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What is laying and how to use it to get profit from football trading?

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Are there any tips to be successful?

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Sports trading has been a profitable venture since the introduction of betting exchange sites that allow different gambling options.

The ability to place back bets and lay bets on selections made sports betting a more lucrative venture.

In addition to the wide variety of sports available, the process of laying and backing wagers is now more interesting. 

Football remains the world’s most-played sport with lots of lucrative opportunities, especially for bettors.

Moreover, it’s a common sport and requires little knowledge to qualify and start making money from bets.

Still, you need to apply a working system that guarantees more winnings on football wagers. This is where the football-lay betting system comes in. 

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Football lay betting simply implies the opposite of backing a football game bet for profit.

However, backing involves a prediction that a team will win, and laying involves predictions for a team to lose.

To place a lay bet on a football outcome implies that you predict for the outcome to lose for you to gain.

So, how does this gambling system work?

Chapter 1

How Does Laying Football Work?

How Does Laying Football Work?

The availability of betting exchanges like the Betfair betting exchange has made betting more interesting.

It allows players to meet and wager against each other for the same aim of making profits.

Therefore, the method of laying football allows you to stake on a counter outcome of a soccer tournament. 

Now, the question is how do you win by laying football events? As cliche as it sounds, there is no 100% winning guarantee using this system.

Instead, you can start applying tactical trading strategies that can set your game rights.

Thankfully, this article will also cover some of the best laying football strategies to set your bankroll money-grubbing. 

Chapter 2

Best Football Lay Betting Strategies

Best Football Lay Betting Strategies

To win consistently while wagering, you need to work with a reliable betting strategy. This way you stay a step ahead of many losing punters without strategies.

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Also, remember not every laying a football strategy is as good and profitable as it sounds.

This is while this review will be introducing you to four reliable lay betting systems that can set your gambling endeavors right.

Let’s start!

Laying The Draw

Laying The Draw in football example

This appears first on our list of working football laying systems because of its effectiveness and friendly setup.

Honestly, lay betting in football isn’t a simple system any beginner should forcefully dive into.

But laying the draw is an exception because it relies on the draw bets market.

Beneficially, the wager becomes a winner only if the match finishes in anything except a draw.

Simple right?


Knowing that the probability of most football matches ending in a draw is very low, goals are very welcoming.

Assuming there’s an English premier league fixture where Man United is hosting the ever-scoring Man City in a hot Manchester derby.

Normally, you’d place a back bet on Man City to win, considering their scoring prowess. 

Ideally, placing a lay to draw 0-0 wager here simply assures a profitable result since you expect Man City to score.

Immediately any of these teams scores, the odds will move favorably, hinting you to close your wager and quickly cash out.


  • It’s a low-risk strategy.
  • Higher winning chances since only 8% of football matches end in a 0-0 draw. 


  • The odds are mostly lower.

Lay the Underdog System

Lay the Underdog is one masterpiece laying football strategy with clear meaning.

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You need to make this wager only on matches with clear favorites and underdogs.

This way, you place a lay bet against the underdog for a lucrative deal. 

It requires an In-Play format. As the match is proceeding, once you notice a difference in the gameplay of the underdogs with limited time, make the run.

Check out the example for more clarification. 


There is a 1-0 lead against an underdog at halftime after rigorous offensive play by the favorites.

Looking at the match stats and seeing more winning potential on the underdog than the favorite, you wait.

Once an equalizer happens, immediately lay the favorites and achieve a smooth green book.


  • Higher odds and maximum winnings. 
  • Simple but strategic. 


Not ideal for beginners because of its strategic planning. 

Maria’s Laying System

Maria’s Laying System/Method is one the best football laying strategies out there because of its minimal risk and maximum-return gameplay.

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This strategy is more like a stake management plan to place lay bets profitably and less risky.

Additionally, the system works in three distinct patterns working together with the price movements. 

Firstly, it states that if the exchange price available is lower than 5/2(3.5), stake only 1% of your bankroll on a lay wager.

Secondly, if the exchange price stays between 3.6 and 7.4, lay a stake of 0.6% of your bankroll.

And lastly, if the price remains between 7.5 and 11, a stake of 0.4% of your bankroll is enough.

Anything more than those price odds is a no-go for Maria’s Laying System.


If a championship league fixture of very competitive teams is later today and you decide to place a lay bet.

Specifically, a lay draw bet, check out the odds and compare it to Maria’s formulaic calculations.

Assuming the match is at 5/2 odds and your gambling pot is £1000, the strategy advises you to stake 1%. And 1% of a thousand euro is 10. 

Maria's Laying System in football

By following the system and staking £10, you should expect a return of £35.

Sweet right? That means a £1000 stake will return £3500. 


  • Minimum risk for huge profits.
  • Simple and straightforward to follow.


  • It advises high amounts of stakes. 

Chapter 3

What Is The Best Staking Plan For Laying Football?

What Is The Best Staking Plan For Laying Football?

Staking plans are very essential aspects of any lucrative betting endeavor. So, the question of what is the best staking plan for laying football is the right question.

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And we’ll advise that punters looking to start laying football for a living should stick to Maria’s Laying System.

This strategy not only assists in picking bets but also helps gamblers know the respective amount of stake for different sports markets.

In addition, there is no need to start calculating yourselves. Most exchanges like Betfair use automated calculators, or you can use ours.

Chapter 4

Tips and Tricks From the Expert

Tips and Tricks From the Expert

Another way to profit from sports gambling is by following the steps of expert traders in the field. This section will cover laying football tips that experts advise and use themselves.

Let’s discuss!

  • Take advantage of matched betting to strategize your wagers.
  • Remain impartial when selecting wagers.
  • Avoid chasing losses and take small wins. 
  • Try back to lay football bets and catch big moves in the markets. 
  • Do Thorough research of the market and statistics to place better bets. 

Chapter 5

Bottom line: Is Laying Football Matches Still Profitable?

 Bottom line: Is Laying Football Matches Still Profitable?

Laying bets strategically has always been a profitable football betting system since the introduction of football betting exchanges. By the way, here you can check our complete football trading guide.

Most bettors do the mistake of jumping into the market without planning and strategizing. And this has cost them their bankrolls and betting funds lost. 

With a profound system and good risk management plan, anyone can venture into laying football matches and bag lots of profits.

Just remember to pick one strategy and stick to it. And also follow Maria’s system. It can protect your bankroll with minimal losses while pumping more profits for you. 

Chapter 6



What Is Lay Bet In Football?

It simply means that you’re betting against the standard backing method. Instead of betting for a football outcome to be successful, a lay bet becomes a winner only if the wager loses. 

What Happens if A Lay Bet Wins?

For a lay bet to win, it means the wager for an outcome to be successful – loses. And therefore, more winnings to your accounts.

Is Lay Betting Profitable?

Currently, lay betting is one of the most-sought profitable gambling strategies. Any punter or trader ready to make lay wagers lucrative must be ready to follow a good strategy and good risk management plan. 

What Is The Best Football Betting System?

The idea of using the best betting system only comes if you put in the work to some reliable strategies out there.

The football lay betting system is one of these reliable strategies you can transform into your best options today. Take time to learn this system and start making real money effortlessly.


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