Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 in 2024

Laying The Draw and back 0-0 strategy explained by TheTrader

Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 in 2024.

  • Does it work?
  • How much money can you make?
  • Is it a successful long-term strategy?
  • What is the risk?
  • What matches should I choose?

How do you react to events during the game?

Lots of questions, right?

But all the answers are below!

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Laying The Draw is one of the most popular strategies used by traders.

But what changes when we undertake Laying the Draw and backing 0-0?

What matches should we use in the above method? Does Laying the Draw and backing 0-0 at half-time make sense?

What is the difference between this method and Laying the Draw and backing 1-1?

We cover everything in the following article and check out how the Laying the Draw, and backing 0-0 strategy performs!

Chapter 1

How does Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 work?

How does Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 work?
  • What is Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 all about?
  • How does it differ from Laying The Draw and backing 1-1?
  • How does the betting process work?
  • How much should we wager on Laying The Draw and backing 0-0?

Check out the example below showing the complete strategy!

Firstly, if you’re not fully aware of the Laying The Draw strategy, check out our article, which explains what it’s all about.

You must understand the basic Laying the Draw strategy as the technique we discuss below is based on it.

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Simply put, Laying the Draw is placing a bet that the outcome of a specific football match will NOT be a draw.

But this strategy also includes backing the 0-0 scoreline – so placing a separate back bet on the correct score being 0-0.

You may be wondering whether it is better to use Laying the Draw and backing 0-0 or Laying the Draw and backing 1-1. The answer to this question is pretty simple.

Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 is a solid strategy for matches in leagues that don’t have a lot of goals scored – such as Ligue 2 in France or the Nigerian league.

Laying the Draw and backing 1-1 should be used in league games where goals are expected, such as the English Premier League.

Lay The Draw Half Time Strategy Example

Lay The Draw is one of the most popular laying strategies in football. There are many variations of this method, and here we look at Lay The Draw Half Time. To successfully trade in this market, the key is to properly analyse the behaviour of the odds, both pre-match and live.
horse line coin
step 1

The most important thing about this strategy is that several factors combine to give successful trading. These include finding a team that tends to score or lose goals by the halftime break. Out of the bigger teams, these include Bayern Munich, for example.

Another is to analyse the odds both pre-match and live. It is essential to follow the movements on several Asian exchanges and bookmakers, which can help the overall picture. Also, pay attention to the money flow in the market where you plan to trade.

place a bet step 1

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step 2

In our case, due to the fantastic in-play stats combined with the pre-match odds movements for a home win at halftime and both teams recent matches where goals were scored until halftime, we decided to place a Lay The Draw Half Time bet in the 25th minute of the game at odds of 2.02.

We did not see a goal for quite some time, but we left our bet in play due to the above factors. However, due to the goalless result, our loss grew as time went on.

profit going down step 2

step 3

There was a breakthrough at the very end of the first half, or more precisely, in the last minute of regular time of the first half. The home team scored a goal, and thus our eventual profit from the Lay The Draw Half Time bet increased significantly, as seen in the attached image.

Waitig for result - step 3

step 4

Of course, there was a risk that the guests would score an equalising goal a minute later, but it was already the 45th minute of the match, and we were only a few seconds away from total profit, so we decided not to hedge our bet or exit the market.

The referee’s whistle blew, and the first half of the match came to an end.

Secure Profit Step 4

step 5

The above bet allowed us to make a profit of £10 with an investment of £10 and 20 cents. The bet was successful for the three main reasons we described above, which were:

  1. Match statistics
  2. Pre-match and live odds movements
  3. Money flow on the betting exchange

Our Lay The Draw Half Time bet proved successful with proper analysis and consideration of all the above factors.

Get your winnings


li With a proper analysis and consideration of all the above factors, our lay the draw halftime bet proved successful.
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Another example:

Ligue 2 in France seems to be perfect for this kind of trading.

Usually, matches end up low scoring, so the odds on Laying The Draw are generally lower and much more favourable for this strategy.

Laying The Draw and backing 0-0 - Caen vs Ajaccio line at Betfair Exchange

For the Caen vs Ajaccio match, the Laying the Draw odds are @2.88, making the liability £188 to a £100 stake.

We place a lay bat on the Draw, 2.88 odds

Immediately after placing the Laying the Draw bet, we place a second bet backing the correct score of 0-0, in this case at odds of @6 – £30.

