Geeks Toy vs Bet Angel Comparison Guide

Geeks Toy vs Bet Angel Comparison Guide
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As you start your adventure with Betfair Exchange, you come across various articles on trading.

Among them, you will find some that say that there is also trading software that makes the whole process much more manageable. So you start wondering whether you should use it.

This article will find out whether trading software will benefit you. We will compare two of the most popular trading software that is used by a lot of people.

They are Geeks Toy and Bet Angel.

But which software performs better in the Geeks Toy vs Bet Angel comparison?

Stay with us and get to know!

Chapter 1

Who needs trading software?

Who needs trading software?

Let us point out at the outset that the software IS NOT essential. You can make money trading without it, and it does not influence your trading earnings.

Moreover, if you are confident in your abilities and can correctly estimate the behaviour of the odds, you will not need it.

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Trading software starts to come in handy when you want to minimise the risk of loss and maximise the opportunity to make money.

Trading software starts to come in handy when you want to minimise the risk of loss and maximise the opportunity to make money.

This is when swing-trading and scalping strategies come into play. In these techniques, the speed of reaction is essential.

Both strategies are based on making money even with small price ticks and we can use software that automatically exits the market with a profit if the tick we have set is reached.

But what else determines the choice of the right software?

Let’s look at a comparison of two bots that can help us.

Chapter 2

Geeks Toy

Geeks Toy
Geeks Toy logotype

We know that this preview photo is old, but it is not the relevant one here. Let us get straight to the point – Geeks Toy started in 2009 and, over that time, has amassed a considerable following of regular customers who periodically return to them.

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Here is you may find our complete Geeks Toy review and learn more about usage and the best features that this trading tool has.

Users have the option to purchase a subscription via:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

The cost of monthly access to the full version of the software is £20.

The developers also provide the option to use a 14-day trial period, importantly – without providing any data. 

All you need is your Betfair account username and password and it is worth noting that this data is appropriately encrypted, and there are no concerns about any data leak.

Geeks toy special promo

As you can see for yourself, GeeksToy has launched a promotion where you can purchase lifetime access to the full version of the software for £120. However, this offer is temporary, and we can’t guarantee that it will be available all the time.

Geeks toy match odds

At first glance, one might say that Geeks Toy’s interface does not stand out from the competition. You might agree here, except that Geeks Toy is extremely clear and neat. In addition, all options do not impose themselves on each other, making them very easy to use.

The software allows us to automate the trading process – not to 100%, but still, there is also an option that will enable users to place several bets simultaneously.

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Furthermore, an important aspect is that this program has a so-called “Training Mode”, which will allow us to become friends with the software without losing money.

This is a beneficial option for people dealing with the software for the first time. To use it, simply choose the appropriate mode while logging in.

Geek toy programm


Lightning quick and responsive interface

Geeks Toy allows you to check prices, make changes to your bets and cancel them with the click of a button.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any delays between the software and the Betfair exchange – this certainly won’t happen, unless the developers are planning a technical break.

The software’s stability, speed, and performance are of the highest standard.

Improved Navigation

Many innovative market navigation capabilities are included in Geeks Toy, allowing you to find the proper markets quickly.

For example, customisable cards enable you to display only the markets that matter to you and promptly select lists that present the most relevant and customisable markets.

We have to admit that using the software itself does not cause any problems, and almost anyone can handle it.

Training Mode

Something we have mentioned before, but it cannot be overlooked.

This is an essential point as it allows you to try out and learn how to utilise all of the software’s many features without risking any money – a similar option to Betfair’s free exchange simulator.

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We recommend trying it out if you haven’t used it yet!

Trading on several markets

You may observe, trade, or wager on as many markets as you like using Geeks Toy, and you can organise them as you want.

But, of course, before jumping in at the deep end, it is worth preparing an appropriate strategy that will ultimately result in profits from trading on these few or even several markets.

Advanced Charting

Geeks Toy provides a wide selection of charting choices, ranging from upgraded Betfair charts and market overview charts to the most customisable and comprehensive advanced charts available every day.

These are not all the features prepared by Geeks Toy.

Check out the others at this link.

Chapter 3

Bet Angel

Bet Angel
Bet Angel Trading Software

We already know Geeks Toy’s features, what it’s famous for, and how much a monthly subscription costs. Let’s now check what these aspects look like for Bet Angel, probably the most popular software among traders. Is it right?

