15-40 Tennis Trading Strategy

15-40 Tennis Trading Strategy explained by TheTrader

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  • How does this strategy actually work?
  • Is it profitable?
  • Are there any tips I have to know before I start using it?

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Here is another example of a profitable tennis trading system that the 15-40 strategy exactly is.

Tennis is another sport with opportunities of bagging huge profits. Fortunately, this sport also provides many amazing systems for punters to join the markets.

The 15-40 tennis trading strategy is one of the most common forms of tennis trading systems around today. 

This system doesn’t require full attention to specific events to stake your funds. You’ll just watch the match in an In-Play mode waiting for the 15-40 score.

Remember, the score must be 15-40 to your side, not 40-15, which is against the bet.

This is because the player with 40 points has two break opportunities: Where scoring another will guarantee a significant push for the player. Since the market will react to this, that’s where we come in.

To earn money from the market, you now place a back bet on the player at 40 points.

That means on scoring the next point, your selected player will cause reduced odds to guarantee a significant profit to your side.

Although, missing the next point may also affect your trades, leading to a loss.

Sounds interesting right?

The next section will explain how this system works. Let’s go!

Chapter 1

How Does the 15-40 Tennis Trading Strategy Work?

How Does the 15-40 Tennis Trading Strategy Work?

The 15-40 system is a popular method big traders use when it comes to trading sports games like tennis.

Since a breakpoint is usually associated with the tennis game, the 15-40 sounds like the perfect system to bank on tennis.

Although, many have diverged from this long-time strategy. Trying it now can also be advantageous and lucrative. So, this is how it works;

Firstly, since the risk to reward ratio is no longer advantageous, the market remains strategic. The odds are always higher on an underdog side and lower on the favorites.

On reaching the 15-40 score favoring a favorite, the moves become minimal since it’s an expected delivery.

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The big moves happen during the drop of odds, where the favorite wins, also reducing the odds on their side.

Especially in the men’s game, the 15-40 strategy may go against statistics. Here, a player 15-40 down still stands as a favorite.

This is because men are stronger servers compared to women in most cases. To make a reasonable return, backing the server then backing the receiver following the market change.


Since the strategy requires an In-Play format, you watch the game and expect a 15-40 scoreline. Let’s assume Djokovic is on the winning side of the scoreline.

Lay bet before the server, Djokovic takes his play. 

Carefully pick when to get involved by examining the performance of the sportsman.

If he scores the next point, especially after his serve, then the bet is closed with a win in your favor.

Otherwise, the bet is lost.


  • There is a very high probability that the server will win; You’re also a winner.
  • This strategy comes with a very low risk of losing your funds.
  • Higher winning percentage. 


  • Lower odds compared to other forms of betting systems.
  • You will lose more if the service of the target is lost to his opponent. 

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks From Experts

Tips and Tricks From Experts

Honestly, this system fits perfectly for men’s matches, since men are much stronger servers than women.

Even at that, winning may still be tricky.

That’s why we’ve gathered ideal tips and tricks from tennis trading experts for you to use.

Winning big trades at a tennis match may seem impossible, especially for newbies in the game.

Just take a chill pill and employ these tips for winning using the 15-40 trading system.

  • Remember to choose only games where men play.
  • It may not be advisable to place a back bet on an underdog.
  • Only trade when the market value is higher than 50,000.
  • Check the previous performances of sportsmen to evaluate your bet.
  • Always wait for the break before backing your trades. 

Chapter 3



Tennis is a very respectful sport with amazing opportunities making it suitable for trading bets. After every score, the value ratio changes with big chances of bagging huge profits.

The 15-40 tennis trading strategy is ideal for amazing turns in the value ratio.

You can earn real money by watching live matches, analyzing the performances of sportsmen, and capitalizing on the 15-40 scoreline.  

Most bettors complain about the old-fashioned style of this system.

What? If only they know what awaits them. They’re missing out on incredible opportunities with this strategy.

By sticking to the right strategy and staying disciplined, the 15-40 is ready to make you a fortune. 

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