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Chapter 1

Rebel Betting And Its Betting Opportunities

Rebel Betting And Its Betting Opportunities

You cannot discuss sports arbitrage without the name RebelBetting popping up at least once.

The company is one of the most known of them all, with players making between 10-20% returns on your capital monthly.

Even more attractive is that you don’t need to have a lot of sporting knowledge to make money on RebelBetting.

This RebelBetting Review article will tell you all that you need to know about key features and software provides, the bookmakers available on their platform, the subscription prices, and how to make the best use of the platform for profitable betting.


To fully utilize sports arbitrage in terms of the odds, all hands have to be on deck because it works with time.

Bookmakers can change their figures at any time, so the faster, the better. The betting browser saves you time and allows you to wager on more arbs before they go.

You can avoid possible setbacks such as palpable error, mixed rules, reversed participants, stake kidnapping & odds changing with the auto-login and auto surf features.

No limitations

To fully utilize spot. The software provided by the company is not limited to just sure betting. You also get to enjoy other software services such as value betting and matched betting.


It is expensive

For a service that has other competitors in the line, the amount required for its subscriptions is quite pricey.

In-play arbitrage

This feature is not available with the software and it can be looked into.

Chapter 2

Sure bets with RebelBetting

Sure bets with RebelBetting
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Sure betting, also known as arbitrage betting, is the practice of betting on all possible outcomes of an event in order to win regardless of the outcome.

It does this by fully utilizing the odds inconsistencies left out by bookmakers in a bid to gather odds with the competitors.

Profit can be taken without knowing the winner by splitting your desired investment.

The required work that must be done to ensure this outcome is where the RebelBetting sure betting software is factored in.

Pricing for the surebets software

Pricing for the surebets software is considered quite a lot. You can either pay the amount of €39 for a week or save up to 35% by paying an annual subscription of €129 monthly.

RebelBetting pricing for the surebets software

If you are not sure you want to commit such a large amount to a product that you don’t know its authenticity, there is also a RebelBetting free trial option available for you.

This option allows you to test out all the features of the software but the return available on it is restricted to a maximum of 1%.

How to use

The basic plan is to consistently increase your profits and by extension, your bankroll.

Some of the event types in the betting market are;

  • Lay – Backing at a bookmakers and laying at an exchange
  • AH – Asian handicap market
  • OU – Over and under market

For the question of how much money you can make with this software, it is highly dependent on how well you maximize its use and the frequency at which you use it.

So, in cases where you are taking bets at an average arb percentage of 5% on say a €100 stake, after a RebelBetting download, you might need to make as many as up to 20 bets to get the full potential required.

Once you are able to hit the €1000 mark, you can then begin to withdraw your profits.

Chapter 3

Value bets with RebelBetting

Value bets with RebelBetting

Value bets are another one of the software types offered by RebelBetting.

The value bet software will help you to find available bookies for bets where the likelihood of a particular event is larger than the odds suggest.

Unlike arbitrage betting, which makes use of the sure betting software model, and works by covering the outcome of every possible bet, value bet works by shifting the bet’s odds in your favor.

As expected, a typical bookmaker would rather provide you with lower odds (known as house odds) than provide you with the actual likelihood of something happening.

Bookmakers do this because this is the only way through which they can make their own profits.

By using the rebel betting value bet software, you gather odds in your favor, thereby resulting in more wins than losses for you, over time.

The software is available, both as a software download and also for use on a website browser.

Pricing for the value bet software

The monthly subscription for value betting is the payment of €79 while you get to save up to 35% if you opt for the annual subscription. This is for the started package.

ValueBetting starter and pro pricesing

There is however also the pro version which requires a monthly payment of €149 and you can save up to 35% with the annual subscription.

The prices at which this software is offered are relatively high, however, the quality offered makes it worth it.

How to use

Users of other types of rebel betting software will not find it difficult to make use of value betting software as they are quite similar.

The design and user interface are very much consistent, adaptive and do not pose any difficulty to its user during navigation.

However, for the sake of users who are new to the platform, with value bet being their first software, below are some of the important details you should take note of.

  • On the landing page of the product, you will see;
  • A link to a free trial mode
  • The different types of betting services offered by the company
  • Lower down the page are links to other details on the company, resources and how to connect

There is also an icon on the right side of the page where you can get redirected to details on;

  • Products
  • Community
  • Blog
  • Support
  • Login.

If you wish to make more money on a bet winning, values higher up are better off, however, this is completely dependent on your choices.

The software can only suggest and calculate the resulting stakes for you.

Setting a stake size is dependent on two factors; the max stake and the stake sizing. The max stake is the maximum percent of your bankroll you can use for a bet while the stake size is known as the ideal stake for maximum growth of your bankroll in relation to the expected value bets and is calculated using the Kelly Criterion.

