2nd Favourite Horse Racing System

Harry does full overview of the 2nd favourite horse racing system
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It is no news that the winner of most horse races falls within the first five favourites.

Everyone also knows that the favourite has the highest probability of winning especially if you are going with a simple moneyline bet.

But have you ever thought about betting on the second favourite?

Of course, everyone does once in a while.

Yearly, second favourites win approximately 20% of races.

Further research reveals that 50% of the time, either the first or second favourite horse wins the race.

This is why you should know about the 2nd favourite horse racing system. It implies placing a lay bet on the second favourite. It is the opposite of what regular gamblers do.

In this case, you are staking on the outcome of the second favourite not winning the race. If you haven’t heard of it before, this article is here for you.

Read on and learn more about it!

Chapter 1

How Does the 2nd Favourite Horse Racing System Work?

How Does the 2nd Favourite Horse Racing System Work?

This system is not as complicated as the name sounds; it is possible with Betfair exchange.

As the name describes, your focus is not on number one but on the second of the favourites for the race. 

Lots of new traders fall into the mistake of focusing their lay very on the number one favourite all the time. It is a very risky approach and should result in frustration from losses.

To implement the second favourite horse racing system, you need to do a little bit of research.

Unlike other betting systems and strategies, you cannot merely rely on the odds or bookie numbers.

There are specifics: you need to know what you are after.

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One helpful area is the different horses are built for a variety of track configurations and all that you must know beforehand.

Some are built for endurance in longer sprints, others speed, power and other characteristics.

It is left to you to put the puzzles together when analysing the potential outcome.


Bookies will more times than often rank horses with win streaks higher than others.

If horse A is the favourite and is coming into the race with a magnificent three-race win streak.

Horse B is a tight second favourite with a two-race win streak.

In the case of tight favourites like this case, several regular punters also opt to wager on horse B winning the race.

However, when you take it back to the board and you carefully analyse your option you discover that the next race doesn’t favour horse B and the winning probability is low. It is a one-mile race.

Horse B is accustomed to half-mile tracks which are all about speed and explosiveness.

Horse A on the other hand has great endurance and could lap a mile track or larger.

What you want to do is place a lay bet on horse B, the second favourite. It implies that you are backing the outcome that horse B won’t win the race for sure.

If this horse doesn’t win, you win!


  • The odds are better than betting on the favourite to win
  • If analysis is well conducted then the winning probability is higher
  • The payouts are higher than usual. 


  • There is tendency for overconfidence when all your analysis aligns which eliminates the number one notion that gambling is a game of probability

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks from Experts

Tips and Tricks from Experts

If you are ready to implement this system then you should have a look at these recommended tips from our experts:

  • It doesn’t apply to every race: Don’t make the mistake of using the second favourite betting system in every race. The effectiveness of the system does not stop the fact that favourites still win a larger percentage of races yearly.
  • Don’t force the system: Since there is a bit of analytics and calculation that goes into the system, there is a tendency of forcing the system. If you don’t arrive at a reasonable conclusion to back the second favourite then let it go for good.
  • Consider playing it live: Playing your lay or back bet before the race is not mandatory. You could wait for the race to begin before taking action. If you do so, make sure that you refresh the odds.
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Have you enjoyed it? If yes I bet you’ll like the Horse Racing Trading guide that we made for our readers. Check it and give us you thoughts!

Chapter 3

Bottom Line: Should I use the 2nd Favourite Horse Racing System?

Bottom Line: Should I use the 2nd Favourite Horse Racing System?

The direct answer is yes, but not every time. One mistake that the majority of punters make after learning such a strategy is to start applying it every time.

It doesn’t work that way. The statistics and percentage favours the second favourites winning a couple of races too so you don’t want to be caught unaware.