What is a Gubbed account?

What is a Gubbed account? Harry answers
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Getting one over on the bookmaker, winning with regularity and filling your pockets with cash is something that most bettors long for, though in today’s accountant-like betting world, it’s wise to be careful what you wish for.

They say cheaters never prosper, but in this game, winners often don’t either.

In this article, we’re going to look at the act of having an account limited or closed by a betting operator, which is commonly referred to as “Gubbing”.

Chapter 1

What is Gubbing?

What is Gubbing?

Gubbing is an industry term for having an account closed by a bookmaker.

Basically, being gubbed is when a player has their account either limited or closed by the betting operator.

For example, you may be greeted with a message informing you that your account has been closed upon attempting to sign in, or you might receive an email explaining that restrictions have been placed on your account, meaning that you’re only able to bet up to a certain amount and are no longer eligible for bonuses and promotions. 

Chapter 2

Three Reasons for being Gubbed

Three Reasons for being Gubbed

There are several reasons as to why a bookmaker may decide to “gub” a punter, though these reasons all filter back to one thing, and that is winning.

The bookmaking industry has evolved over the years, or rather it’s devolved, depending on your viewpoint.

Gone are the days of fearless layers, bookmakers who would back their opinion and take punters on.

Nowadays, online betting operators are essentially there to make risk-free profit from millions and millions of losing punters, and thus have no interest in providing winning players with a service. 

Profitable players

Bookmakers employ people to check the accounts and assess the betting patterns of players.

Those players who are seen to be taking value, placing value bets, showing a profit over the long term, or are betting in a way that suggests they’re unlikely to lose long-term are likely to face account restrictions, and thus will be Gubbed.

Matched Betting

For those who don’t know, matched betting is generally a risk-free betting technique where a player utilises free bets and promotions to profit.

By using free bets and some simple maths, bettors can cover all possible outcomes of an event, ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome.

However, bookmakers are quick to crack down on such activities.

Alert Green icon

Matched betting is perhaps the quickest route to account closure.


Does what it says on the tin.

Multi-accounting, which is sometimes known as Gnoming, is the act of opening and running multiple accounts on the same betting site.

Players often attempt to do this by using family member details.

Again, this is something that bookmakers are on the lookout for and quick to latch on to.

Many multi-account users can be spotted with relative ease, as they’re operating several accounts from the same IP Address.

If your goal is to be Gubbed, then multi-accounting is something of a sure-fire way of going about it.

Chapter 3

How to avoid being Gubbed

How to avoid being Gubbed

Now that we’ve looked at what Gubbing is, and what practices can get us “Gubbed”, the question is how do we avoid being Gubbed?

The answer is by being smart.

If you’re a player looking for value bets, betting only when a perceived value exists, then you could start to introduce what would be classed as typical bets, or “mug” bets.

A player would do this to deceive the bookmaker and fool those checking accounts into thinking that they’re not a smart player and that they may not win long term.

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It’s important to note that this is not a guaranteed way to avoid being Gubbed.

In some cases, the damage may already be done, and in others, placing “mug” bets may only delay the inevitable.

When placing mug bets, as opposed to value bets, it’s important to vary the stake, bet on different markets, and different sports.

A hectic, seemingly ill-thought-out approach is likely to give the impression that you’re not betting according to a staking plan, nor following a specific approach.

Unfortunately, this method isn’t likely to help matched bettors or those multi-accounting.

Bookmakers take a dim view on both and are highly likely to close/limit any player using such practices. 

Chapter 4

Bottom line on Gubbing

Bottom line on Gubbing

To those unfamiliar with the notion of gubbing, it may seem somewhat unlikely, or even fictional. You may think that it doesn’t happen, but the reality is that it does.

Betting sites aren’t in the business of losing money and, therefore, winning is frowned upon.

The bottom line is that in today’s betting world, online bookmakers are set up in a way that really doesn’t allow for punters to profit over anything other than the short term.

Those who are skilled enough to make a profit from betting, and even those who’re able to play without losing anything other than very slight amounts in the long term, will hit roadblocks.

Such players, along with matched bettors and those looking to use more than one account, will face restrictions and account closures.

As touched on above, there are ways in which the smart player can delay this, but at the end of the day, if you’re profitable or play like somebody who may be profitable over time, before long, you will be gubbed.

Chapter 5



Can you be Un-Gubbed?

Search the internet and you will undoubtedly find information detailing how to go about being “Un-Gubbed”, but the truth is that there really is no way to reverse gubbed account. Once a bookmaker has restricted or closed your account, then the chances of you being allowed to resume normal betting practice with that operator are extremely slight.

Will Dutching result in being Gubbed?

Dutching, being the method of backing more than one outcome in an event, can lead to a player being Gubbed, though it will likely depend on success. For example, if you’re aimlessly backing two or more horses in every race, then you’re unlikely to be profitable and won’t be gubbed, but if you’re meticulously ditching and coming close to showing a profit in the long term, then being gubbed becomes a distinct possibility.

Is Gubbing legal?

Under the current regulations, bookmakers have the legal right to refuse bets from any player. Though it may be somewhat unfair, there is also no law preventing bookmakers from closing the account of any player.

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