Caen vs Ajaccio market at Betfair

To summarise:

We placed a Laying the Draw bet with a liability of £188. In addition, we also placed a back bet on the 0-0 correct score for £30

Therefore, the total amount of money invested is £218, and the table below lists the winnings (or losses) depending on each possible outcome.

Final ResultsHome or Away wins0-0 drawAny other draw
Lay The Draw+£100-£188-£188
Back 0-0-£30+£150-£30

However, in the example above, it would be worth placing a back bet on the 0-0 correct score for £40, which would increase our profit for this bet to £200, making an overall profit of £12 on a 0-0 result.

This is why it is essential to do the initial calculations. However, keep in mind that if you increase the stake on the back bet on 0-0, you also risk losing more in the event of a draw other than that result.

the initial calculations example

If the match remains goalless, you can also trade out the back bet on the 0-0 correct score for a profit.

In the example above, the score was still 0-0 after 52 minutes of play, and the odds for the 0-0 correct score had already dropped below @2.0.

In this position, we could have traded out our bet for £90 profit- almost three times our initial back bet stake.

In addition, by leaving the Laying the Draw bet open, we still have the opportunity to make £100 from the Laying the Draw bet.

Betfair exchange football match in-play market

In the example above, we’ve shown you the process of playing a Laying the Draw bet and backing 0-0 and how we should react to specific situations in the match.

And, of course, we don’t have to wait until the end of the match to risk our money.

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In the above example, the best option would have been to trade out our Laying the Draw bet in the 85th minute as there was a chance that the match could end with a 1-1 score.

Remember that trading out your bets may not always prove successful.

The example above was profitable because we made £100 from the Laying the Draw bet and £90 from trading out our back bet on the 0-0 correct score, but this was only due to the perfect match selection for this strategy. 

You must consider the specific league plus factors that can affect the match’s outcome, such as the weather, team news, any odds movements on the Asian markets, and many more.

We can also apply the above strategy to laying the Draw and backing 0-0 at half-time.

We secure our Laying the Draw bet by placing a back bet, and if a goal is scored in the second half, the back bet on 0-0 is automatically lost, but at the same time, we will secure a profit on the Laying the Draw bet.

So as you can see, there are many different strategies to use when laying bets.

Works great in under matches.You can lose a 0-0 back bet as early as the 1st minute of the game if a goal is scored.
Possible additional profit with live trading.Requires picking the right match, especially without early goals.
Favourable Laying the Draw odds in matches where fewer goals are scored.A significant loss in the event of a draw other than 0-0.

Chapter 2

Tips and Tricks from the Expert

Tips and Tricks from the Expert
  • Which matches should I choose?
  • What should I do before placing bets?
  • Why does reacting to the events of a match matter?

We will answer these and other questions below!

Find the right match

This is key to this trading strategy.

You need to find a suitable league or match where you don’t expect a lot of goals, preferably as few as possible, and certainly discard matches where early goals could be scored.

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So a Bayern Munich match will not be the best choice for this strategy! 🙂

Do the calculations

As you can see from the example above, calculations are also vital!

We need to know how much we are risking and how much profit we can make.

This is very important, especially if we are interested in creating a long-term profit.

Respond to match events

The correct response can give you even more profit than you intended! In our example, by trading out a 0-0 back bet, we were able to earn an extra £90.

The best process is not just following the outcome of the match but also watching a live stream so you can witness and react to the match events, allowing you to make your decision quickly and easily.

Chapter 3

Should I Use LTD and back 0-0?

Should I Use LTD and back 0-0?
  • What do you require to be successful at the Laying the Draw and backing 0-0 strategy?
  • Where should you start before trading for real money?

Read on and find out if you are ready!

Let’s get started!

We have shown you exactly how the Laying the Draw and backing 0-0 strategy works.

We have also given you the necessary knowledge about the techniques involved and explained which matches you should focus on when using this method.

Whether you choose to follow our advice or not is up to you, though.

Consider whether you have enough time to follow the match and trade during the game. Not doing this will see you struggle to secure any long-term profit.

Remember, successful trading is all about deep research, and this is where you should start before you begin trading.

Please note that you can always use the Betfair Exchange free simulator to master the Laying the Draw and backing 0-0 strategy and test yourself without risking real money.


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