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Everyone is out there searching for something to better their gambling career. We all want the best sites and strategies.

Perhaps you have stumbled upon a Yankee betting somewhere and you wish to know more about it.

Maybe you use it already but you don’t have the sufficient understanding to make it work as it should.

This article does justice to everything you need to know about this strategy.

Let’s go and see Yankee bet explained!

Chapter 1

What is a Yankee Bet?

What is a Yankee Bet?

Yankee bet meaning is best described as a four-in-one wager type.

The four selections are broadly divided into eleven different bets.

You have four-fold accumulators, six double bets, and four trebles.

However, the interesting thing is that not all bets have to be successful before it is counted as a win. You need at least two to get a win.

Chapter 2

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Now that you have answers to ‘what is a Yankee bet?’ Using Yankee bet means you are staking on four different events or outcomes. Each of your bets comes with its separate selections. 

Assume the outcomes and events you are predicting is the possibility of A, B, C, or D happening. Then your doubles will pick two of those outcomes in six places: AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and CD.

The trebles involve three of each possible outcome in four places: ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD. For the four-fold accumulator, there is only one possible outcome which is ABCD.

Since there are eleven outcomes, the amount you need to multiply your stake by 11.

If you plan on wagering $2 per bet then the total would be $22.

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Although it may seem overwhelming, the good thing about Yankee bets is that you need only at least two of the eleven to get a win.


How does a Yankee bet work in a real scenario?

During a football match week, you want to use the Yankee bet.

There have to be four matches; team A vs team B, team C vs team D, team E vs team F, team G vs team H.

Your selection for the six doubles becomes:

  • Team A defeats Team B and team C defeats team D
  • Team A defeats Team B and team E defeats team F
  • Team A defeats Team B and team G defeats team H
  • Team C defeats team D and team E defeats team F
  • Team C defeats team D and team G defeats team H
  • Team E defeats team F and team G defeats team H

For the four trebles, you select:

  • Team A wins Team B, Team C wins team D, and team E wins team F
  • Team A wins Team B, Team C wins team D, and team G wins team H
  • Team A wins Team B, team E wins team F, and team G wins team H
  • Team C wins team D, team E wins team F, and team G wins team H

The last which is the four-fold accumulator becomes:

  • Team A wins Team B, Team C wins team D, team E wins team F, and team G wins team H

Remember, You don’t need to win all of the eleven predictions; at least two would give you some payout.


  • There is a high probability of winning two out of eleven outcomes
  • You don’t have to be right for all predictions
  • Great risk to reward ratio


  • Since the winning probability is high, the odds are relatively low
  • The stake amount is multiplied by 11

Chapter 3

How to Work Out a Yankee Bet?

How to Work Out a Yankee Bet?

It is quite easy to explain how many bets in a Yankee bets using illustrations and virtual examples, but many still find it difficult to apply.

Knowledge doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to utilize it.

Let’s look at how to work out a Yankee bet.

Yankee bet in Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Horse racing is arguably the most popular sport for Yankee bets. It works fine since there are several races on the track.

You need to select four races for your prediction.

Let’s have a look at a tabular analogy for a Yankee bet example.

Bet Type Betting Pick  
 Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
 A Vs BC Vs DE Vs FG Vs H
 A E 
 A  G
  C G
Four-Fold Accumulator    

Yankee bet in Football

Football pitch

Lots of punters use Yankee bets in football too. Here is a tabular explanation

Bet Type Betting Pick  
 Match 1Match 2Match 3Match 4
 Manchester City vs WolvesLiverpool vs FulhamTottenham vs WesthamArsenal vs Brighton
 Manchester CityLiverpool  
 Manchester City Tottenham 
 Manchester City  Arsenal
  Liverpool Arsenal
 Manchester CityLiverpoolTottenham 
 Manchester CityLiverpool Arsenal
 Manchester City TottenhamArsenal
Four-Fold Accumulator    
 Manchester CityLiverpoolTottenhamArsenal

The tables give a perfect explanation of how to go about Yankee bets in the respective sports.

Starting from two outcomes happening, you will get the win.

Chapter 4

How to Make Yankee Bet Calculations?

How to Make Yankee Bet Calculations?

Gone are the days when you had to manually calculate your payouts and other maths in Yankee bets.

You can easily make use of a Yankee bet calculator. Several betting sites and Platforms have it available to their players.

Yankee bet calculator

Once you fill in the required fields, you will get your desired estimate of returns, profit and outlay.

Chapter 5

Each Way Yankee Bet Explained

Each Way Yankee Bet Explained

There’s more to Yankee bets that many know. You have a couple of variations and one that has proven to be effective and useful over the years is each way Yankee bet.

Each way takes it a step further than the regular one. Rather than making 11 bets, you make 22 instead. It is double the regular one.

Double stake, double wins!

Each way bets are widely used in sports like horse racing. The vet is divided into two different parts; win and place.

You will understand more as we go into examples.


Since this variant is double the regular one, 11 out of it is still the same as the normal Yankee bet. The remaining eleven are what we term as place bets.

In a horse race, the regular 11 bets are predicting for specific horses to win which implies that you are banking on them finishing in the first place.

The other half, which is the place bet, predicts that the horses will finish in the top three or five, depending on the race and punter.


  • High winning probability since there are so many outcomes to predict.
  • It is a low-risk betting option.
  • It works best for games with no sure favorite.


  • Since there are 22 outcomes, the amount you stake becomes 22x.
  • Since it is relatively easier to win, the payouts are not high.

Chapter 6

Yankee Bet Rules

Yankee Bet Rules

There are not so many rules or overcomplications to Yankee bets.

Here are some Yankee bet rules you should note.

  • At least two of your outcomes have to be correct before your win starts counting
  • Your stake will be multiplied by 11 since you are choosing eleven possible outcomes. If it is an each way Yankee bet, it would be 22.
  • You cannot make two opposite predictions for the same outcome. If you choose a team or horse to win, you have to stick with the outcome for the remaining predictions.

Chapter 7

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Here are Yankee bet tips and tricks you can employ:

  • It is best to always make use of a Yankee bet calculator. Don’t try to do it manually.
  • The presence of multiple predictions doesn’t mean you should be careless. Opt for high probability picks only.
  • Although you only need two outcomes to count as a win, the real profits come from three positive outcomes and above.
  • Make use of betting tips and predictions from experts wherever possible.

Chapter 8



Without a doubt, Yankee bet is one of the best options especially if you regularly bet on football and horses.

The power of this option lies in the presence of multiple outcomes. There is a high chance of hitting at least two out of eleven possible outcomes.

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You have all that is required for you to fully comprehend Yankee betting. It is left of you to make the most of it.

Chapter 9



Why is the bet called Yankee?

Although it is not confirmed, many say that Yankee bet was named after a soldier serving in the UK. He staked small and rollover favored him making him emerge with several thousand pounds.

How many bets are in Yankee?

There are a total of 11 bets in Yankee. One four-fold accumulator, four trebles, and six doubles.

Is Yankee a good bet?

Yes, a Yankee bet is easily a good bet. Because of the multiple outcome prediction, it is quite easy to win.

What is each way Yankee bet?

Each way Yankee bet is a variant of the regular Yankee bet that involves 22 bets and not 11.

Which is better, a Yankee or lucky 15?

No one is better than the other; it depends on the punter. While the Yankee is 11 bets, lucky 15 is four more than it because it also involves four singles, one for each outcome.

What is the difference between Yankee and super Yankee?

While a Yankee has 11 picks, a super Yankee has 26. It has five selections divided into one five-fold accumulator, five four-fold accumulator, ten trebles, and ten doubles.

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