Pre-Match Trading in 2022

Pre-Match Trading in 2022

Are you looking for the answers to these questions?

  • What are the features of pre-match trading?
  • What causes odds fluctuations?
  • How does pre-match trading look on football markets?
  • How do I find the right market?
  • Is there a step by step guide to pre-match trading?

We cover all this and more, and the answers will be interesting for any trader regardless of their knowledge!

So let’s get started!

Harry TheTrader 6 minutes

Some say that trading sports is just another way to make a few extra pounds. However, professionals do not see it that way.

This is how they make their living, and one of the strategies they use is pre-match trading, which we will be talking about today.

We’ll explain what it is and how to prepare for successful pre-match trading.

We will also discover what factors influence pre-match odds fluctuations and how trading varies depending on the specific sport.

Are you ready for an extra boost – not necessarily the popular vaccine nowadays, but knowledge? 🙂

Then let’s get started!

Chapter 2

Why do odds move pre-match?

Why do odds move pre-match?

In this section, we will answer questions:

  • What is the main principle of trading?
  • What causes price movements?
  • What are the main factors affecting these movements?

Let’s find out!

Pre-match trading is about appropriate price trading. The principle is simple – you buy cheap and then sell more expensive.

How do you know if the prices will go up or down? That depends on the information you have gathered and the correct interpretation.

Price and volume changing over time

Let’s say Manchester United have a match against Chelsea and you’ve just heard that neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Marcus Rashford will play. Which team do you think the odds will go down on and which team will go up?

I think you know the answer. This is precisely the correct interpretation of the information gathered.

What else could influence the odds movements?

  • Injuries ❌
  • Weather conditions 🌦
  • Financial situation 💷
  • Importance of the event ❗️
  • Coach (or jockey) change 🔄
  • Stinky matches 💩

Chapter 3

Pre-match football trading

Pre-match football trading
  • Where to start trading on football markets?
  • How do I find the right market?
  • What should I look for when choosing it?
  • How to go through the pre-match trading process step by step?

So let’s not waste time and get to work!

How to trade?

If we want to make money on pre-match trading, we cannot choose an event that will start in a few minutes.

The reason is simple – the odds extremely rarely change so radically a few moments before the match begins.

First of all, we should be interested in a match that starts at least in 24 hours, and preferably later.

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In this way, there is a chance of a more significant change in the price and, therefore, potentially more profit.

However, we must remember that the information we have established will affect how much the odds will change.

How to find markets for future matches?

Just go to the tab of the sport you are interested in – in our case, it is football – and press the ‘Future’ button in the top right corner.

There, a list of available markets for upcoming matches will be displayed. To find the latest ones, just go to the last page.

Football markets for future matches at Betfair

Now when we have a list of markets with upcoming events, it would be helpful to know what to do next, right?

Let’s start by establishing the odds. Find your chosen event on all the available exchanges and as many bookmakers as you can. Analyse these odds. Find out where they are the most attractive, depending on which market you want to trade. An entirely free odds service,, can help you handle this.

Now that you have an event that interests you and have found the exchange or bookmaker with the best odds, it would be appropriate to do some research, right?

Start with some general research:

  1. Check out the teams’ form in previous matches.
  2. Check if all players are available and how their performance may look.
  3. Analyse what attitude the players might come out with for the game.

You can find most of the relevant information on the official websites of these teams / top players and their fan pages on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Sometimes, of course, your hunch will be enough, but it’s worth backing it up with something because trading based solely on hunches is betting.

Phew, we already know everything. We are now left with trading alone. If we predict that the odds for a particular team will rise, we will place a LAY bet. In this case, we look for an exchange to find the lowest odds for a LAY bet.

On the other hand, if we expect a particular team’s odds to drop, we look for the highest possible odds for a back bet.

Remember, it is better to place a bet to be matched with odds 0.02 better than those displayed on the market. It is often the case that even though the best odds offered for a back bet is 3.00, the bet at odds of 3.02 will be matched.

The only thing left is to wait for the odds to change and exit the market after securing a profit. How much the odds will change and how much you will earn will depend on your input and the impact of the information you found.

Chapter 4

Pre-race horse racing trading

Pre-race horse racing trading
  • Why reading the whole article makes a massive difference in improving your performance?
  • What to consider when choosing a market in horse racing?
  • What can you use to improve the entire process?
  • A step-by-step horse racing trading guide for amateurs

Let’s get down to reading!

Pre-race horse racing market on Betfair

Are you only interested in horse racing?

That’s great!

Didn’t you check what we wrote about trading in the above section?

Well, that’s a mistake 🙂

I could say that you are limiting your horizons and do not want to develop yourself, but I will just say that you have missed some critical and essential steps that need to be done before you start trading, including in horse racing.

Despite appearances, regardless of the sport chosen, horse-trading involves very similar steps to trading in football or tennis. 

Research is essential. In this case, the difference is that you are looking for detailed information on the individual selection and not an entire team.

Going back to the similarities with football trading, the first thing you need to do when pre-match trading in horse racing is to pick the right race.

Again, time is of the essence. The later the event you choose, the greater the chance of more significant odds movements and, therefore, more profit.