Let’s find out.

Bet Angel started even earlier, in 2005. Since then, millions of people have used its services.

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Here is you may find our complete Bet Angel review and learn more about usage and the best features that this trading tool has.

The big downside is that we must enter our credit card details to pay for the subscription. This is a downside as this is the only way to pay, i.e. using a credit or debit card.

Here is what the current fees are.

Bet Angel subscription price

The cost of a subscription is not cheap – indeed, it is one of the most expensive on the market. It is said something for something, but why?

You will find out in the conclusion.

Bet Angel programm types

If we go to the download tab, we can select different types of variants. In addition, we can also download a version of the software designed for the Betdaq exchange and a detailed user manual that will explain how this software works.

Bet Angel Prfessional info

Every professional company in this field allows you to use its services for a fee for some time. Bet Angel is no different.

The developers have made the Bet Angel Professional Free Trial available, which we can use completely free of charge for 14 days.

Apart from this 14-day trial period, we still have the option to download the completely free Basic version, which allows us to perform basic transactions on the stock exchange.


One-Click Trading

The one-click trading interface displays all of a market’s options and lets you place a wager with a single click.

The layout is comparable to the Betfair website’s market view display.

In addition, the stake may be pre-configured, and market prices can be updated up to fifty times per second.

As a result, it’s a basic yet effective screen for placing Betfair market orders.

Depth of market interface

You may check all available odds on a given pick using the ‘depth of market’ tool.

This interface allows you to observe and trade the whole market depth in a handy point-and-click interface by vertically displaying a limited number of options.

You can easily, quickly, and efficiently drag and drop orders into and out of the market.

You may fill gaps in the market and see the current range and volatility at a glance when you view the complete market depth.

Advanced Charting

The completely adjustable charting features will be simple to use and set up for even the most demanding chartist.

Price, volume, and other variables are tracked using line charts, OHLC charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts.

Create or stack as few or as many charts as you’d like for each market pick. Then, on each of these charts, add a slew of indicators.

Price envelopes, MACD, relative strength, parabolic SAR, and other prominent indicators may be superimposed to produce price envelopes.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can navigate between any chart you’ve prepared.

Microsoft Excel Integration

If you’re comfortable with Excel operations and VBA, the Excel integration tool will help you take Bet Angel to the next level.

By connecting one of the provided blank template spreadsheets to Bet Angel, you’ll be able to change the data in any sports market and create custom triggers, charts, and more.

The options are nearly unlimited – from basic single-triggered bet spreadsheets to fully automated betting spreadsheets. Create your betting bot by setting your triggers.

Practice Mode

Since we included this feature in Geeks Toy, we can’t leave it out for Bet Angel. Bet Angel Professional for Betfair consists of a full-featured practise mode that simulates real-world play.

The freedom to explore and learn how to utilise Bet Angel’s many features is the most significant advantage of the practice mode.

As a result, you should be able to get even more out of the software. Most essential, don’t be afraid to try new things without fear of making an expensive mistake.

These are not all the features prepared by Bet Angel. Check out the others at this link.

Chapter 4



Many people seeing the prices of the various subscriptions, will have no doubts about their choice. It will probably be a Geek’s Toy. So what is the matter that, in the long run, Bet Angel may turn out to be more beneficial? 

The main reason, which was not mentioned in the article, is that by choosing BetAngel, we can join the whole community of people using this software on a special forum.

This is where people share their thoughts, suggestions and problems encountered while using Bet Angel. We will get the necessary help in a short time.

Moreover, on the forum, there are also the leading developers who very often take into account the posts of their customers and adapt the software to their needs.

We will also find their tricks, tips, and advice from other people using Bet Angel. Thus, we will improve our trading process using this software, and we can even find and read about exciting strategies used by members. They are very often reliably explained so that you will know with which functions you can apply them.

Alert Green icon

However, if you do not plan complicated and modified actions and know which strategy you will use, Geeks Toy will be sufficient. In terms of functionality, it does not differ much from Bet Angel.

You will not have problems implementing such strategies as scalping, swing-trading or dutching. The more professional and complicated algorithms you would like to implement, the better Bet Angel may prove to be.

However, let’s emphasise again – software is not essential, and we can easily make money without it.

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