How to make money on Betfair: Definitive Guide from TheTrader

Harry is going to describe how to make money on Betfair

How to make money on Betfair in 2021?

  • Learn the basics and principles of successful trading!
  • Learn where you should start?
  • Learn the easiest way to make money on Betfair?
  • And find out more about the importance of proper market analysis.

Sound interesting?

Let’s go then!

Harry TheTrader 5 minutes

From the outset, we must point out that although earning money on Betfair itself is not difficult, you have to devote a considerable amount of time to it.

You can, of course, use a matched betting strategy, but what if you want to increase your profits significantly?

Your earnings will depend on how much time you can spend learning and gathering experience, analysing and betting, and trading on Betfair itself.

As with many things in life, the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it.

Chapter 1

Starting with the Exchange

Starting with the Exchange

Betting Exchanges and creating an account.

Which exchange do you prefer?

The choice is yours!

This guide applies not only to the Betfair exchange but also to Betdaq, Matchbook, Smarkets, Ladbrokes, and others. If you have experience with any other sports exchange, then choose the one that suits you.

However, Betfair is one of the most popular betting exchanges, and we will use it as an example. If you still don’t have a Betfair account, all is not lost!

You can easily create an account using [THIS] link.

Chapter 2

Deposit of funds and market selection

Deposit of funds and market selection

Check out Betfair’s:

• payment methods,
• processing time,
• minimum deposit,

and how important it is to choose the right market!

Betfair allows us to deposit funds using a variety of different methods. Apart from a debit card, you can also use methods such as MuchBetter, Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal, Paysafecard, and even the Paddy Power retail shop.

Betfair allows us to deposit funds using a variety of different methods.

The minimum deposit amount and the processing time are shown in the table below. The commission, regardless of the method used, is fixed at 0%.

Deposit methods at Betfair Exchange

Once we have deposited the money, we need to consider one crucial element: If you want to make money from trading regularly, you must study the market in which you will be trading very carefully.

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Mastering one sport will help you achieve your desired results.

Do you know someone who is a phenomenal expert in several areas?

You probably don’t.

Of course, it’s possible, and such people exist, but you’d have to spend an incredible amount of time to really succeed in each of them.

Chapter 3



A step by step guide for beginners!


• How to prepare?
• What to do before starting to trade?

Let’s go!

Let’s face it: who has succeeded without accumulating the necessary knowledge and experience?

We don’t succeed just like that. Proper analysis is the key factor that we should focus on.

But how do we do that?

Choose your Sport

As we have already mentioned, market selection is a very important point.

We won’t choose it for you – that’s your job.

It all depends on your personal interests.

After all, you’re not going to spend extra hours checking the markets in a sport you’re completely uninterested in, are you?

Pick your strategy

Before you start betting, you need to have a plan.

You certainly won’t start making a profit by trading or betting blindly.

Luckily, our website has many articles on Betfair trading strategies.

So take your time, study them, and choose the most suitable one for you. You have a choice of strategies such as:

We won’t describe each strategy in detail, as we have already dedicated individual articles to each of them.

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Instead, today we’re going to look at one of the strategies that our expert uses. To our mind it’s the easiest way to make money on Betfair exchange.

Do some in-depth research

A vast number of factors influence the outcome of our meeting.

Depending on the sport you choose, they may vary slightly.

There are a whole bunch of them, and here are just a few:

  • Team performance (last matches)
  • H2H (Head To Head matches)
  • Player injuries
  • Weather conditions (rain, snow, sun)
  • Motivation (end of the season, lack of opportunity, etc.)
  • Home or Away
  • Pre-game statements (we will be defending)
  • Financial standing
  • Meeting intensity (e.g. two matches per week)
  • Coach (new tactics)

These are just ten factors that almost anyone could list right away.

However, it’s not difficult to guess that there are many more!

Chapter 4

Analysing Asian odds and Betfair Markets

Analysing Asian odds and Betfair Markets

What affects the odds?

Influence of the behaviour of Asian odds,

and the Betfair market on the final outcome of the match.

Our expert spends up to ten hours a day on the Betfair exchange if he wants to succeed.

However, before he even places his first bet, he does one more thing, the most important thing to him.

It is the analysis of Asian Markets and the Betfair Exchange Markets.

