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Harry explains what double bet means in betting
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A double bet is one of the most simple multiple bets available for sports bettors and traders.

Its main objective is to successfully pick out two selections across different events on the same bet. For it to be a winning stake, both selections must win. 

As the name implies, it is two different selections put together in one bet. Unlike treble bet, which implies three bets in one slip, two also correspond to doubles in betting.

Its interesting method of winning will encourage bigger payouts than staking two bets singly on the same selection.

Bettors aspiring to broaden their gambling style with nice returns can make a sure start with double bets.

However, for some specific reasons, it requires a little bit of knowledge.

This article will cover every detail of double bets and other related bets, including their pros and cons.

Sit tight and read the double bet explained!

Chapter 1

What is a Double Bet?

What is a Double Bet?

As stated earlier, it combines two single bets into one slip as a double bet. You can use it in sports betting for football, horse racing, tennis, and many more.

So far, the sport deals with the merit of increasing odds, it is applicable. By placing two single bets together in a slip, the calculated odds on that bet slip multiplies.

It has the option to produce larger potential wins. These higher returns are only claimable if both bets are winners. To make it a winner, you have to make the right choice.

This comfortably answers the question; “what do doubles mean in betting”.

Let’s take a look at an example for more.


You stake a $2 double bet on Chelsea to beat Arsenal at 6/1 and Tottenham to beat Manchester United at 5/1.

If both results win at the end of ninety minutes of these football matches, the bettor will make $84 which is $82 from a $2 stake. 

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Don’t worry about the confusing math; most betting platforms use their calculator to perform the math for you.


  • Bigger odds on favorites
  • Unlike other multiple bets, only two events need to happen for you to win.
  • Expect Huge income if your bet is successful.


  • If one selection loses, no return of money.
  • Less tendency for two events to win.

Chapter 2

What is an Each-way Double Bet?

What is an Each-way Double Bet?

An each-way double (E/W) is another multiple bet usually used in horse racing and tennis. It involves choosing 2 selections, each from different events, by placing two double bets.

These double bets are divided into two, the winning double and the place double bet. For the winning double, both horses are to win.

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Read more about Each Way betting in this article.

While for the place double, both horses should finish in place successfully.

So, if both selections win, you profit from both the win and place double. 

Each way double betting in sport explained

Each-way double is one of the best ways to get your stake back and still gain even if your preferred horse doesn’t win.

Simply put, half of the stakes will be for the winner selection and the other half for the bet on the selection in place.

This place is usually in the top two, three, or four positions in the race. Note, your stakes on both of the wagers must be equal.

And, depending on your bookmaker, the “place” odds are usually a fraction of the odds of winning.


You stake $10 on two horses at 5/1 and 7/4; you stand a chance to win a potential winning of $192. For the win part, you get a sum of $165, including your stake.

While the place bet will give you another $27, including your stake. This all sums up to $193.75 if both horses win and place parts of the double bet. 

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Seems hard to calculate the profit? Don’t worry! Just use the each way calculator. It’ll do everything for you.


  • Huge potential winnings.
  • Higher chances of successful bets.


  • Higher odds cannot always be guaranteed with each-way double wagers.

Chapter 3

What is the Double Chance?

What is the Double Chance?

A Double Chance bet is another interesting form of bet used in sports betting, especially football. It can only be seen in games where the outcome can lead to a draw.

For example, there are three possible outcomes for any football match: a tendency for the home team or away team to win or a draw.

For double chance, you have two chances to win on a bet.

double chance 1x2 betting in sport

You stake your money on two outcomes in the event for you to win. A double chance bet allows you to wager on two possible outcomes you think will happen in an event.


Let’s assume there’s an important champions league semi-fixture between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. For this example, let’s also assume Chelsea is on the home side.

Favoritism might vary here depending on the form of either side. You might want to bet on the away team to win the game.

But you may get boxed up thinking of how the game can end in a draw rendering your bet in a loss. 

By taking a double chance, bet on Bayern to win or draw. However, your stakes may also end in a loss if the home team wins within ninety minutes of the game.


