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Have you heard about each way bet? I bet yes!

But what will happen if we connect it with arbing?

In this guide, we are going to explain how Each way arbing works and how to profit from it.

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Most people who use the Betfair exchange know the basics of placing a lay bet or back bet; those are the basics and anyone can learn it.

If you want to take things to the level, you should learn advanced strategies that will guarantee you better profits.

Of all the strategies in the industry, one advanced, yet the easy-to-understand system is each way arbing.

If you have never heard of it before, this article will do you good.

Perhaps you know about it already, this guide would help you get a better grasp of it.

Read on and enjoy!

Chapter 1

What is Each Way Accumulator?

What is Each Way Accumulator?

For a start, you need to understand each way bet; it is divided into two parts. The first is a stake on the horse to win and also the same horse to finish among the first few places.

Both bets, the win and place, combined, form each way bet, and your stake is shared equally between the two bets.

They pay out the winning half with normal odds and the place in a fraction; sounds profitable doesn’t it?

Arbing, which is a short form for arbitrate betting, means placing a back and lay bet on the same outcome.

It sounds unreasonable but the aim is to capitalise on the odd difference between bookies, resulting in an inevitable win irrespective of the outcome. 

Combining each way bet and arbing brings forth the prestigious each way arbing.

It means you place each way bets, then at the same time, lay the win and place halves individually. 

Chapter 2

How Does Each Way Arbing Work?

How Does Each Way Arbing Work?

Each way arbing works with the odds differential between the back and lay odds of the place half of your stake.

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To guarantee profits, only risk your money when the place back odds are greater than the place lay odds.

That way, you are sure of making little gain.

Understanding this simple concept puts you in a better position to win.

How to Find Each Way an Arb?

Not every race in the market is suitable for each way arb. If you like this system, you need to deliberately search for opportunities in the markets.

In earlier days, there were formulas and arithmetics for going about the calculations.

The idea of manually calculating potential profits discouraged several bettors from delving into the strategy.

However, gone are the days when you needed to do your calculations manually.

You could use an each-way calculator to compute the odds and see if the trade is worth the play.

An each way calculator has the respective spaces to input the odds, amount you are wagering and other necessary details.

It returns you the total profit that you could gain and if it is worth the play, you are ready to play!

How to Place Each Way Arb?

Placing your each way arb makes things safer. If you were only to go with the win option, it implies that you lose when your horse fails to finish in the first place.

When you place the bet, you add a form of backup in case the horse does not finish in the first place.

If you place the first three positions, it means that if the horse doesn’t finish first but is still in the top three, you win a part of the bet.

To place each way arb on the Betfair exchange isn’t difficult.

All you need to do is make two individual bets, even after placing the regular each way bet.

You need to lay the win and place halves of the bet individually. You may find it tedious for a start but once you get the hang of it, it will come easy.

Doing so, you have successfully placed your each way arbs.

How to Profit from Each Way Arbing?

The main goal of any system is to make profits. Knowing each way arbing on the surface is not enough; you should know how to effectively profit from it. 

It starts with the calculator; you need to fill up the required fields. It does the arithmetics and gives you your potential profits.

If you like it, then you go ahead. You should also familiarise yourself with the each way parameters which appear something like 1/5 1-2-3-4.

What this means is that the place half covers 1st to 4th position and the payout of that portion will be one-fifth of the regular odds. 

For example, if you use this system with £50 and the odds are 7.00 and with each way 1/5 1-2-3-4, your place back odds should be around 2.2.

So you head to the calculators and input the figures in the necessary fields.

It generates how much you need to lay, place and also your potential wins. 

In this instance, it could deduce that you need to lay £58.51 and place £49.75.

Most importantly you will see how much you stand to win at the very least.

First place would carry the most reward but second and third would also guarantee profits.

The higher your stake, the higher you gain.

Each Way Arbing Software to Maximise Your Profit

Does the idea of using an each-way calculator sound crude to you.

Perhaps you cannot spare the time to manually input each race on the calculator to see which one will bring good profits; there is a way out!

The industry has evolved and there are tools to find the potentially most profitable games. 

We call it the Each way matcher tool. This software saves you the time of searching by automatically scanning the markets to pull out races that would work well with the strategy.

Not only does it save your time, it only pulls out the highly profitable ones you could have missed out on. 

Having such software will, without a doubt, maximise your profits.

However, such a tool is too good to be free for all.

Most sites don’t make it accessible unless you pay a certain subscription fee.

The prices differ depending on the website and the extra features their site holds.

Since you will potentially make a lot with it, you should have no difficulty in paying a little.

Chapter 3

Tips and Tricks From the Expert

Tips and Tricks From the Expert

That should be all about each way arbing; however, before you start implementing, you should check these out.

You will find here, tips and tricks of how you can excel properly with this strategy.

This each way arbing tips will put you above other people that are merely using the strategy in the exchange:

  • It is advisable to have a separate account dedicated to arbing: To be frank, bookies don’t like this strategy; it is too good to be out there. They would do anything to stop you from using it. Some go to the length of blocking or banning users that use this system. To be on a safer side, have a separate account dedicated to it.
  • You can reduce your liability when you lay on multiple horses: Here is another thing they don’t want you to know in the exchange. When you lay two or more horses in a race, the exchange has no choice but to tie them up. It reduces your liability and at the same time, you make more money.
  • Always use the calculator: Using the calculator can be quite stressful because no one really likes cranking in those digits. However, if you use it a few times, you will get used to it. Even if you use the each way arbing software, use the calculator to double check. Sometimes these tools can experience glitches so you should be on the safe side.
  • Remember that you won’t find each way opportunities everyday: This strategy is unlike the regular ones. You won’t always find arb races everyday; on such days, you could take the day off or employ other betfair strategies; whatever you do, don’t force it. The wait will be worth it!
  • Watch the stake sizes: Each way arbing is not a holy grail just like every other strategy. Resist the urge to put on excessive stake sizes that could cost you a lot of liability. Calculate your bankroll and control your risk. These simple measure will keep you in the game in the long run.

Chapter 4



Each way arbing is a strategy that sets you aside from a regular bettor. Having a good knowledge of this system makes you a force to reckon with in the exchange.

Once you grasp it and have enough confidence, don’t hesitate to try for yourself, with controlled risk. The results will blow your mind. 

Experienced matched bettors see this system as a necessary one in their arsenal. It puts you above the regulars.

Don’t you want to join them?!

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