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Scalping as a Betfair Trading Strategy

  • What exactly is this whole Scalping thing?
  • How to take up scalping on Betfair?
  • What are scalping strategies?
  • How does it look like in horse racing and soccer?
  • How can software help us?
  • Is it really that beautiful?
  • What mistakes do you make?
  • What are the secrets of scalping on Betfair?

That’s a lot, right?

So let’s get started!

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Chapter 1

What is Scalping, and how does it work?

What is Scalping, and how does it work?

Differences between:

• Investors
• Traders
• Scalpers
• and the exact principle of scalping.

Let’s get started!

Scalping is a short-term sports trading strategy specific to the Betfair Exchange markets, but not exclusively so!

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Simply put, scalping involves making small profits with small, short-term price fluctuation trades a few times a day.

It’s undoubtedly a successful trading strategy.

Different traders using different strategies can utilize their experience, knowledge, and personality when calculating their method.

For example, investors tend to hold positions open for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Traders keep trades open for a few hours, days, sometimes weeks.

On the other hand, there are scalpers who sometimes hold their positions for a few minutes or even mere seconds when it comes to one tick scalping!

Footbal market at Betfair Exchange

Betfair’s scalping strategy is based on opening multiple positions and closing them with a small profit.

In a scalping strategy, the trader tries to catch small price movements and make money from them. You are supposed to place two bets in quick succession and then make profits from the gap between these trades.

That is the key to profitable scalps. 

For example, if you place a back bet at 3.35, and then you take a lay at 3.30.

If both of your trades are traded, you make a profit because it is only one bet that you bought with a back bet and sold to the lay side at a beneficial price.

Simple as that!

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Are Back and Lay bets terms new for you? Don’t worry! In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know! In addition, you can get our complete sports trading tutorial.

Scalping requires great discipline because emotions can run high when you open a large number of trades each day.

This often affects your perception of the market, especially during times when, for example, a large portion of your trades were losing in the short term.

The same goes for moments when overconfidence occurs after periods of increased efficiency.

Thus, a scalper must always follow the rules of stake management-precisely because of the psychological aspect.

Chapter 2

How to start scalping on Betfair?

How to start scalping on Betfair?

What do we need to start with the scalping strategy?

Let’s find out the most important thing!

There it is!

A Betfair scalping tutorial would be trivially simple.

The main thing you need to do is to choose the most suitable market for you. The most popular markets in scalping are Horse Racing and Football, but it can be done with any.

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Make sure you have enough knowledge about the market you decide to pick.

An important factor is liquidity. Liquid markets mean that your bets might be accepted and traded within a blink of an eye.

The rest depends on the chosen strategy.

Chapter 3

Pre-Event and In-Event as Betfair scalping strategies

Pre-Event and In-Event as Betfair scalping strategies

Which one is safer and what does it depend on?

We are about to find out!

A simple comparison using Tennis Market as an example!

There is a significant difference between pre-event and in-event scalping strategies. And it’s certainly not complicated to figure out why – it happens because of prices/odds movement.

The situation in play can change dramatically in a few seconds due to the course of the match/meeting. For example, because of a goal or a won set in tennis.

That’s why In-Event Betfair scalping carries more risk.

Price/volume over time on Betfair

Until the beginning of the tennis match, all the odds were generally stable. The difference remained at 0.1, but they started to move significantly after a few serves or sets. Then the differences were up to 0.3.

Price moves before an event are usually caused by external factors, such as injuries to a player.

However, suppose you’re knowledgeable about your chosen market.

In that case, you can use such information to your advantage and make a profit by scalping before the event. In this article, you can learn how to get profit from scalping 0-0 pre-match system.

Scalping in-play / live / during an event is riskier, but at the same time, can yield higher returns.

Most bets come in just before the game starts, which causes the odds to fluctuate again and again.

Chapter 4

Scalping Horse Racing & Football

Scalping Horse Racing & Football

Important factors affecting scalping in:

• Horse racing
• Soccer

Is there a difference?

We’re about to find out!

Depending on which sport we choose, different factors affect the odds.

Therefore, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is to have a basic knowledge of your chosen market.

It is said that Harry Ogden took the first bets on horse racing at Newmarket Heath in 1790. Such deep-seated history is one of the main reasons why horse racing is so popular worldwide – it has been with us for hundreds of years.

horse racing

In this sport, there are a variety of factors that determine the odds. The most important information to note is the weight distribution of the horses and the names of the jockeys who have good form or high potential.

Other important information is the type of racecourse, distance and the weather on that day.

For example, it is often the case that some horses have trouble running in the rain.

These factors significantly affect the fluctuation of the pre-race odds. Such information is especially worth keeping a record of because, as time goes by, this personal database will be your primary source of horse racing scalping knowledge.

Your continued progress depends on the amount of time you can devote to developing your chosen strategy.

By focusing on one race type, you narrow down the area you will work on to a few races per day/week.

If you have more time, look at previous races and take notes on any relevant information.

Football player kicks the ball

When it comes to football games, things look a little different here.

However, again, expect the odds to fluctuate depending on the weather. Handling the ball will be extremely difficult if it rains heavily.

This type of information can be helpful when scalping a 0-0 pre-match. It is also critical to examine previous games, current form, and head-to-head matches.

The above information can have a significant impact on the fluctuation of odds. Use it to your advantage when scalping!

Heavy rain during the match HNK Gorica vs. NK Osijek

Precisely because of the great dominance of one team in a game of soccer, odds can change rapidly without a single goal being scored!

Therefore, you need to make sure that you watch the game and follow or track the stats if you want to scalp in the event.

In terms of a Betfair scalping system review, it’s impossible to say which of the above tactics is better.