  • Higher chances of winning
  • It is a less risky way to gamble on sporting events.


  • Lower odds because it covers two different options.

Chapter 4

What is the Double Result?

What is the Double Result?

When betting doubles or half-time/full-time bet, you are betting on two possible outcomes of an event with one stake.

In football, this bet allows you to wager on the result of a football game at half-time.

In addition, the full-time results are combined with the first half to give you potential returns. Both half-time and full-time results must be to win this bet. 

double result bets in sport

Double result bets allow you to wager on two possible outcomes. With a double result bet, there are nine possible outcomes in every event.

  • Win/win
  • Win/draw
  • Win/loss
  • Loss/win
  • Loss/draw
  • Loss/loss
  • Draw/draw
  • Draw/win
  • Draw/loss


Even as the basics of double result bet to stay the same, the rules may differ depending on your preferred sports.

In football, the main rules of double betting remain the same. Wagers are favored by both half-time and full-time outcomes. 

Let’s assume the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing with Las Vegas Raiders, and you place a draw/win bet on the raiders.

Due to the unusual increase in points, there might not be a draw at half-time, which implies high odds. If they finally had a draw at half-time and the second half favors them, then expect your earnings.

You’ll profit from guessing both occurrences right.


  • It can maximize your winnings.
  • It’s the best strategy for favorites against underdog bets.


  • Very difficult to predict
  • It’s not the best option for in-play bets.

Chapter 5

What is the Cross Double?

What is the Cross Double?

The cross double bet is one of the most lucrative multiple bet types. It involves the same two selection patterns as other multiple bet strategies.

But for the cross double, if one selection comes through, the initial stake is placed on the second one.

Sounds logical, right?

Simply put, it involves two parts and two selections. Here is a detailed explanation of how the cross double works. 

In the first part, you stake a single bet on the first selection. If the wager on the first selection wins, a single bet is placed on the second selection.

The second part involves; you bet on the second selection, and if the bet on the second selection wins, the stake is wagered again in reverse of the first one.

The cross double bet is often referred to as the up and down bet.


You stake $4 to bet on your preferred horses in each of two races. Let’s assume they both have the same odds of 4/1.

Separating the $4 to $2 each for each race, your possible winning will result in $16. That is, you will have an $8 gain from the two events. 

Better still, assuming you placed a cross-double bet with that same $4, your winnings will be $32.

This implies that you gain $16 from the first part and another $16 from the other part summing up to $32. 


  • It guarantees maximum earnings 
  • Doubles the profit from the two stakes.


  • You may win a single bet on one selection and still lose the whole stake.

Chapter 6

What is the Draw No Bet Way Double?

What is the Draw No Bet Way Double?

Draw no bet is one of the best options for a risk-free game. It counters the normal sports market with the three-way method, either a home win, away win, or draw.

You may predict a win or loss, and the match ends with a draw, rendering you zero returns. The draw no bet way was introduced to the market to help punters manage their bankroll. 

draw no bet guide

It plays a major role in removing the draw option in a three-way market.

It works in a way that after you wager on a home or away win, and the match ends in a draw, you won’t lose; rather, you will get back your original stake.


For this example, we’ll be using decimal odds. In a premier league fixture of Arsenal and Brighton, the odds would naturally favor Arsenal.

Let’s assume the home team was given 2.1 odds and the away team 4.2. If it were the normal three-way market system, and the match ended in a draw, that would be a loss. 

But following the draw, no bet, the odds will be lower than the normal market system. Probably 1.5 for the home side and 3.5 for the away side.

Assuming you staked $100 on the fixture, even at these worse odds, you’re still covered. With a full-time draw in the match, your original stake will be given back.


  • It guarantees low risk
  • It serves as a great start for newbies


  • Lesser odds compared to the normal market. 

Chapter 7



There are a lot of betting systems sports punters can use to increase their earnings.

However, very few of these systems consider your bankroll.

We’ve done thorough research to provide you with the most lucrative sports betting strategy. Pick the one that suits your betting style, and with time you’ll be in profit.

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