Best Football Trading strategies in 2024 – Complete Guide

Best football trading strategies from TheTrader

The basic aspects of football trading. In this article we’re going to cover these questions:

  • How to trade football?
  • How much money can you make?
  • Are there any profitable trading systems?
  • What is the best football trading strategy?

Interested? Dive in and get everything we’ve prepared for you!

Harry TheTrader 11 minutes

Football is the most popular sport in the world, right?
The greatest stars like Messi, Ronaldo, and Lewandowski earn a lot of money, right?
Since it is so popular, it’s logical that it will also be of great interest to investors and sponsors, as well as traders and bettors, right?

That is why football betting markets are so besieged, and a vast amount of money flows through them. This opens up great opportunities for traders!

So how do we take advantage of them, and what strategies should we use?

We’ll show you profitable football trading strategies, give you some tips and warn you about the most common mistakes.

Chapter 1

What is football trading?

What is football trading?

The basic concepts of football trading.

Learn about:
• What is football trading?
• What does it involve?
• What is a back bet?
• What is a lay bet?

Football trading is when you wager on football matches in real-time or ahead of time on a betting exchange like Betfair.

Football traders earn from anticipated price fluctuation by entering before or after the game begins and quitting before it finishes.

Football may be traded both pre-match and live, but most traders prefer the latter.

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When you trade sports, you usually join the football betting market with a bet, which might be a back or a lay. When you back something, you are betting on it to happen.

Lay is the inverse of a back bet; in this situation, you wager that something will NOT happen.

Alert icon

The problem is that most people who fail to trade the football betting market do so because they do not spend enough time analyzing the sport.

They don’t have adequate information, yet they go ahead and do it anyway. If that applies to you, you’ll find this article highly beneficial.

Studying the relevant information will also help football traders feel more confident and successful while using the best football trading strategy.

Chapter 2

How to successfully use football trading?

How to successfully use football trading?

We look at how to find the best successful football trading system.

We cover issues with the two most popular trading types: Pre-Match and In-Play.

We will explain what they are, how to execute them and show you the pros and cons of the best football trading strategy.

Choose the right betting market

We look at how to prepare for successful trading on Betfair.

We cover issues with the two most popular trading types: Pre-Match and In-Play.

We will explain what they are, how to execute them and show you the pros and cons of sports trading strategies that work.

On the surface, it may seem very simple, but as we well know – appearances can be deceiving.

Choosing the right football betting market is first and foremost about selecting the right sport, and that’s where we should start.

So you’re probably wondering:

Which sport should I choose?

To make the most profit and at the same time get pleasure from the best football trading strategy, we should choose a sport that interests us, and that we know very well.

Knowledge is essential in this profession, especially when trying to estimate the odds because that is where we make money on Betfair Exchange.

You must be able to estimate the odds displayed and the probability of the occurrence.

What should I consider besides my interests and knowledge of the sport?

Liquidity, of course. Imagine that you are a curling fan and you know that sport very well. The problem, however, is that there may be no liquidity in the market whatsoever, and it’s still highly likely that the exchange won’t offer odds and markets at all for your match.

So your interest and knowledge would amount to nothing in this case.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the liquidity of the sport/match.

The greater it is, the more likely it is that your bet will be matched right away, and also, the greater the chance that you will find inflated odds.

Pre-match Football Trading

pre-match trading at Betfair

When we look to enter and exit a trade before the start of a football match, we call it pre-match trading.

This is also known as pre-race trading in the horse racing industry and is a common approach when trading in that market.

In fact, if there is sufficient liquidity to enter and withdraw your money from the market, you can trade any sport before the event.

Pre-match football trading is all about making profits before the match starts.

Is it possible?


How to trade pre-match?

To start with, as we mentioned earlier, you should choose a match that is, or will be, quite popular in the exchange.

Why ‘or’?

Because we can always bet any amount at the chosen odds in the hope that someone will accept our offer, and the bet will be matched.

In this case, our market does not have to be extremely popular.

All it takes is for someone to take our bet.

Alert Green icon

In pre-match trading, the main idea is to LAY at low odds and BACK at high odds – this way, you’ll make a guaranteed profit.