I would agree with the statement that pre-match odds anomalies also happen just before the start of a match, and you can make money from them.

However, it is worth asking ourselves whether we have any information and certainty about how the odds will go and whether to play a lay or a back bet?

Of course, someone will immediately say that we can never be sure. Of course, this is true, but the correct arguments support trading in advance.

In addition, it will also be your responsibility to find an exchange where the best possible odds are available.

It is worth bearing in mind that by focussing on events in the distant future, there could be limited liquidity until nearer the time.

Therefore, if you want to trade in an event, try to place a bet at the highest possible odds. Of course, do not exaggerate the oods because you also want your bet to be matched.

What should you pay attention to when trading in horse racing?

In addition to basic information such as the predicted weather conditions or the previous races of your chosen horse, you should also pay attention to how it performs on a particular surface.

It is well known that some horses perform better depending on the surface and obstacles, if any, and tracks can be grass, sand, grass/sand and more. 

Furthermore, find out if the horse race will be on a flat track or an obstacle race.

Check precisely how your horse performs in such races, so it will be easier for you to estimate the behaviour of the odds.

Moreover, to the disappointment of some men, length does matter. Some horses can be phenomenal over short distances but perform worse over longer distances.

Where to look for information?

racing post web-site

We will introduce you to three websites on which you can base your research but don’t limit yourself to these as they are only basic suggestions.

Assuming you’re ready, now what?

  1. Find a horse race with the best available odds, depending on what market you would like to trade.
  2. Do some research on your race/horse.
  3. Assume what you would like to trade.
  4. Make a note of the odds currently displayed.
  5. Set alerts when the odds change – this can help you.

After a while, you will see if your trade is successful or not. But, of course, it depends on whether the odds move in the favourable direction for you.

If you have correctly predicted the upcoming event, you can start trading for real money.

Start with minimal amounts and don’t expect massive winnings. Everything will come with time.

Once you gain experience and start getting better at researching and trading, you will realise that this is the best time to increase your stakes.

Remember that each trade should not exceed 5% of your budget.

Alert Blue icon

In this article you’ll find our article about pre race horse racing trading with a deep explanation, examples and expert tips. Enjoy it!

Chapter 5

Pre-match tennis trading

Pre-match tennis trading

Check out the strategy used by the trader and see precisely what it was based on.

Find out about his earnings today and at the beginning of his trading adventure.

Exclusively with us – a direct opinion from a professional!

Are you rubbing your hands already?

Let’s do it!

How to trade?

If you also looked straight into the section on tennis while skipping those devoted to football or horse racing, then go back to the previous headings for a moment.

Pre-match trading has many aspects that link each of the sports mentioned above. So find a moment and check out the above sections and return here.

In this sport, I see many people trading the markets on specific players. For example, a close friend devoted many years to trading in tennis.

Throughout this time, he followed pretty much the same trading strategy.

He picked exactly three players ranked 50-100 in the ATP rankings, and his day relied heavily on following social media – fan pages, Instagram, and Twitter accounts – dedicated to these specific players.

That way, he knew everything about them. He knew their attitude towards the tournament – whether they would do their best, he even knew how they felt and what and when they ate. He was their stalker.

I asked him about this issue, and he shared his experience:

‘It wasn’t easy at first. It took me some time to find the right tennis players. The problem is that you don’t find out everything about every player.

I spent two months just looking for tennis players about whom I would have as much information as possible every day. And then I just waited until every next tournament.

As soon as there was an event coming up that I knew was going to be on the sports betting exchange, I was already following those athletes in advance and how they were expressing themselves both publicly and on their socials.

The effectiveness of predicting the odds movements oscillates around 65%, which I consider an excellent result.’

Betting profit and loss

‘I can’t complain about my earnings, but this is the fourth year of such trading. In the beginning, it was just a few pounds per trade.

However, I doubled both the budget and the stakes within just three months, and so I became a full-time trader.’

This is just one proven strategy. Do you have any other?

Please share it with us!

Chapter 6

Tips from the expert

Tips from the expert

We’ve put together the three most important aspects that you should always keep an eye on.

Find out what you should pay special attention to!

Here we go!

Research is the key

We will not beat around the bush. Without the necessary research, you will achieve nothing. Trading itself is 80% of research.

Most beginners think that trading is just a matter of clicking on a few markets, bang and done.

No professional trader will say that because you cannot make a profit in the long term without doing and verifying the necessary information.

Get down to business

Once you start looking for information, don’t think that all it takes is 5 minutes, you find some news and voila, you’re done. – you’re ready to place a bet and let it make money by itself.

It doesn’t work like that – first of all, you should not only verify it but also estimate what kind of impact it may have on the odds movement – remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You will not find an expert in some field who became one because he discovered an expert passport in a pack of Lays.

If it were so easy, everyone would start trading, but most of them give up at the beginning or after the first lost trades 😉

Remember, a maximum of 5%

This figure should be your benchmark. It should be like the first point of a trader’s commandments.

5% of your budget is the maximum you can allocate per trade. No matter how sure you think the information is or how improbably the stars align in the sky.

Not that kind of thing has happened, and not that kind of information has gone wrong. Remember, always 5%.

If you continue trading next year, you will come back and thank us for this tip 😉


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