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Place market strategy is an interesting one for traders. Have you ever banked on a horse to finish first, yet you still have a little element of doubt?

Perhaps you have this little assurance that a particular horse can do so well in a race but you will doubt if the first place is certain.

We all feel it once in a while and there is one strategy that comes in handy in times like that 一 Betfair place market strategy.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to play it safer in the Betfair exchange then this is for you.

This article would be useful for anyone who wants to know more about this strategy.

If you know about it before then it would open your eyes to the full details.

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Chapter 1

How Does the Place Market Strategy Work in Sports Trading?

How Does the Place Market Strategy Work in Sports Trading?

Many sports traders often find it risky placing a lay bet in a place market.

For starters, laying in the market means that you are banking on a horse not to finish in a top position; usually first place most times.

Placing on the other hand, is more like the opposite. It involves banking on a horse to finish in a top position; usually top three most times.

Placing a lay bet in the place market sounds like a bad choice like how could anyone ever profit from it?

Rather than banking on a horse not to finish in the first position, this time it’s the top three positions! It sounds really impossible to win.

However, there are certain ways you could play your way around it and eliminate the risk.

Think about it, with a great system, you could only lose if all your layed horses finish in a placed position.

There is still a way to profit even if the horses you stake on are places; this is by laying with a rather high percentage on your book.

The aim is to reduce the liabilities by any means.

Take a look at this table for a better analysis of how you will win relating to the percentage of books that you lay.

Percentage of book layedWin Possibility
100% You win if only one of your lay horses finishes in a placed position
200% You win even if two of your lay horses finish in a placed position
300% or moreThis applies to a 16+ runner handicap and you will get the win if up to three of your lay horses finish in placed position.

If you could employ these simple tactics then you would realise that it isn’t so dangerous to lay in a place market; you have only been approaching it with the wrong system. 

New sports traders fall into the constant loop of laying a small percentage of their books in the place market.

While you may get lucky a few times, it doesn’t always work out too well and you would lose money in the long run.


Let’s use a classic eight-runner race as an example.

HorsesLay Odds%Book %1 Placed Horse2 Placed Horse3 Placed Horse

The table is self-explanatory and can see that horse A is the favourite.

While the table contains a number of info, your focus should be on the book percentage relative to the profits from the placed horse. 

From horse A to E, you can see the percentage increase gradually from 67.25 to 234.70%.

The moment it crosses 100%, you realise that if one of the horses placed happened to be among the ones you lay, you still profit. 

As it crosses the 200% mark in horse D, it changes and gets better. In this case, you still get to profit if two of your layed horses are among placed ones. 

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This simple analogy would help you to get a better grasp of how the system works and how the book percentage could change the game for you.

If you don’t understand, run through the table once more and check the percentages relative to the profits then it would be clear.


  • You will always get a good profit at the end.
  • If none of your layed horses are placed then it is a big win for you.
  • There are lots of horses to select in place market.
  • The trading margin remain the same irrespective of the commissions


  • Three placed horses results in a loss so making your picks may be a bit difficult at times.

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks From Experts

Tips and Tricks From Experts

An understanding of the strategy is great but more insights from experts would help you to excel better. Stick around and glean a couple of tips for your system:

  • Using a spreadsheet would make your calculations more organised: If you are a regular player that loves doing the maths on your own, you should know how messy the calculations could be at times. Doing it roughly could confuse you to miscalculate which could cost you money. Using a spreadsheet would not only make it orderly, it also provides an advanced and error free platform.
  • Always prioritise your bankroll: It is a rule of thumb in any strategy or system in sports trading to always consider your bankroll or portfolio. This is a gentle reminder for you. The strategy is not 100% certain so you should always be prepared for the liabilities.

Chapter 3

Bottom Line: Should I Use Betfair Place Market Strategy System?

Bottom Line: Should I Use Betfair Place Market Strategy System?

The Betfair place market strategy system is a great one if you are patient enough to employ it in your trading.

One thing is certain; it surely outweighs the regular selection method that limits your picks.

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Before you start employing the system, ensure that you have a good understanding of it.

It guarantees you a better win in the long run.

One important parting gift is that you should not expect this strategy to be 100% perfect.

Surely you encounter some setbacks at times but not enough to throw you off-track.

If you are consistent, you will find yourself in net profit.