Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match Strategy

Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match strategy explained by TheTrader

Are you familiar with the famous scalping strategy?

I bet yes! In this article we’re going to share the specific scalping 0-0 pre-match strategy and answer the following questions:

  • How to use the strategy?
  • When to use it?
  • Is it profitable?
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Are you tired of the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies holding trades?

If yes, then you should know about the scalping 0-0 Pre-match strategy.

Here you go in and out of the market in a very short time, even before the game starts.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Read on and find out more!

Chapter 1

How Does Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match Work?

How Does Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match Work?

Most traders detest the 0-0 pre-match scalping. They prefer staking on legit score lines and banking on goals galore in-game.

It makes the system appear rather unexplored and capitalising on this could fetch you some amazing profits.

Before starting, you need to have a mindset for the strategy. You are not here to hold on to your trades. As the name implies, scalping, you are in and out of the market in no time.

Luckily, the Betfair exchange is not against such a strategy so one or two ticks would do the job.

Obviously, the scoreline before the game starts is usually 0-0 and that is a great weapon for you. Unknown to many, the ticks are already moving by then.

Although it isn’t moving by much, it is just enough to scalp a few ticks and bag yourself some profits. 

Trading pre-match is quite safe in the sense that it shields your money to some extent.

Your money is not so vulnerable and the only thing you would be worrying about is price moving against you.

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If the worst happens and the price really moves against you, then your losses would be the bare minimum.

It may sound easy and exciting but don’t go around trying to execute a perfect 0-0 pre-match scalping two hours before it starts.

You probably won’t get any tick movement two hours before the game and it would leave you frustrated. 

Most times, the best time for this strategy is usually about 45 to 30 minutes before the game starts.

If you enter the market by then, the chances of getting one tick in your favour are quite high. 

However, just like other trading or gambling strategies in general; as cool and rewarding as it sounds, it is not 100% certain.

There are days that you won’t see any tick movement and also losing days. The point is to approach it with the same probabilistic mindset as any other strategy. 


The strategy is pretty straightforward.

Two teams are facing off; team A and team B. Obviously, the scoreline before the match starts is going to be 0-0.

It may be different only if the match has two legs in which the first is already concluded; you could see only the aggregate scores there.

About 30 to 45 minutes before the match, quickly back or lay the 0-0 pre-match scoreline in the exchange.

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In this page you can find the right exchange for using the strategy.

Luckily, no one is against you that period because most people are not in the market by then.

You get one or two ticks in your favor, you take your profits and leave the market. If you wish to do it again, you could enter the market again.

Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match strategy example


  • You stand to make significant profits in a little time
  • The only set-back is if the market moves against you, nothing more.


  • The market may remain stagnant sometimes.

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks from Experts

Tips and Tricks from Experts

You’ve learnt the core of what you need to excel in the 0-0 pre match scalping strategy which applies to every sport that ticks on the exchange.

While you may be eager to test it out, you should check out these tips and tricks from experts. They would go a long way in stacking the odds in your favour.

Don’t try to trade earlier than 45 minutes to the game

It may look quite tempting to trade earlier; you may also feel like you are outsmarting the markets by trading four hours to the game.

Coming from experts who have tried and tested almost everything in the exchange; it will backfire.

You probably won’t see any movement in the markets which would leave you frustrated.

Greed doesn’t always end well

Perhaps you follow the timing instruction and you are already two ticks in profits. Then is the best time to close it; this strategy is built for scalping and nothing more.

There is no reason to wait for that third tick; while you may get lucky a few times, it won’t end well in the long run.

Maintain the same probabilistic mindset

On paper, the 0-0 pre match scalping system looks undefeated and 100% certain. Take it from experts in the field; it does not have a 100% win rate.

Be prepared for days where there is no market movement; be also ready for days that it ticks against you. 

Chapter 3

Bottomline: Should I Use Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match?

Bottomline: Should I Use Scalping 0-0 Pre-Match?

The system is not new and many have put it to use over the years. One thing remains true; it works! While we advise that you can give it a shot and add it to your arsenal, it still depends on you.

If it suits your personality as a sports trader then you will enjoy it in making money online. 

You should also consider the 0-0 pre-match scalping strategy as it is good for quick profits in the markets.

However, you should also note that scalping doesn’t suit every trader.

If your sole aim is to hold your trades then you should steer clear of it.

Most importantly in the markets; irrespective of your strategy or system, the goal is to make profits.

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