

First of all, there is only a minimal risk when placing lay bets at very low odds; we are talking about prices below 1.30.

The lower the odds are, the lesser our liability will be.

Laying Big Favourites or Underdogs example from TheTrader

Secondly, laying favourites makes sense when we expect a match in which the underdog will bravely face our favourites.

This, of course, includes matches where we expect a ‘Both Teams To Score’ bet.

Without question, it’s worth considering the team’s current position, not only financially but also in terms of staff as well as looking at recent matches.

Thirdly, such a trade can be withdrawn with a profit if we expect a draw at halftime.

As you know, the odds for the favourites to win after the break will increase significantly.

This means that the profit from laying favourites will be greater, and you’ll be able to make money at the halftime point before the event is even finished.

Laying Big Favourites or Underdogs example in football strategies

For example, we’ll check out the AC Milan vs Salernitana match above, in which I expect a goal from the visitors, as well as a fight from their side.

I’ll be back here as soon as the match is live 🙂

When else should you use the technique of laying big favourites? We have an exclusive bonus tip for you, which you can find on our Telegram channel.

So, get in the know by joining our community and check it out right now!

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Are you interested in football trading strategy, but don’t know how to start? Check this guide and get all the information you need!

Chapter 9

Horse Racing Trading Strategies

Horse Racing Trading Strategies

Obviously, everyone who bets know how to bet on horses.

But, how to get money trading them?

Moreover, how to have profit from it?

You need the right strategy. And we’re ready to give 3 of them!

Scalping Pre-Race

It’s safe to say you are well aware that the odds before the start of a race can change dramatically in horse racing.

And this is the perfect time and place for all scalpers. Just take a look, and we assure you we took the first better race to present an example.

Think of what the differences would be with in-depth research. Here the difference between the lowest and highest price is 1.03

Scalping Pre-Race example from TheTrader

Ok, but let’s get back to basics first – let’s explain what scalping is. Scalping is a Betfair trading strategy that involves making money on small movements of prices, for example, from 1.9 to 2.0.

The fact that we presented an example in which the difference reaches over 1.0 is an excellent illustration of how much profit can be made if only we correctly predict the behaviour of prices and it goes in the direction we expect.

Some websites proclaim that scalping is best during the last 10 minutes before the race starts. NOT IN THIS CASE!


Because you make money on odds differences, and 10 minutes before the start of the race is simply a much more popular market, plus more money flows through it, which means that there aren’t massive changes in odds.

That’s how it is when you have no experience in scalping and you replicate information from other websites.

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You may also like another ways of Betfair trading pre-race which we’ve reviewed in this article.

Laying front runners

This strategy is based on in-depth research. Why’s that?

The better and more thoroughly you can check the statistics and previous races of the horses you choose, the higher the chances of your success.

You need to look for horses and jockeys that have a very good start in a race.

hourse racing

Let’s say that the odds of your horse winning the race are estimated at 3.0. Then, after a successful start, the odds drop to around ~2.3 if your horse is in front.

This is when you should use LAY bets. 

In this technique, reaction speed is extremely important. Remember that this is live, real-time Betfair trading: odds can change significantly in a matter of seconds.

Don’t hesitate to leave the market with a minimal profit; it is better to have something than lose everything.

Laying the favourite

You might think that this scenario is the same as in football trading strategy, but it’s not at all :)!

Although the name is exactly the same, it’s something completely different. After all, you don’t expect both teams to score in horse racing, do you?

Enough with the jokes; let’s get down to business. What is it all about?

The biggest profits in this kind of Betfair trading come from as many races as possible in which you can exit the market with even the smallest gain.

You have to look for horses that are big favourites, BUT they don’t have the best start.

This way, you can exit the market with a profit after just a few dozen metres of racing.

The lower the odds are on the favourite, the bigger the profit after a few metres of the race.

Following strategies are:

Chapter 10

Golf trading strategies

Golf trading strategies

TheTrader’s list of the most profitable golf trading systems that work.

Learn more about choosing the best strategy and how use in this chapter.

Trading the course

To trade golf successfully, you simply have to love the sport. Without a basic knowledge of the players and major events, you won’t be able to make a profit. is an incredible resource with a variety of fantastic statistics, and studying them might help you.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the US PGA Tour is one of the most popular golf events!