Back and Lay odds at Betfair

Naturally, the odds can fluctuate. And this is where our experience and knowledge of the sport in question are needed.

If we correctly assess the behaviour of the odds, we can make a lot of money.

Arsenal - Crystal Palace match odds at Betfair

Using the example above, we can see that by placing £100 on a BACK draw bet at odds of 3.9 and at the same time placing a LAY draw bet at odds of 3.85 for £100, we can make £5 risk-free if both our bets are matched.

Some might say:

Wait a minute, only £5? That’s nothing!

True, but what if we doubled our budget and bet 2x more? The profit will be twice as much!

Ok, but it’s still just £10.

You’re damn right! But what if you place a LAY bet at much better odds, like 3.5?

Back and Lay with higher odds at Betfair

In that case, our profit is already £80, which immediately looks much better, right?

Arsenal - Crystal Palace match odds has changed

Ok, fine, but who’s going to accept my bet at those odds?

Of course, there are times when an inexperienced person will accept your bet even by mistake, but that’s not the point.

This is where football traders experience and foresight come into play. As we well know, the odds can go crazy.

So what causes them to fluctuate?

A huge number of things, literally, huge.

Let’s give you an example:

Cristiano Ronaldo has been injured and will not play in the next Champions League match between Manchester United vs Atalanta Bergamo.

And at this point, the odds for X2 dropdown. Maybe not much, but enough to increase the profit.

See? And that’s just one example where the odds fluctuate: player injuries.

Alert Green icon

There are dozens of such factors – weather, cards, financial situation, morale, commitment and a host of other factors that can affect the fluctuation of odds depending on the sport.

Taking advantage of this is how you make money with pre-match trading.

Sure profitSmall profits, especially for beginners
Low riskTime-consuming
Easy methodRequires knowledge in sport

In-Play Football Trading

In-Play Trading explained by TheTrader

In-play trading allows you to react to live events and situational factors connected with each sport or event, such as goals and points, injuries, breaks, weather etc.

This method boosts your chances of finding value in the market by reacting to market volatility after the event has begun, giving your bets a new dimension.

Trading in-play is really entertaining and, if done correctly, can be highly rewarding.

Reflex plays a crucial role here, which is why it is advisable to use betting software to lock in your trades as quickly as possible.

The behaviour of the odds is affected by almost all of the same factors covered in the pre-match trading section.

However, additional factors such as goals, cards, or the team’s commitment and pressing are included in this case.

How to trade in-play?

in-play trading example

This is one of my favourite ways to make money.

As TheTrader expert, I take into account almost all possible factors, i.e. H2H, pre-match & in-play odds behaviour, match speed, goal attempts, corner kicks, table or weather in a live match.

After many years of accumulating experience, even a team name is enough for me to know what to expect.

As the event draws nearer, more information becomes accessible.

Market confidence grows, and more money is invested, resulting in odds fluctuations.

The market continuously integrates new information due to the wisdom of the masses, resulting in the odds given reflecting the real market pricing.

Remember that statistics also affect the odds. If one team is hugely dominant, the odds can change significantly.

trade in-play - odds are changing immidiately
trade in-play - odds are changing immidiately - second example

Give yourself time. Football traders don’t make profits just like that.

But after gaining some experience while playing on the exchange, you will be able to make a good profit every day.

Of course, not all trades will be winnable – you have to accept that, so don’t start this adventure if your budget is only £10 because you won’t achieve anything.

Sorry to be blunt, but that’s the truth.

Bigger profitsRequires quick reaction
More entertainingHigher risk due to rapid odds fluctuations
Can be done automaticallyMore stressful

Chapter 3

Profitable football trading strategies

Profitable football trading strategies

Discover pro strategies that every beginner can handle,
as well as advanced techniques that require a bit more time and experience.

We explore the most critical issues with the examples for reference.

Low-risk trading strategies for beginners

Let’s take a look at methods and strategies specifically for beginners, though they’re not limited to novices.

This is because these strategies require very little monetary investment and are easy to execute.