What’s the point of this?

It’s about checking the behaviour of the odds at Asian bookmakers and the amount of money on the Betfair market compared to another match from the same league.

How can we do it?

Just go to, which has the entire database of today’s sports matches. In addition, and most importantly, you can also check the behaviour of the odds at Asian bookmakers.

Why is it so important?

TheTrader expert believes that money makes the world go round. He also believes that the opportunity to make a lot of money quickly makes a significant number of sports games predetermined.

It’s a well-known fact that many matches are being manipulated. Federations are trying to deal with them, but are they effective?

This is why money has an influential impact on sports games.

Nowgoal header with other tipes of sport

Nowgoal has Asian odds for sports such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis and esports. To check them out, just press the little box with the graph.

Then, if you hover your mouse over it, you will see the caption ‘odds’.

Asian odds for sports on Newgoal

You will see a list of Asian bookmakers that offer the selected sports match.

We can check the behaviour of the odds in the 1X2, handicap or over/under markets for each of them from the beginning of the bookmaker’s display of the match until its start, as well as live, in real-time.

All we have to do is click the ‘Running’ button next to the bookmaker we want to check the odds at.

a list of Asian bookmakers that offer the selected sports match.

Our expert checks dozens of matches per day, as keeping track of the odds can help you correctly predict the outcome of a match. There are probably a lot of questions running through your head right now…

  • How do you understand the behaviour of these odds?
  • In which leagues does it work?
  • If the odds on the home team are going down, does that mean they will win?

It is impossible to give a straight answer to these questions, as it is also determined by our experience in analysing markets in specific sports.

Fortunately, for everyone who would like to know the ins and outs, and answers to all the questions, our expert has prepared a special course that will dispel all doubts, help you correctly interpret the behaviour of the odds, and much more.

So go check it out and get started!

Chapter 5

Making money on Betfair

Making money on Betfair

• What is the process of making money on the Betfair exchange?
• How big can the earnings be?

Dive into our exclusive course that will prepare you for proper betting!

How can you make money on Betfair?

The question asked by many people. With proper analysis, experience, determination and devoting a decent amount of time, making money on Betfair Exchange becomes a pleasure.

Of course, you can make money using one of the strategies mentioned earlier, but these are small profits for the average person.

People are usually interested in how to make £100 a day on Betfair, or even more.

Trading in the right matches is a crucial feature of earning. Using a scalping strategy and trading software can yield a maximum of a few pounds per trade.

However, if you invest more time and utilise our courses, this amount can increase exponentially.

It is also highly beneficial to risk a small amount of money by playing Lay Bets, and if you hit your bet, you can earn much more.

You may think that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Sure, you have the right to do so, but as proof, we will demonstrate the profit that can be made.

Betting profits and loss from Sports trading

The screenshot belongs to our expert who spent 40 hours in 3 days analysing the markets.

As you can see – it paid off.

However, you can’t expect that you will suddenly start making such profits in just three days. Our expert has five years of experience and says that Betfair is “his life”, but assuredly the course will help you make the right bets!

Forget about the groups that offer access to fixed matches.

Do you really think anyone would sell the information for a few dozen pounds at the risk of it becoming public?

Of course, not.

We do not offer fixed matches either.

Instead, we provide knowledge that can make a difference when betting or trading.

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People are still being fooled by groups that supposedly have access to fixed matches. Why take the risk when you can acquire the necessary knowledge by yourself and start making money?
~ TheTrader Expert

If you don’t want to learn and are simply interested in making money on Betfair easily and free, you’re in luck!

For the laziest of us, we have something special.

Our expert occasionally shares his picks on our Telegram channel!

Join our Telegram channel HERE.

Chapter 6



Probably after such a lesson you are ready to trade!

But are you sure?

We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions!

1. How much money can you make trading on Betfair?

The amount of earnings varies depending on your budget, knowledge, and how much time you can devote to trading. A novice trader can make £50 a day on Betfair.

2. Сan you make a living on Betfair?

Of course, it’s possible. All it takes is dedicated willingness, learning the right strategy, and honing your skills.

3. How much time should I spend acquiring knowledge?

Simply put, the more money you want to make, the more time you need to spend on detailed learning.

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