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A treble bet is when three single event selections are combined into one multiple bet. For it to become profitable, each selection you make must be successful.

Oppositely, you lose the whole bet if one of the three selections becomes unsuccessful. This bet type has the power to boost every punter’s income to the maximum.

Let’s find out how to use a treble bet to pump your profit!

Chapter 1

What is a Treble Bet?

What is a Treble Bet?

Multiple bets are generally known to increase odds compared to single bets staked separately. Treble bets being one of the best multiple bets can increase your odds much more than a double bet.

Even at this huge opportunity, the treble bet provides, it also comes with an increased risk of losing.


Assuming we place a bet on different football teams to win their respective matches. It covers Manchester United to win at 2/1, Chelsea to win at 1/1, Arsenal to win at 5/2.

For the treble bet, instead of taking on these events separately, you bet on the three games on the same bet slip.

The final odds for the three teams to win will now be at 21/1. With trebles meaning three, the potential winnings keep multiplying, elevating the odds to 21/1.

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This implies that if you stake £50 on this bet, your potential returns will be £1050. On the other hand, if it were a separate single bet on these three selections, that would have been only a 40% of the treble gains.

But also remember that if any of the selected teams lose to their opponents, you lose your stake too.

And don’t worry about the odds math, bookmakers use an in-built calculator to do the math for you.


  • Huge payouts
  • Increased odds especially on heavy favorites
  • There’s no need for high Roi to return a profit


  • Very difficult to use a strategy
  • There is a high tendency of going on losing streaks
  • One bet can make you lose the whole stake

Chapter 2

How Does Treble Bet Work?

How Does Treble Bet Work?

So, how does a treble bet work? A treble bet works by placing the return from each selection on the next as a stake.

Following that, the winnings from the first bet will be placed as a stake for the second one. The same applies to the third leg, where the return from the second one will be staked for it.

Trable bet selections - example

All this will accumulate to give you high potential returns.

It works practically for every sporting event including football, tennis, and many more competitive games.

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Are you ready to place your first treble bet? We recommend you to choose Betfair for it!

Treble Bet in Football

Every bettor enjoys the style and huge potential return treble betting brings to the table. So many punters find their way to these multiple bet types.

The reason is that football is one of the most considered sports, and many feel they have enough knowledge to wager with confidence.

There are varieties of market forms you can implement with this type of multiple bet.

Markets such as over/under, home win or away win, draw, correct score, and so on.

Treble Bet in Horse Racing

Hourse racing in treble bet

For horse racing, a treble bet may look very difficult. Since the results of horse racing depend on many factors, there are fewer tendencies of making good choices for wins.

It can be very hard to find a horse that is giving outstanding favoritism. And this causes the odds accumulated from three races to be relatively high, rendering very low chances of winning the bet.

It is very much risky to bet on horse racing events but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at it. You can try it out at any bookie offering horse racing.

By making a deposit, you’re free to enjoy the benefits of trebles.

To get a clearer view, we’ll get the treble bet explained in full. Here are some examples of this gambling style.

Chapter 3

Treble Bet With 4 Selection

Treble Bet With 4 Selection

In this aspect, you bet on four events on the same bet slip. But for you to profit from these selections, three out of the four events must give your positive outcome.

Placing a treble bet with four selections means three teams out of four have to win for your bet to be successful.


Let’s assume there is a champions league fixture today and you decide to predict four out of this competition: Barcelona to win, Juventus vs Malmo Fc over 2.5, Arsenal to win, and Chelsea vs Celtic to play a draw.

From the look of this, you now start feeling skeptical about Chelsea playing a draw with Celtic.

With a treble bet, you can bet on three out of the four events.

And even after losing a game from this competition, you still get a return rather than losing it all. But if the four multiple bets are successful, huge payouts are guaranteed.


  • Higher chances of winning.
  • It is less risky than taking a normal multiple bet with four games.


  • Lower odds compared to a normal treble bet.

Chapter 4

Treble Bet With 7 selections

Treble Bet With 7 selections

Treble bet with seven selections means you place your wager on seven events with the fear of losing four of your predicted games.

And possibly if four out of the seven multiple bet selections lose, you still stand a chance to get some return. That means more than 2 selections of seven must be successful for you to expect a return.


You make a bet on Saturday’s premier league fixture for all the seven teams competing to score over 0.5.

But unfortunately, Arsenal and three other teams played a draw with their opponents.

Instead of losing all your stake, potential returns are sure.

Since three(treble) out of the seven selections are successful, your winning is also sure.


  • Lower risk to your bankroll.
  • Higher chances of getting a return.


  • Reduced odds.

Chapter 5

Treble Bet With 8 Selections

Treble Bet With 8 Selections

Betting trebles also apply to three out of eight selections wagers. Here, you bet on 8 events in the same bet slip.

The chances of predicting eight straight games may be unrealistic so the treble bet works here. It works by increasing your chances of getting a return.

So, if five of your selections go wrong, you still get a profit. This means three or more of your selections must be successful for you to get a profit.


You stake a few dollars to successfully predict 8 events. If 6 games of your selected events succeed, you should expect a payout. Otherwise, that’ll be a loss.


  • Higher probability of winning since it’s just three selections that must be successful.


  • It doesn’t guarantee huge payouts.

Chapter 6

Each-way Treble Bet

Each-way Treble Bet

An Each-way treble bet covers sports that pay for places and winners of a specific event. Football doesn’t allow this system of each-way betting so there’s no way it can work.

This form of betting style is usually associated with horse racing.


You place a treble bet for a horse to finish as the winner of an event. And you place another treble bet to finish in the first, second, or third positions depending on its number of competitors.

Your stake is doubled down to cover both bets.

If you place a $10 bet on three horses at 3/1, 4/1, 2/1, your win odds are 59/1 and the place part is usually one-fifth of the win part.

If this bet becomes successful, you get a reward of $640.32 from just $10.

Amazing right?


  • Huge payouts are guaranteed
  • Increased odds since your real stake is double down your original stake.


  • Higher chances of losing.

Chapter 7

Accumulator Treble Bet

Accumulator Treble Bet

This form of treble bet allows you to bet on multiple selections all in one bet slip.

It pays much higher than other bets but is also very risky.

Treble bet accumulator example with multiple selection


You stake a multiple bet of three selections on the same bet slip. For your bet to be successful, these three selections must also be in your favor.

Otherwise, you’ll incur a loss.


  • Increased odds especially on heavy favorites
  • Huge potential earning


  • It is a very risky bet to take.

Chapter 8



Does an EW Treble Work?

It works by placing a bet on three horses all in one bet slip. For it to be a win, you have to predict each horse to win and its place(top position) in their specific event.

What is a Treble Parlay?

It is a form multiple of bet that covers three selections. For it to be a win, all three selections must be successful.

How Many Trebles Are in 4 Selections?

There is a minimum of two bets out of four to be successful for you to get a return from the bet.

How Many Trebles are 5 Bets?

10 trebles bet, and minimum of two selections must be successful for the bet to be a winner.

What is a Triple Bet in Horse Racing?

It involves placing a wager on three different racing events. Your stakes will represent three of your preferred horses to win in their respective event.

How Many Trebles Are in 8 Selections?

56 trebles, a minimum of two bets out of eight must be successful to get a return.

Chapter 9



The treble is a very lucrative type of multiple bet. This is precise because of the way it combines three bets all into one bet slip.

This article further explains the whole benefits of this betting type.

Join the winning team by using a treble bet to maximize your winnings.

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