However, if you don’t want to risk even the smallest amounts in the beginning, you can use the Betfair Exchange Simulator, where you can try your hand for free.

Lay Low Odds

The first strategy is to play a LAY bet at very low odds, such as in the 30th-minute LAY under 1.5ht while it’s still 0-0.

It all depends on the lines displayed initially, the odds, the league and the match statistics.

For example, the odds after 30 minutes for a LAY under 1.5ht are about 1.08.

If a goal is scored immediately afterward, we can use the cash-out option to ensure a greenbook.

Alert Green icon

In this case, you won’t lose anything if the score remains at one goal, and you can gain a lot if a second goal is scored before the half-time break.

Check out some examples of this low-risk and the best football trading strategy below:

The Example of laying Low Odds football trading strategy
The Example of laying Low Odds football trading system - Cashout
The third Example of laying Low Odds football trading strategy -Success

Pre-Match Trading

The second low-risk strategy is pre-match trading. It involves opening and closing a trade before the game begins.

When team news is revealed, it is one of the best times to hunt for pre-match betting possibilities.

As a result, there are often significant changes in the match odds markets.

Price and volume chart

Pre-match trading that reacts rapidly to line-up information is very effective, provided you have a strong understanding of the teams involved.

It will be a great advantage for you if a key player is missing.

Alert Green icon

This is an excellent technique to use if you’re searching for one of the best of low risk football trading strategies.

Lay The Draw

The third strategy is about laying the draw. It is the most popular of all football trading strategies.

When the favourite scores a goal, the draw odd will rise, and you’ll be able to profit from your transaction. If the game finishes in a tie, your bet is lost.

Lay The Draw on web-site screen

When you use this technique, you’re looking for matches that aren’t likely to end in a draw. You may lay the draw at a betting market and win if the final score is 1-0, 3-1, 0-2 – anything other than a draw.

When the game is in progress, there’s a lot to consider. You can place a lay bet when the game heats up or when a goal is likely to be scored, such as during a corner or penalty kick.

Then there’s the issue of when to cash out: after one or two goals?

Of course, setting the draw has its disadvantages.

Because it’s such a common technique, the market considers it when determining odds.

Alert Green icon

As a result, it’s nowhere near as profitable as it once was. Nevertheless, it is still a valuable method to learn.

Other systems of that type are:

Football trading systems for the experienced players

These methods require not only more time but also experience because you need to know precisely what you are dealing with.

Although you can earn more money with them, they carry more risk by trading different markets.

Correct Score Trading

One of the advanced techniques is correct score trading.

In this technique, everything changes so fast that you’ll have to adjust the market conditions and make moves in-play after each goal.

You should diversify your risk to cover a variety of outcomes in both high-scoring and low-scoring correct score trading.

Instead of choosing just one scoreline, you may choose three to five possible results.

football trading - Correct score trading strategy

By betting on a few possible results, we may spread our risk.

As shown in this example, we’ve staked £3 on 0-3, 1-2, 1-3, and 2-3, putting £12.00 at risk, with potential profits varying from £25.80 to £99.00.

We can continue to wager in-play to reduce our risk even further.

For this match, we have placed a wager on high scores.

This implies that if a couple of goals are scored early on, we may exit our trade and still make some money.

The more goals they score, the better our chances of getting higher accurate scores.

This allows us to sell for a higher price than we paid for it, resulting in a profit. Football traders will also have to consider the odds of opposing clubs.

If there is an obvious favourite, you may want to avoid betting on 1-1 and instead bet on alternative scorelines that favour the better side with a higher profit margin.

A one-tick on a high correct score price can result in a profit of up to one percent of your bankroll.

When trading this market, a 1% profit should be pretty easy to come by on a regular basis.

Alert Green icon

You need to remember that 1% profit from one trade is a great deal because if you start with £100 and you make 1% every day, you will end up with £250 at the end of the month. So that’s a great result.

Over/Under 1.5 Goals Trading

Another advanced trading strategy is about trading over/under 1.5 markets. It’s definitely one of the hardest football laying systems.

You’re looking for a match with a 2.5 over/under the pre-match line.

