Bet Angel – Complete Review of One of the Best Trading Software

Bet Angel review - TheTrader's guide
Harry TheTrader 6 minutes

Betfair trading is one of the most effective ways to start sports trading online.

However, you might need other tools, like software to make the entire process seamless.

One of the best to use is BetAngel Trader.

It is a tool that boosts your confidence, making sure you don’t have problems while trading.

Here, I’ll be discussing some important details about this software – hoping you’d see reasons why it is a must-use.

Chapter 1

What is Bet Angel?

What is Bet Angel?

Bet Angel is a trading tool developed by Peter Webb as the first betting exchange with a long list of features to allow users to trade the markets on the Betfair platform. Some of these features include:

  • Guardian Watch List
  • Automation
  • Charting
  • Multiple Screen Trading
  • Practice Mode
  • Technical Indicators
  • Ladders
  • Fill or Kill orders, etc.

This software was first designed to improve Peter’s trading platform, but it became socially accepted because of its numerous advantages. Ever since its creation, it has evolved with consideration to the demands of users.

Bet Angel ultimate Betfair Toolkit

For instance, it now has a forum for hosting discussions about markets and other trading issues that users may experience.

Bet Angel is available in three different versions:

  • Bet Angel Trader
  • Bet Angel Free
  • Bet Angel Professional & Professional Server Edition.

Each of these versions has its unique benefits, in which the ease of placing bets depends on them.

Alert Green icon

Personally, I enjoy the Professional version. You can sign up a create new account through this link.

Chapter 2

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


● The tool comes with several features to make betting exchange fast and easy
● Has a forum to discuss market and trading issues with other users
● Great customer service for users
● Innovative with more plans to integrate more features into the software
● Beginner- and professional-friendly
● Allows a user to customize profile ad organize betting bots
● Available in 3 versions to choose from
● BetAngel has a TV and a YouTube channel with video resources and materials


  • Free Version poses restrictions to certain features
  • Not everyone can afford the professional version
  • Amateur traders find the Professional version and some other features hard to understand.

Chapter 3

How to Use Bet Angel?

How to Use Bet Angel?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, this software is designed to be suitable for you regarding the versions available.

If you are new to using the software, courses and tutorial/training videos like “Bet Angel Beginner Guide for Dummies,” etc., are available to help you get the hang of it.

On the other hand, professional Betfair sports traders can maximize the various tools or features available on the software to make the betting experience better and convenient.

Chapter 4

Top Features of Bet Angel

Top Features of Bet Angel

Bet Angel has several features to make Betfair trading seamless and quick.

However, these features vary depending on the version of the tool.

Using Bet Angel, here are some of the features I found.


Bet Angel Guardian Review

The most iconic feature this software has to offer is the Guardian.

It is a tool that allows you to add different markets into a catalog called the Watch List for easy viewing.

In essence, it is a powerful multi-market trading tool on the software.

Guardian is also responsible for your market history.

For instance, if you have a market saved on the Guardian and decide to switch to another, the previous one is still saved, so you don’t lose market movements.

However, you lose recorded advanced charts for markets left unsaved or unadded.


Automated trading is the perfect alternative to manual trading; luckily, Bet Angel has more advanced automation features than any other software.

With this automation feature, you can organize personal bots or create specific commands and rules concerning your trading activity using user-defined points.

That means you can specify a particular period or condition when you would like to place your bets, and it would be done automatically. 

This automation option is integrated into the Guardian feature.


Currently, Bet Angel has the best and the most innovative charting for trading. While many other software rely on Betfair to provide charts, BetAngel delivers on its own – and at no cost at all.

The charting windows are pretty much visible on the software.

The advanced charting gives you total control of designing a style that you can work with.

Alongside, you get to work with various parameters, or technical indicators that you are sure will improve your trading experience.

Soccer Mystic

The soccer market is one of the popular markets on this Betfair software, making it qualified to come with its special tool/feature – Soccer Mystic.

This unique tool designed for football or soccer trading is specifically to determine possibilities peradventure an event occurs.

On several occasions, it is used to predict price movements at specific times when there are goals.

It often utilizes data from previous matches to determine the position of the odds – in or against favor, as well as gains and losses.

In essence, it predicts what could happen to a soccer market during a match.

Tennis Trader

There isn’t much of a difference between Tennis Trader and Soccer Mystic. In this case, it is a tool designed for tennis trading.

You’d find a Tennis Trader on this software because the sport’s market is highly traded for both men and women tournaments.

It also predicts the position of the odds using specific factors during a match. These points or factors may vary, making it not entirely accurate.

One-Click Betting

Most trading modes on Bet Angel have one more thing in common – the One-Click Betting.

It is a tool to allow you to customize your profile with a preferred quick betting and trading grid layout, using a strong custom column.

The layout associated with this feature can be used further with staking settings like tick offset bet, and fill or kill.

Ladder View

A proper layout of active orders in the market is visible using another effective feature on the software, the Ladder View or Interface.

