Matchbook Withdrawal Guide: How much time does it take to get your money?

Matchbook Withdrawal Guide from TheTrader

Hey! Have you just won a bet or a trade and wanted to withdraw your profit?

In this guide we’re going to shed some light on Betfair withdrawal procedure:

  1. How to withdraw money from Betfair?
  2. Which methods are available?
  3. What is matchbook withdrawal time?
  4. Are there any limits?
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Betting and trading are fun and interesting, but the ultimate goal is to make money. When you profit on the Matchbook platform, you still need to get your money into your bank account or wallet. 

Are you unable to withdraw your money? Or does it seem the money isn’t getting to your account? Perhaps you don’t know how to process withdrawal at all?

All you need to do is stick around; you will find the full process on how you can get your funds from Matchbook

Chapter 1

How Long Does Matchbook Take To Withdraw?

How Long Does Matchbook Take To Withdraw?

Matchbook withdrawal time may vary between 12 hours to five days, depending on your payment method.

E-wallets are the fastest, and you may get your funds as early as 12 hours after the request.

Bank transfers take the most time as you may have to wait for about 3-5 days. If you prefer to use credit or debit cards, you should get your funds between 2-3 days.

Payment MethodWithdrawal TIme
E-Wallet (Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard)12 Hours
Credit and Debit Cards2-3 Days
Bank Transfer3-5 Days

Chapter 2

What is the Best Withdrawal Method at Matchbook?

What is the Best Withdrawal Method at Matchbook?

We wouldn’t want to point fingers at any method as the best; we want you to make your choice.

Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of each payment method, like the features, speed, and other important information.

Aviable funding methods at Matchbook

Credit and Debit Cards

Matchbook allows you to use credit and debit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

Alert icon

The card name has to match the name on your Matchbook account for it to work.

Also, you have to withdraw with the same card you used for the deposit.

Speed – 2-3 Business Days

Fees – Flexible

Minimum Withdrawal – £10

H4 Maximum Withdrawal – Not Specified


Most players prefer the e-wallet method because of its fast withdrawal. With an e-wallet, you will get your funds in less than 24 hours.

For now, Matchbook withdrawal only permits Neteller, Paysafecard and Skrill wallets.

Your e-wallet must also have the same name as your account if you want to use it.

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To withdraw with your online wallet, you must have used that same wallet to deposit into your Matchbook.

Speed – 12 Hours

Fees – Flexible

Minimum Withdrawal – £10

Maximum Withdrawal – Not Specified

Bank Wire

Bank Wire is for the top ballers that like to move bigger funds in and out of their Matchbook account.

This method takes the longest to reach your bank, but it is the safest if your funds are huge.

Alert icon

Credit and debit cards may have restrictions; e-wallets may also restrict your account if your funds are suspiciously large.

Although your funds may not reach you fast, we advise bank wire for bigger withdrawals.

Speed – 3-5 Business Days

Fees – Flexible

Minimum Withdrawal – £500

Maximum Withdrawal – Not Specified

Chapter 3

How to Withdraw Money From Matchbook?

How to Withdraw Money From Matchbook?

Withdrawing your funds from Matchbook is not as complicated as it appears. Thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface, you will easily get the navigation.

Before you can withdraw, you need to verify your account. If your account is unverified, do so before proceeding with any of the steps we will outline. 

You need to pass the Matchbook KYC check to successfully verify your account. They usually demand a valid means of identification and a recent utility bill.

Once it is successful, then you may proceed with these steps:

On the matchbook homepage, click on the login button in the top right corner.

Matchbook web-site

On the pop-up box, input the necessary login details and click on login.

Matchbook log in

After you hit the login button, you will be redirected to your account homepage; click on the account tab to access the withdrawal options.


Specify the amount and hit the withdraw button to get it processed. You may be redirected to your payment method page to finalize the process. So far, you do this right; your funds should leave your Matchbook account soon enough.

Fill the payment info to finish withdrawal

Chapter 4

How to Cancel the Withdrawal?

How to Cancel the Withdrawal?

Perhaps you didn’t mean to process your withdrawal request, you can halt the process. The only catch is that you must make the cancellation fast because it is irreversible once the money is processed.

Simply reach out to Matchbook customer support to assist you in canceling your withdrawal. You can use their email, but the live chat on the website may be a faster option.

Alert Green icon

However, keep your fingers crossed because if Matchbook already processed your transaction and handed it to the payment provider, it is irreversible.

Chapter 5

What to Do If You Have Problems With Withdrawal?

What to Do If You Have Problems With Withdrawal?

It is not uncommon to have issues with withdrawal once in a while. While some problems are easily solvable, others may demand that you contact customer support.

Customers’ most common complaint has to do with the Matchbook Closed Loop Policy. 

With this policy, Matchbook mandates that you withdraw with the same card you used to deposit. This simple policy is an anti-money laundering regulator. It also protects your funds if an outsider has unsolicited access to your account. 

If you have a new card, you can use it to make a small deposit into your account to register it on the platform.

Then try to withdraw your funds through the new card. If you are still unable to process the withdrawal, you may need to contact customer support.

Matchbook rarely has withdrawal issues, so the chances of facing technical issues are small.

However, if you run into any problem, you can always reach out to the ever-responsive support. The fastest way is the live chat on their main page; it connects you with an operative in 30 seconds.

Chapter 6

Bottom line

Bottom line

Sentiments aside, Matchbook offers some of the best betting exchange and trading services you will find around.

The site’s user-friendly interface, easy withdrawal process, and many other things show that they have customers’ best interests in mind. 

You will find their processes fast and seamless compared to many other platforms. Knowing that you have access to your winnings without complicated steps is enough to make you happy. 

Chapter 7



How much time Does Matchbook Take To Withdraw?

E-wallet takes as little as 12 hours. Credit and debit cards take 2-3 business days, while bank wire takes 3-5 business days.

What is the Matchbook Minimum Withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal also depends on your payment method. E-wallet, credit and debit cards are £10 while bank wire is £500.

Which Withdrawal Methods are Available At Matchbook?

Matchbook offers three withdrawal methods; e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank wire.

How to Cancel Withdrawal at Matchbook?

If the withdrawal has not been processed, reach out to customer support to help you to cancel it.


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