How to Choose the Best Betfair Trading Software in 2024?

Best Betfair trading software review by TheTrader

Hey have you just started your sports trading way an looking for a useful software to multiply you winnings?

You’re in the right place!

Here we’re going to review every popular Betfair trading software and find the best one!

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There comes a time during sports trading on Betfair when you realise that you have enough budget to start taking it seriously.

Then, using very low-risk and profitable strategies in the long term, you may decide to automate the whole process.

If you are making money with scalping or swing trading, time and even small price movements are very important because, with the proper budget, even these tiny movements can bring significant profit.

And this is the time to think about using Betfair software to streamline the whole process.

What exactly will the software help you with, though?

What are their capabilities? Which trading software performs best?

Of course, there are as many apps for trading as there are answers to the above questions.

So check out our article on automated trading software below!

Chapter 1

How useful is Betfair software?

How useful is Betfair software?

Trading software can be compared to using an accountant. For example, suppose you have a company.

In that case, you pay an accountant to do all the calculations, and you only do the finishing touches, such as paying your contributions or, as in the case of trading, exiting the market.

Alert Green icon

Trading via software is not only about automating processes. It also means comfort in using, easier access to markets and more possibilities.

In addition, most of the applications presented below have the opportunity of additional protection of your funds by entering limits, which the program will not exceed and thanks to which you will not lose your bankroll.

What else have programmers prepared for us?

How can the software improve our work and experience?

Which ones perform best and why?

We answer these and many more questions in the following overview!

Chapter 2

Best Betfair Trading software

Best Betfair Trading software

The review is based on an intensive week of checking and analysing the various apps available on the developers’ websites. Therefore, you can be sure that the ranking is created reliably and honestly. 

Let’s get down to business! 

What did we consider, and what is the ranking based on? 

First of all, we focused on reliability and security. We don’t want our Betfair account details to fall into the wrong hands, do we? 

For all the lazy people who don’t like to read every review, we would like to communicate that the best trading software for Betfair would be Bet Angel.

Would you like to know what made us choose this?

Read the individual reviews below, and you will find the answer!

Bet Angel

Bet Angel interface

We move on to the last software that performs best in our comparison. We are talking about BetAngel.

The company is fully legal and registered in the UK under number 10062368, and BetAngel is famous for being almost complete.

This is because they have a forum for users themselves, who submit their comments, bugs, proposals, which more than once were positively considered in favour of the member, thanks to which the application was and is constantly improved.

All users of the software create a community. – thanks to this, the application is straightforward to use and functional.

All in one

Have you checked the function of all the above apps?

BetAngel has almost all of them. From One-Click betting, dutching & bookmaking tools, advanced charting, ladder interface, advanced automation to green-up feature or practice mode.

Tennis Trader & Soccer Mystic

Tennis Trader & Soccer Mystic at Bet Angel

Tennis Trader allows us to manage our in-play positions in each market with precision.

It’s a profiling tool that will tell you the probabilities for the next point, game, or set, no matter what occurs in the match.

Soccer Mystic allows you to simulate a match both before and during in-play.

Learn what is likely to happen and how it will affect your market position.

Identify, save, and retrieve all accessible marketplaces and the most valuable ones.

Then trade all of these markets simultaneously, keeping track of the odds and your open positions on a single screen.

Extensive blog, daily articles, active forum and YouTube channel

Extensive blog, daily articles, active forum and YouTube channel

We appreciate the daily feedback from the manufacturer. You can see that they care about their customers as much as possible.

As a result, the program is constantly developed.

We also have access to a massive database of information, helpful articles, tutorials, and videos on YouTube channels, which explain the essential things and more complex functions and complicated trading operations step by step.

One thing is for sure, BetAngel has not left its users out in the cold.


It is therefore understandable that all this has to be paid for.

The price can be staggering, especially for those who don’t have the budget to play, let alone pay for a subscription.

After the 14-day trial period, we will have to make a payment if we wish to continue using all the functions.

It is said that you have to pay more for a good and proven product.

1 month£29.99
1 year£149.99

Geeks Toy

Geeks toy trading software interface

Geeks Toy is one of the leading apps produced by the Talented Mavericks Limited team and released in 2012.

At the very outset, it is worth noting that the company is legally registered in the UK, which significantly contributes to the positive credibility of the service.