Trading the course of hero world challenge 2021 in tennis

The odds in golf can change dramatically; see for yourself in the above screenshot from the Hero World Challenge.

What can make the odds change?

  • Player disposition
  • Weather conditions
  • Media releases

It should be noted that course trading looks slightly different in golf than in other sports, as it can be divided into several parts or lots, depending on the tournament.

Moreover, the exchange can offer different markets, and you need to be sure that you are trading in the right one.

Placing a bet on Betfair to Golf Tournament

Trading shots

It’s not hard to guess that this trading strategy is an in-play technique, so reaction time and decision-making are key.

Our goal is to profit from large price fluctuations that can occur in a single shot, especially when the market has already built in assumptions about what is likely to happen.

The single-shot technique can be used in various situations, including when players are ready to hit a difficult shot.

The idea is to spot areas where a significant price change is possible, but the market has not yet predicted it.

It takes practice to execute this kind of trade. To run it efficiently, you must have excellent liquidity so that you’re not caught short and unable to trade out your position.

golf course

On the other hand, you could take a look at a really talented putter who has just hit an approach shot into a green.

The market typically assumes they will two-putt from there, and if they do, the market is unlikely to react significantly.

However, if they hole the putt, their price might considerably decrease, offering you an excellent risk/reward ratio on the transaction.

Chapter 11

Tennis trading strategies

Tennis trading strategies

Tennis is one of the best sports for sports trading, isn’t it?

Yes, it is!

Read this chapter and get the best tennis trading systems for free!

Backing the server

When service games run as planned, i.e., the server wins the game, you will see that the odds for both players shift somewhat between the start and finish of the game.

These are the modest price fluctuations that we hope to capitalize on using this method.

Backing the server example

When you back the server before they serve and lay them at the end of their service game, you’ll have earned a modest profit. You’ll continue generating minor profits that may build up to a nice sum after a few games.

If you notice any problems with a serving player, that will be the first sign that tells you to exit the trade at that point.

Remember, better a smaller loss than… you know how it goes!

So, what should you keep in mind when using this trading strategy?

In order for it to be profitable, you must choose tennis players who win games with their serves.

Ideally, the percentage efficiency should be above 70%.

Laying low prices

A lot of people love laying low prices because of the low risk.

And that’s what this trading strategy is. Even small shifts in odds can result in big profits when laying low prices.

Laying low prices at tennis trading example

The best time to trade this way is when the player is winning, for example, 2-0. Subsequently, their odds to win are much lower, and thus the lay odds are much better for us.

Then the tennis players have a psychological advantage over the opponent, and they can relax at this moment and lose a few points/games in a row. This will allow us to make money.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when laying at low odds is player personality attributes. You have to ask yourself which players are capable of losing the advantage they have built up.

On the other hand, which players have high deficit recovery stats? If you watch enough tennis matches, you’ll begin to see which players are mentally weaker than others in particular scenarios and are more prone to fold under pressure.

Alert Green icon

Here are the other profiitable tennis trading strategies:

Alert Blue icon

We’ve also prepared the detailed guide to Tennis trading and Greyhound trading for either beginners or experienced players.

Chapter 12

Automated trading strategies

Automated trading strategies
  • What is automated Betfair trading?
  • Is it worth using?
  • Why isn’t it for everyone?

Check it out and see for yourself!

Automated trading is a type of betting based on predefined rules and parameters. Those rules are often written with triggers that will activate bets to enter and exit the market.

In short, the software will do everything for you.

Here’s the truth: fully automated Betfair trading will never be profitable unless you are a specialized developer.


Well, because there are a lot of factors that the software has to take into account, or at least it should.

And if you can’t create software specific to your requirements, none of it will meet them because there will always be something missing, or there will always be flaws.

Is it worth it?

We don’t even want to think about a situation in which you are completely new to this subject!

That’s because if you haven’t adequately prepared, even if you’re using software that’s bought and recommended by other services, you’ll lose a lot of money before it starts to fully implement the commands that you input.

Besides, it’s probably a good idea to have complete control over your funds and not entrust them to software.

Thanks to this you can gain some knowledge, which will prove more beneficial for your profits, rather than wasting money on paid software and wasting time on preparing it to function correctly.

Chapter 13

Betfair Trading Software

Betfair Trading Software

In this chapter we’re going to describe:

  • What is Betfair trading software?
  • Why do we need it?
  • What are the best tools available?