Although you are advised to keep to the default settings for safe betting, you can easily adjust some of your default settings such as the maximum stake and the likes to your preferred figures.

To maximize this bet type, you should place your bet close to the start time, this will reduce the possibilities of changed odds.

Possible outcomes are always in shorthand, examples of these shorthands are;

  • O(2.5)- Over 2.5 goals.
  • U(2.5)- Under 2.5 goals
  • AH- Asian handicap 
  • Placing your bet on the home team to win.
  • X- Placing your bet on a draw.
  • Placing your bet on the away team to win.

When placing value odds, you might want to opt for the soft bookmakers (provides overvalued odds) instead of the sharp bookmakers (fast to change odds to a true probability figure).

The only con with this is that the soft bookmakers tend to restrict accounts faster.

Alert Green icon

Money-making with value betting is not as easy to predict as matched or sure betting because you might not win each of your bets.

However, the expected trend for its profit is an upward curve for every involved player, irrespective of the different results.

Chapter 4

Matched betting with RebelBetting

Matched betting with RebelBetting

With matched betting, three features are fully analyzed to extract the freest bet offer possible. These features are the bookmakers’ offers, backing, and laying bets. You do not require a large amount of bankroll to start with and you can easily make money from match betting.

Matched betting - help section at Rebel Betting

With matched betting, you earn by utilizing the bookmaker’s free bets. These possibilities are also available via rebel betting. When you utilize arbitrage chances to qualify for a free bet, you increase your profit – but keep in mind that this is a quick way to have your bookmaker account closed or limited.

Alert Green icon

We recommend that you choose between arbing and matched betting; attempting to do both at the same time will result in your account being blacklisted.

Matched betting is one of the software offered by RebelBetting. It is also considered the cheapest, priced at a rate of €9 per month. This price is relatively cheap when compared with the value offered by the software in relation to other types of sports betting software.


The features are very similar to the other two software discussed above, even more, the arbitrage software. On the landing page, you will find a list of percentage figures, this is called rate and it is known as the bonus percentage expected to be earned. So, a bonus of €200 with a rate of 50% will earn you €100.

How to use

The features are very similar to the other two software discussed above.

The first step is for you to place a bet.

Typically, the bookmaker would match your deposit with bet credits (free bets). These bet credits will then be wagered on odds greater than or equal to the minimum odds by them.

Winnings from this are yours.

The software helps you to identify the best odds to place your bets on.

It also ensures that you view only bets that are relevant to your required odds. You are assured of more profits if you bet on an odd with a higher return rate.

With the software, your figures are easily calculated as many times as you alter the stakes.

Profits made from matched betting are essentially risk-free profits. 

Completing sign-up offers with RebelBetting matched betting software can earn a customer up to €1000.

Alert Green icon

It is one of the finest methods to profit from bookmakers while assuming as little risk as possible.

Rebelbetting offers an outstanding oddsmatcher that is ideal for selecting bets to utilize for matched betting.

Chapter 5

Bookmakers and Exchanges available on RebelBetting

Bookmakers and Exchanges available on RebelBetting

Another one of the advantages of using rebel betting is the number of bookmakers that are available on the platform.

There are about 80 known bookmakers available for users, some of them are;

10BetExpekt StoiximanLeoVegas
UniBet 12 BetFun88UKSvenskaSpel
12BetUKGamebookersTabAU MarathonBet
GiocoDigitale138 TipicoWilliamHill
188Bet IntertopsTitanBet
18Bet Interwetten TLCBet WilliamHillSE
32RedJetBull TOPsport5Dimes
Bet365 MobilbetBet9jaSpeedyBet 
SportsbettingDiamondSB EtotoStanleybetOK
NordicBet  Betfred NorskTippingBethard
RivaloBookmakerEU SBOBWin

Chapter 6

Customer service and Support

Customer service and Support

There is an option for help on the website of the company.

An entire section is dedicated to answering possible questions a customer might have regarding their services.

Value betting and Sure betting  help section screen

In cases where these questions are not answered, there is also the option to chat with one of their representatives to get inquiries fully sorted.

Chapter 7

In conclusion

In conclusion

Going through the rebel betting review will provoke certain thoughts in you, such as if it is really worth opting for.

The company is one of the oldest in the industry and has made a name for itself as a result.

However, the software seems to have gradually been left behind by the new providers of these same services. There are a lot of improvements that can be worked on to make it better.

Its highly expensive subscription can also be a source of concern to you as there are other sites that offer the same services for a much lesser price.

The software however is a good one and can be trusted to perform its basic requirements.

Its great user interface and navigation and the rebel betting free download feature for the app also add another plus to this.

It can be said to be a company that has managed to stand still even against all odds.

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