The exchange website makes it difficult to view these orders, and that poses limitations on the trading experience.

Alternatively, the ladder trading screen makes it more convenient for seamless trading.


This feature allows you to back bet on more than one market for an already-determined profit OR stake, and you get sure returns on winnings from one of them.

Custom Coupons

Creating a distinct display of core and secondary markets is easy with the custom coupons option integrated into the software.

Practice Mode

CThe Practice or Training Mode is a beginner-intensive feature to help new traders understand how to use Bet Angel without losing money.

Global Settings Tool and Editor

Major trade elements are also handled by another feature called the Global Settings Tool and Editor.

It is a tool used to create presets for semi-automated trading.

Chapter 5

Bet Angel Automation

Bet Angel Automation

This Betfair software is one with a unique set of features; as previously mentioned, you’d get to do all sorts of things with ease without going through the Betfair exchange.

One of the most innovative tools is the automation feature, which may be quite strange if you are only new to betting.

The principle of this feature is to set conditions or parameters that will trigger an automatic response.

That means you can set a specific time or green-up of when you’d like to trade, and your personal bots would do that for you. Thus, every trader determines their Bet Angel Automation Strategy.

Being confident and aware of the potential consequences of these Bet Angel strategies is also important because not everyone can take the risk associated with this type of trading.

That is why automated trading is more of a professional’s game than an amateur’s.

Chapter 6

How to Download Bet Angel?

How to Download Bet Angel?

Betangel download isn’t so difficult, but some technical specifications and requirements enhance usability. If you don’t have compatible devices or meet the requirements, the performance of this Betfair software will be limited or jeopardized.

Bet Angel works on the following devices:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Mac OS X
Bet Angel download process

The usability of this software is also dependent on the following minimum technical requirements:

  • 1 GB Random Access Memory
  • 50 MB Hard Disk Storage
  • 1.5 GHz Processor on AMD or Intel

Chapter 7



Bet Angel Cost varies depending on the version you are interested in, i.e., Trader, Professional, or Basic (Free).

Bet Angel Basic

It is the easiest software version designed solely for beginners.

It has fewer features but helps novice traders understand how the software works. Since it is a free version, it is offered at no cost at all.

However, this basic plan doesn’t last forever – you will eventually have to upgrade to a higher plan.

Bet Angel Trader

The intermediate version is the Trader. It has extensive features which are pretty decent for you to use.

This mid-priced option cost £6 per month and £60 for a whole year.

Bet Angel Trader screen

Bet Angel Professional

The professional version is the highest package.

It provides you with a long list of features to make the trading experience more convenient and stress-free.

There are monthly and annual subscriptions. For 3- and 6-months periods, the software cost £59.99 and £99.99, respectively.

The annual subscription, on the other hand, is £149.99.

Bet Angel Professional price

Chapter 8

Bet Angel discount code

Bet Angel discount code

I assure you that you’ll get from Bet Angel are discount or coupon codes to help you maximize the use of the software.

For traders who don’t go for the paid subscription immediately, this software offers a £50 discount considering the high price for Trader and Professional packages.

Chapter 9

Bet Angel Academy

Bet Angel Academy

As part of the Bet Angel user guide, Betfair has an academy to help support people who want to learn more about trading.

This academy trains new traders on price movements, market depth, and every other thing they need to know, including what the software offers.

Bet Angel Academy logotype

Some of the resources or courses available at this academy include:

  • Using Bet Angel – Professional
  • Betfair Trading Crash Course
  • Using Bet Angel -Trader
  • Betfair Trading – Horse Racing
  • Betfair Football Trading
  • Bet Angel – Expert Guide
  • And many others

Each course has a number of video lessons consisting of high-quality content gathered from over the last 2 decades.

With Peter Webb as the founding instructor, there are so many things to learn about sports trading.

Chapter 10

Bet Angel Blog

Bet Angel Blog

In a bid to foster good, effective communication with software users, Bet Angel has a blog and a forum. The forum is the platform where you can chat with other traders.

On the other hand, the blog reports different events, news, and the things you should know about the markets.

Betfair trading systems, Horse racing, Tennis, Football or Soccer, and Motorsports content are some of the posts you’d find on the blog.

There are also videos available to describe important concepts such as how to create a lay bet bot, Betfair exchange simulator, and so on.

Chapter 11

Summary: Does it worth this money?

Summary: Does it worth this money?

Sports trading isn’t something to dabble into; you need proper orientation, the right tool, and confidence.

Betfair & Betdaq trading software, Bet Angel, is the perfect solution for new and professional traders.

First, it has an academy that offers courses and materials on what you need to know before or after starting trading.

Secondly, depending on the version you subscribe for, you gain access to an extensive number of features or tools that will make the trading experience easy and quick.

You can also plan some useful trading strategies using these features – like the automation tool.

Lastly, you are provided with a forum and a blog that allows you to communicate and get informed with the latest topics.

Alert Green icon

Overall, downloading the software will be useful, and if you are getting the paid packages, they are flexible and worth the money.

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