It depends not only on the amount of time we can devote to scalping but also on our budget and expectations.

Chapter 5

Scalping Software

Scalping Software

Find out:

• How scalping software can help us?
• Which one is the most popular?
• What are its advantages?

Let’s dig in!

Scalping is a type of arbitrage in which you profit from the difference in odds.

So, wouldn’t the best way to accomplish this be to automate it?

There is a way to do that using a Betfair scalping bot!

Betfair scalping bot in the app

Scalping software can make the scalping process much easier because it can be programmed to do it for you.

There are apps that can automatically place the second bet for you after calculating what is required to make a profit, based on whether your first bet was a lay or back bet.

However, software vendors want you to scalp because it necessitates the purchase of specialized software.

The best software has monthly paid premiums.

While some software is free, it is generally of poor quality. If you have the ability to create your own software, do so!

But the chances are that this isn’t the case. Would you be reading this guide if you could create such an app?

Most likely not!

One of the most popular scalping software programs- the cheapest and certified by Betfair, is Advanced Cymatic Trader. Once you activate your account, you can start a 14-day free trial.

A significant advantage of this software is the ability to turn on the training mode with simulated funds.

This will help you get familiar with scalping before you risk your own money.

Advanced Cymatic Trader screen


  • Using real-time streaming prices (0ms interval).
  • Full-depth of the market, single-click trading, queue position
  • Keyboard Betting and Shortcuts
  • The most advanced charting
  • Excel Integration

Available Languages:

Flag of United Kingdom English

Flag of Portugal Portuhiese

Flag of Russia Russian

Chapter 6

Secrets of scalping on Betfair

Secrets of scalping on Betfair

That’s what they won’t tell you about scalping.

What kind of factors you should be aware of?

Take a look and learn a valuable lesson!

Everything seems to be fantastic when you read about it, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s see how it works in practice because there are a few important factors you should be aware of.

You can definitely make money if you are as experienced and well-equipped as the best traders.

However, the amount of time and money invested could be less compared to your current work

Trading on Betfair is a zero-sum game, which means that any winner requires the help of a loser.

Top scalpers want you to scalp so that they can trade for more liquidity. And it’s possible that you’ll lose your money to them.

Furthermore, not all scalpers are created equal. The most effective scalpers have fast connections and can beat the competition to the punch.

Only one market can be traded at a time. Therefore, trading all markets at the same time with bots using algorithmic trading strategies is more profitable.

Scalping entails a great deal of effort with little reward in terms of time, technology, etc.

You’ll need to find scalable strategies for increasing your wealth if you want a higher return on investment.

Of course, trading one sector at a time while sitting in front of your monitor is not scalable. Scaling up your business necessitates the use of bots that trade all markets simultaneously, eliminating the need for scalping.

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If you want to learn more about scalping, we recommend that you take trading tech vendor forums with a grain of salt.

You’ll hear many good things about scalping, but very few bad things as vendor employees who engage in forums risk being fired if they say something derogatory about scalping.

Outsiders are also encouraged to pursue scalping by the fastest scalpers with quick access to the markets. In doing so, they can, of course, benefit from inexperienced people. It is not a level playing field.

Don’t believe it if you hear that everybody has a reasonable chance when it comes to sports markets.

Chapter 7

Mistakes to avoid while scalping

Mistakes to avoid while scalping

Incredibly important things you need to know before scalping.

Be a successful scalper!

Don’t make these mistakes!

When you’re actively scalping, it’s easy to forget that you’re wasting money by making those rookie mistakes. The hustle and bustle of the markets, alongside the roar of the crowd, will serve as excellent distractions from your success.

With that in mind, we have some tips for you!

Scalping under pressure is the most common blunder made by traders at all levels. If you read some scalping forum or chat party, you’ll notice that this issue keeps reappearing.

And even some of the most successful scalpers confess to scalping under pressure on occasion.

Unfortunately, it happens to all of us!

That’s why you should always scalp in a peaceful, distraction-free setting. Unless you’ve been scalping successfully for a few years, don’t view scalping as your primary source of income.

What is more, stop keeping the time periods to a minimum. The higher time frame charts will alert you to important price ranges and show price trends that the lower time frames alone will not reveal.

Furthermore, don’t ignore the news. Scalpers sometimes believe they don’t need to pay attention to the news.

Nothing could be more wrong!

It can often be a vital source of information from all over the world. Utilize it, and it can benefit your entire income!

Depending on the sport you choose, even the smallest detail can significantly impact the final result.

Chapter 8



Let’s summarize the information we’ve gathered!

• Strategy
• Software
• Market Selection

It all makes a huge difference!

Check it out!

Scalping should always be done using a detailed strategy. Most professional scalpers use special software, but we must admit that beginners can make a profit without it.

Furthermore, market selection is a critical component of effective scalping.

Therefore, it should be prioritized, especially as losses will undoubtedly result from scalping in the wrong market.

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Finally, and for the last time, we want to reiterate that it is equally essential to have adequate knowledge of your chosen sport to scalp successfully.

Chapter 9



And that’s the end of the Scalping article, but most of you still have questions.

What do you ask about?

Check it out!

What is scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy that focuses on minor, short-term price fluctuations and fluctuations around a betting exchange, such as the Betfair Exchange.

Does Betfair scalping work?

To begin, you must devote sufficient time to the system’s operation. Every day, for at least an hour or two, you should be busy, allowing you to discover and take advantage of a sufficient number of opportunities. You will not be able to make money if you are unable to do so.

How much money can I earn?

It depends on your budget, but scalping entails making minor amounts of money on small trades. Beginners can earn up to £30 per day.

What is auto-scalping?

This is the process by which the software automatically places a back and a lay bet for you in order to make a profit.