Trading Under 2.5 Goals With Insurance

Trading Under 2.5 Goals With Insurance

A while ago we posted an article about trading on Betfair with insurance.

Trading under 2.5 goals is a specific variation of using this system and we’re going to shed some light on it.

Dive in and get it!

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Football trading has always been one of the most lucrative sports in the history of betting.

One of the major reasons is its interesting form of betting markets football traders can venture into.

The over/under goal market is one of the best types of sports betting punters look upon to build their bankrolls.

This is because of the increased liquidity in top European football leagues. 

However, for this review, we’ll be covering the under 2.5 goal market strategy. In summary, trading under 2.5 goals means to place a back bet on a football match to have 3 goals minimum.

That is, there must not be more than two goals in the match.

Many newcomers enter the gambling world without any idea of the under-goal market and its advantages. 

As we’ll be progressing in this review, we hope to provide a clear understanding of the under 2.5 trading strategy.

So, how does this strategy create potential returns for football bettors? 

Chapter 1

How Does the Under 2.5 Goals With the Insurance Trading System Work?

How Does the Under 2.5 Goals With the Insurance Trading System Work?

To recall, the under 2.5 system simply means your trade is favoring the football match to end with 3 goals minimum.

For this trading system to be successful, your aforementioned football match must end with less than 3 goals in total.

It involves placing a back bet on 3 goals minimum to be scored in a match.

Then, patiently wait for the odds to drop to a suitable position for you to claim your profits.

This trading system works with insurance by providing an increasing profit as long as the match is still on.

To get the best from the under 2.5 strategies, your trade entries are very crucial.

This is so because, before the kickoff, there might be a 2.0 allotted odds.

As the match progresses without any goal, the odds can increase as far as 4.0 odds. 


Assuming there is an English premier league fixture involving Arsenal against Liverpool by 4 pm.

And we plan to place a bet in this potential match using the under 2.5 goal strategy.

If we did place the wager after the initial kickoff and the match ended In a 0-0 halftime show, there’s no scoring. 

If the match finally ends at 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, or 2-0, with the score favoring any of the two sides, you win your prize money.

But if the second half ended up goal-busy with more than 2 goals, the whole bet is lost.

So, taking on the bet simply means you expect no more than 2 goals in the match.

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Moreover, you can quickly benefit from a lay bet by taking your profits early before any further scoring in the match.

So, either way, you still profit even if the match ends in a final 3 goals scored in total.


  • Trading under 2.5 goals with insurance is very profitable especially if you back bet during an In-Play event.
  • Increased odds and more money if the trade is won.
  • High winning percentage, especially during competitive matches.
  • Reduced risk of losing.


  • Poor risk to reward ratio.
  • Pre-Match odds are mostly lower.
  • Slow dropping in the expected odds.

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks From Experts

Tips and Tricks From Experts

Since many bookies allow the under 2.5 trading system, there is no need to start looking for the best platform to trade.

Betfair exchange allows this trading strategy with the same focus of not more than 2 goals minimum.

Beneficially, every trader’s aim with this strategy should be spectating in the market for short periods.

And then claiming a profit if no goal is scored.

Many newbies don’t find this betting system profitable at the beginning, so we’ve gotten them a remedy.

Here are 7 proven tricks and tips from football trading experts for bettors ready to make more money using this strategy;

  • Always hedge for a loss after a goal.
  • Find matches where goals are expected; Although, make sure they are expected later in the game.
  • Try to claim profits at the early stage of the game.
  • Be more selective with your bets. 
  • Do basic research and check statistics before venturing into any match outcome. 
  • Avoid trading low-scoring matches. 
  • If you decide to place a lay bet, avoid forcing the gameplay.

Chapter 3



Trading under 2.5 goals aims at laying or backing bets on football matches expected to finish with less than 3 goals.

If you want to make more money off sports trading, this strategy should be your top choice.

Take another glance at this detailed review and start making huge profits from trading the under 2.5 markets.


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