In addition, the software gets excellent feedback from its users. So let’s check what makes Geeks Toy a superb option.

Helpful links

Control help in geeks toy

We don’t just mean links to individual pages but a comprehensive user manual that helps first-timers and experienced players who want to learn additional functions.

Everything is described in detail, from the control panel through the markets, using the application, layout settings or multi-market trading.

Big applause is well deserved!

Training Mode

Betfair trading mode in geeks toy

Despite appearances, this is a handy option. While the Betfair simulator may not be of interest to everyone, as everyone is almost perfectly comfortable navigating

Betfair, when it comes to new software, the accessible training mode can be crucial when learning how the trading software works.

Not everyone guarantees this.

Even if some sites say there is a free Trial of automated Betfair trading software, it doesn’t work everywhere – it’s just a marketing ploy.

Multi-Market Trading

This is another significant improvement. Especially if we do not want to be restricted to trading only one market.

We can easily bet on as many markets as we want with this feature – which streamlines the whole process and improve our results.

These are essential but significant aspects – if you want to find out more, visit the manufacturer’s website.


The fee to access the software is relatively standard. The price for three months is £20, which is £6.66 per month. There is also an option to buy annual access for £60. It is also worth mentioning that there is a 14-day trial period available.

3 months£20
1 year£60
Alert Blue icon

Geeks Toy is the Bet Angel’s closest competitor. Here, we’ve made deep comparison guide between these trading software giants.


Bettrader trading software web interface

BetTrader comes from Racing Traders Limited, a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, company number 08959615.

However, this software is slightly different compared to the competition. What makes it different?

While we also download the program to our computer, using the benefits of this application is done via a web browser.

So the only thing we have to do is to right-click on the icon on the taskbar and choose which browser we want to trade.

Is this a disadvantage or an advantage?

Do you prefer the in-app version or the browser version?

Let us know!

Vertical Ladder Display

BetTrader Vertical Ladder Display

Prices are shown vertically in ascending order on the Ladder interface, with available to Lay and Back amounts listed to the left and right of their price. It allows you to submit a bet with one click at any price, whether betting on the back or the lay.

By displaying the Lay and Back amounts going up and down the ladder, it is also simpler to visualise the market.

Stop Loss Automation

BetTrader loss tools

This is another handy tool – especially when you are not at your computer or simply not following an event. If the market price falls against you, liquidate your stake.

The Trailing-Stop tool allows you to follow a price up or down and only enter or exit the market when it moves in the desired direction.

These were some of the most exciting features available to users. Check out the others on the manufacturer’s website.


BetTrader is not one of the most attractive options, so the price is in line with other available software. But, of course, it is worth noting that the service provides a Free Mode, which is very limited.

Here are the costs for a monthly or annual service.

1 month£9.99
1 year£99

Gruss Betting Assistant

Gruss Betting Assistant trading software intterface

Gary and Mark Russell are two brothers who entered the market in 2013 by forming Gruss Software Ltd.

Their software is designed for both the Betfair and Betdaq exchanges.

So what is Gruss Software famous for other than standing out as one of the few and providing the option of a 30-day trial period?

Full trial version

This is something that none of the trading software presented here can boast.

Not only do we have 30 days, which in the case of the competition is usually 14, but we also have full access to all services.

This is a free month paid for, for which we deserve a massive round of applause. This is an enormous plus for any new Gruss Software user.

Multi-Market Trading

Multi-Market Trading gruss betting

This is undoubtedly a great convenience. It allows us to move from market to market with a single click.

The interface works just like in a browser – we just jump from one to the other in a straightforward way.

This allows us to have an overview of all the markets we have selected and easily control the behaviour of the prices.

Easy to navigate

Gruss Betting Assistance is one of the most straightforward programs we have come to use, and we recommend it, especially to those who are taking their first steps.

Compared to the competition, Gruss has a detailed description of everything, and you can handle everything yourself.

The difference and advantage of Gruss is the fact that they don’t have fancy icons for some functions, but it is simply described.

The competition should learn if they want to attract a broader range of customers :)!

These are just some of the information that caught our attention, and we decided to share them.

Check out the Gruss Software website if you want to learn more.


The Gruss Betting Assistant offer is one of the cheapest. Not only is the assistant for the Betdaq exchange completely free of charge, but also the 30-day trial version for the Betfair exchange looks tempting. Moreover, the service charges low fees compared to its competitors.