Betfair trading software can help you to make the trading process itself easier. It can, but it does not have to. Many Betfair exchange strategies work, depending on what system you are using and what you expect.

For example, let’s assume you are waiting for the price to move from 1.5 to 1.8 to place a back bet and hedge your bet. In this case, you can set everything up in the software and get on with something else.

You don’t have to dawdle on the exchange and wait for the odds to change. This can save you a lot of time. 

This is just an example. You need to calculate whether using such software will work out for you, as the best programs also cost money, usually around £20 per month. What’s more, trading software can automate your bets and expand your operations considerably.

Remember that Betfair’s free tools are available at THIS link, and you can find helpful software there. It all depends on your chosen Betfair trading strategy. 

Here is a ranking of the best trading software:

  • Bet Angel – £29.99/month
  • Geeks Toy – £6.67/month
  • Gruss Betting Assistant – £6.00/month

Chapter 14

Choosing the right system

Choosing the right system
  • How do you choose the best strategy?
  • What should I consider?
  • Which one would suit me best?

Read on to find out!

Let’s get straight to the point.

Consider the following factors:

  • The amount of time you can devote to the best strategy each day
  • The sport that captures your attention
  • The size of your budget
  • Your expectations

By taking all of the above factors into consideration, you’ll quickly have something figured out.

For example, suppose you have plenty of time and can devote a few hours a day, while at the same time you don’t have high expectations. In that case, scalping and earning low amounts on the difference in odds will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re short on time, scalping doesn’t interest you at all, and you have much higher expectations, then maybe you should opt for golf trading?

The biggest golf events take place only a few times a year, so all you have to do is adequately prepare for them.

As you saw in the screenshot in the ‘Trading the course’ section of golf strategies, placing a trade on Bryson DeChambeau at the very beginning could have made you a considerable profit as the odds for his victory dropped from around 15 to 4.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and there are as many factors and determiners as there are people :).

Chapter 15

Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid

The most common mistakes made by traders.

Discover what to pay attention to and how to fix it.

Do you think this doesn’t apply to you?

Are you sure?

Better check it!

Mistakes are the reason why most punters lose their trades, and mistakes are the reason why most punters lose their bets.

Undoubtedly, the biggest culprit is trading on a hunch – and those guilty of doing it are the kind of people that professionals make money from. But what else?

High Expectations

Don’t meddle with things that are way over your head. If your budget is only £20, don’t expect to make £1000 in two days.

That’s not what Betfair trading is about. If it were that easy, everyone would be using Betfair trading strategies, but in reality, it isn’t.


Overtrading is another fundamental mistake that coincides with a series of failures, after which you want to make up for lost money and fall into a loop, and thereafter end up with nothing in your account.

A lack of strategy goes hand in hand with this. Pick one or two events per day and focus only on them, and if you fail, get some rest and come back the next day with a clear head and lessons learned from the previous day.

Poor staking

The main rule you need to remember: a single trade should not exceed 5% of your budget, full stop. Never exceed this limit, no matter how confident you are in your profits, and you will thank us later.

If you surpass this threshold, it means that you don’t have the necessary self-discipline and, furthermore, that you are misplacing your trades, which will lead to a series of failures.

Whatever you do, don’t even think about progressive betting where you increase the stakes after each loss! Jeez, now we regret mentioning this, just promise you won’t do it 😊

Chapter 16



Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Check out the most frequently asked questions.

Here’s the 411

Betfair Trading Q&A

Is Betfair trading still profitable?

Absolutely! Profits can vary depending on experience, and beginners can easily make upwards of £30 a day.

Can you make a living on Betfair?

Yes, professionals can earn several thousand pounds even on a single trade. It will not be easy for beginners, but the earnings increase proportionally with time and gaining experience.

Which Befair trading strategy is the most successful?

Choosing the best strategy depends on the preferences of each trader. Find out what to look for in the ‘Choosing the right system’ section.

Is it legal?

Trading, on the Betfair exchange, for example, is entirely legal in the United Kingdom, and you can use it without any problem.

What are Betfair’s top trading tips for beginners?

The main rules for successful Betfair trading are keeping a cool head, managing your budget correctly, and sticking to your chosen Betfair trading strategy.

Can you make money using scalping Betfair strategy?

Like all other Betfair trading strategies, scalping is a trading strategy that works and can be used to make money on the Betfair exchange.

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