With this method, bets are placed only after the game has already started or while in progress, never before.

Over and Under 1.5 Goals Trading example

Before the match, the odds for Over 1.5 goals are usually 1.35 or higher. However, that is insufficient for long-term profits.

As a result, you should avoid trading before the game. Each minute that passes without a goal increases the odds.

After 30 minutes of play, the odds should be about 1.55-1.65, and if the first half is goalless, the odds will generally climb to 1.85 or higher.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for! So we’re going to place our bet right away.

After 30 minutes without a goal, check the Over 1.5 goals market odds and place your bet if they are 1.50 or higher.

Football traders may also examine the in-game statistics for additional safety. Make a wager if both teams’ recent game, or at least the home team’s, went above 2.5 goals.

This technique becomes unviable if the goal is scored in the first 15 minutes of the game.

The only disadvantage is that you will have to keep track of the games – you will have to watch them via a live stream.

Apart from the stats, you also have to watch the teams’ pressing because you’ll make the most profit if a goal is scored before the 60th minute.

Chapter 4

Tips from the Expert

Tips from the Expert

Become a successful football trader – discover what you need to pay special attention to.

Harry TheTrader offers essential tips that will improve your experience!

Master one sport

They say it takes 10,000 hours of your time to become an expert at something. And here we agree.

The situation is very similar in trading, and to be successful, you need to know what you are dealing with.

That is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about the sport in which you will use trading techniques.

The more knowledge we have, the better our predictions will be and the more profit we will make.

Accept even minimal profit

In trading, it is not only essential to manage your budget properly, but also to have the right approach.

We need to understand this and also know that not every trade will be a successful one.

So sometimes it is worth accepting even the smallest profit, rather than risking a completely lost bet.

Patience pays off

One of the most common mistakes beginner traders make is closing an excellent trade in fear of losing. And this is what the more experienced ones take advantage of.

Being impatient often implies that you will give value to someone else while undervaluing yourself.

If you’ve already made a trade, then damn it, leave it alone.

If it causes you stress, you’re making an even bigger mistake because you are probably using the money you cannot afford to lose. Being a successful trader requires having a clear head.

It’s highly improbable that you’ll be profitable in the long run if you’re trading with money that you should be spending on paying your bills.

Chapter 5

Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to avoid

Rookie mistakes and fatal errors that you should be wary of!

Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll already be in a winning position! 🙂

Not using any trading software

If you want to make money exclusively through trading, investing in specialized software is well worth it.

With live price feeds and one-click bet submission at any price, back or lay, the trader has the absolute freedom required to turn on a sixpence.

That’s something the Betfair website and most other trading programs do not offer!

So which trading software should you choose?

Take a look at our site, and you’ll find all the details about helpful software that will make your trading easier.

There are many programs available, each with a unique set of features that will suit every type of trader.

Trading with the goal of making a predetermined profit

You can’t be sure of anything, not even profit.

Many people decide how much they want to gain from a transaction before entering it and then base their exit price on that amount rather than what it appears they can get today.

You won’t be making a lot of money any time soon, and nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Although there will be many successful traders, they will have put in thousands of hours behind the screen to get there.

Who needs to watch live streams?

If you have the opportunity, use it as often as possible. You must understand that the statistics displayed by bookmakers or on the exchanges are ONLY previews.

You can never trust them. And if you don’t watch live streams, don’t be surprised later that with 27 shots on goal, not a single goal will be scored.

Chapter 6



If you were so lazy to read the whole article here is the conclusion.

Read our thoughts about Betfair football trading.

As you gain trading expertise, you’ll be able to discover even more profitable possibilities by combining these techniques with your instinct.

Until then, we recommend sticking to our exact recommendations for an almost guaranteed long-term profit.

The more football trading techniques you have available, the more money you will be able to make.

There will be times when opportunities change and the strategy you were going to employ is no longer suitable. Such circumstances may be irritating, to say the least.

Still, at that moment, additional possibilities emerge as the previous ones become obsolete.

Trading strategies and football betting markets change over time, which necessitates the hunt for both new edges as well as those tried-and-tested techniques that will always be available!


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