Gruss, at the very beginning, wants £6 for account activation. After that, the prices are as follows:

1 month£6
1 year£60


Cymatic trading software interface

Cymatic is a software company that specialises in high-performance trading systems.

Many traders, both pros and amateurs, use its Betfair trading program throughout the world.

Cymatic was founded in 2007 when the creator began developing computer software systems for online betting and financial trading.

Cymatic Ltd was founded in England and Wales in 2011, with the registration number 07741369.

Position in Queue

Position in Queue in Cymatic

When many unmatched bets at the same price exist, the exchange places them all in a queue.

Any acceptable incoming orders will be matched first with the bets at the front of the line.

Put another way, the bets that came first are at the head of the line.

Your unmatched bet’s Position in Queue (PIQ) is shown as a number that indicates how close your wager is to getting matched from the order book queue. 

As a result, keeping track of your PIQ might help you determine how close your bets are to getting matched.

This is precious information while trading since it might be challenging to know whether to cancel an unmatched bet or wait for it to be matched.

Automated Trading Robot

The robot waits for specific conditions to be met before placing passive orders on both sides of the market, joining the best prices.

As a result, the two orders will initially be unmatched and will be placed to the rear of the exchange order book queue, behind the orders of other punters who are also bidding at the front prices.

As other punters either retract their orders or are matched, the goal is to move to the front of the line finally.

We’ve made one tick profit if we reach the front and are matched on both sides.

The most significant danger is that other traders may place huge orders, or series of orders, that will swiftly move the price in one way, matching just one of your passive orders and leaving the other with little chance of being matched.

The robot tries to reduce risks by continuously checking queue positions and other indicators of whether the market is trending downwards.

If the robot detects unfavourable conditions, it can cancel both orders.

If one order is matched, the robot examines the other orders and adjusts the price to accept a loss or a scratch if the possibility of generating a profit has dropped too low.

Both orders should ideally be matched at their original pricing to make a profit.

Football Odds Predictor

Football Odds Predictor

Based on data and analytical equations, the Football Odds Predictor function determines the predicted ‘true’ odds for various types of football markets.

We can then compare these predicted chances to the current Betfair odds to see if there are any trade opportunities.

All we have to do is enter data such as Total Goals and Home Supremacy. How do we calculate this?

A website like can help you by giving you averages, e.g. -0.15 and -0.25 for supremacy.

Take the average, and you get -0.20. A similar principle works for total goals.

That’s it for the most exciting features available. However, there is much more. Check out the rest of the features on the Cymatic website.


The cost of full access to Advanced Cymatic Trader oscillates at a standard level.

The company does not stand out in this regard, but there is nothing to complain about either.

The advantage is that we can pay both via PayPal and with a debit card.

1 month£6.69
1 year£59.99


We have to stop in the case of TraderLine. We encountered no problems with the other sports trading software – TraderLine rejected us and lost credibility.

The reason for this is the detection of the threat by Windows.

You may laugh, but what does this file have when there was no problem with the others?

Windows pop-up when installing Traderline

The second issue is that the company is not registered anywhere.

Going to the website, we will not come across the company’s registration number or any detailed information about this particular company in the “About Us” section.

We will not take any chances for the above two reasons, so we have decided not to review the above app and advise against using it for our safety and yours.

However, if you have a different opinion, please remember that you install it at your own risk.


Fairbot trading software interface

We do not find information about the company on the producer’s website either.

However, we know that Binteko Software, founded in 2004, designed the program.

Furthermore, our system did not encounter any problems or issues during the software installation.

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting at Fairbot

FairBot lets you see both a conventional Betfair graph of odds changes and its graph of odds changes in real-time, allowing you to respond fast to patterns.

With several indicators, use Advanced Charting to generate graphs of odds changes in the shape of candlestick charts for subsequent technical analysis to anticipate the direction of market movements and determine the most appropriate opportunity to start or start to close a position.

Dutching & Bookmaking

Dutching & Bookmaking

Dutching is a very popular way of trading, especially when it comes to horse racing.

It is not only feasible to receive equal profit on selected outcomes with FairBot, but it is also possible to set it for each selected result separately.

This allows you to boost the potential profit for more likely events while lowering it for less likely ones while keeping the budget at the same level.

Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation

Fairbot allows you to automate critical procedures, giving you time for other activities.

Because FairBot is emotionless, it will follow the rules of the letter and will not fail in a crucial situation.

Simply describe your strategy’s rules before assigning them to the chosen markets. Automated trading can be advantageous regardless of the markets we choose.

This feature makes the whole process more manageable, but we recommend using the free trial version and, above all, setting up the bot properly before playing for real money so you don’t run out of money.


We come to an aspect where Fairbot does not rank among the top.

When it comes to payment methods, there are quite a few, as we can use:

  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank/Wire Transfer
  • WebMoney
  • Check/Money Order

The service charges in dollars, so the conversion to pounds may differ slightly from reality.

1 month$11.95 which is about £9
1 year$99 which is about £75

MarketFeeder PRO

MarketFeeder PRO trading software interface

MarketFeeder Pro is software designed by WellDone Creative Software Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registration number 06349033.

As you can see, the company is legally registered, and the system did not encounter any problems when installing the software.

We only had to create an account and paste the code we received by email to activate the Trial version in the application.

Detailed user manual

When it comes to the instruction manual, we probably have a winner. There are almost 300 pages of detailed instructions in PDF format, after reading which we will probably be a walking Wikipedia.

You can learn everything about the application, from logging in to the view and handling of markets to advanced trading processes. 


Auto-Greenup at MarketFeeder PRO

A handy feature that allows us to control our profit and loss. Thanks to this function, we can automatically exit the market depending on the profit or change the price by a tick specified by us.


Auto-Dutching at MarketFeeder PRO

Another fully automated feature available from MarketFeeder Pro is Auto-Dutching.

It is up to us to set the minimum profit, whether we take back or lay bets or even whether the program should take into account in-play markets.

In addition, we can also tell the program to automatically stop dutching after each performed operation.


And here we come to the price list, an issue that can reject novice traders right from the start.

The presented software is the most expensive of all the above, and in our opinion, it does not stand out in any particular way, which could tip the scales in its favour.

On the plus side, however, is the fact that payments can be made via such methods as:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
1 month£14
1 year£89

Chapter 3

Betfair software for Android and iOS

Betfair software for Android and iOS
Betfair software for Android and iOS on the main website

Trading apps can be helpful, but only in some cases. It is worth remembering that setting up automated processes can be quite a challenge on our phones.

It will be much easier to do it on a desktop computer. However, if you want to control your bets, an app can be helpful if, for example, you are away from home.

In this case, such Betfair Exchange Betting for your phone will help you with this.

What other apps can you find? We’ll just make it easy for you and post a link to the entire library of apps for both Android and iOS.

Moreover, thanks to the search filter, you will be able to decide whether you want to see full free apps or are willing to pay for those that offer exciting features such as RaceStatsApp, explicitly designed for horse racing.

Chapter 4

How to choose the right trading software: Tips from the Expert

How to choose the right trading software: Tips from the Expert

You’ve written all the trading services reviews that were done by TheTrader team, but what to do next? How to choose the best one for yourself? We’ve come up with a few ideas for it.

Stay tuned!

Focus on your strategy

This should be your priority. Before you make your final choice, check how your software will perform when you apply your chosen trading strategy.

On some applications, it may be more problematic and on some less. But we want to make things easier and more efficient, right?

Thanks to the free trial version on almost all trading applications, this should not cause you any problems.

Join the community

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you won’t be able to take full advantage of the features right away. It takes time and practice.

Also, if you have any problems, where will you look for answers?

Therefore, look for a forum or blog where you can get help. Find people or posts that relate to your problems and deal with them quickly.

Never bite more than you can chew

Gather an appropriate budget. It can’t be that 20% of your budget pays for software. That is irrational.

What’s more, the cheaper the software, doesn’t mean it’s inferior. You may find that the ones for only £6 per month will be entirely sufficient for you.

So again, think about what markets and where you want to trade precisely.


Choosing the right software for each person is an individual matter. For some, £6 software may prove to be entirely sufficient, while for others, the more expensive ones will not affect their budget and complement their expectations.

When choosing the final one, you should consider whether the company is legally registered and make sure that the installation of the application is entirely safe and our data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Only one of the above apps did not meet these requirements.

Which app do you use, and why did it become your choice? 

Let us know!


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