Betadda Exchange – Complete Review in 2022

  • Quick and efficient banking options
  • Appealing bonus offers and weekly promos for both old and new customers
  • Players can bet on virtual sports
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Betadda Exchange, just like traditional sports bookmakers, gives you an avenue to bet on your favorite sports teams and players.

However, the fun doesn’t end there.

This platform goes on to give you the chance to buy both winning and losing odds. It also allows you to sell these odds to other exchange players, which gives you more income and also helps you cut losses.

This is something a conventional sports bookie does not give its customers.

Let’s find out more with us!

Chapter 1

How Does Betadda Exchange Work?

How Does Betadda Exchange Work?

What is Betadda exchange and how does it work?

What exactly does it involve?

We have provided answers to these questions, all you have to do is read to the end.

To put it simply, Betadda exchange is an online market that facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of wagers between bettors.

Now, let’s delve deep into the intricacies of Betadda betting exchange.

Is it Legal?

Our discoveries lead us to believe that Betadda is a lawfully operated exchange. Betadda India is an online gambling site established and operated by Adda Entertainment N.V. Furthermore, it is governed by the laws of Curaçao which makes it a fully licensed site.

Check oth

Back and Lay Betting at Betadda

These two betting types are forms of direct betting which allow you to wager on the team or player that you believe is most likely to win or lose. And this is available on Betadda exchange. 

To expound, back betting implies that you place your wagers in support of the team with the most winning tendencies. That is, you are backing a bet on the probability that it will occur.  

As for lay betting, you are basically buying wagers on the possibility that the team will not win.

This allows you to place bets even when you perceive the end result to be negative. 

Chapter 2



Several users prefer to be rewarded with welcome bonuses when they sign up and make their first deposits.

Are you among them?

If yes, read on to discover if welcome bonus offers are available and find out what other promotions you can enjoy.

While exploring the Betadda website, we discovered several mouth-watering promos and bonus offers. Although we did not see any exclusive welcome bonus offer, all other bonuses are enough substitutes in our opinion.

Let’s take a look at some of them. 

All-expense Paid Dubai Vacation 

At the time of writing this review, Betadda is hosting a promo that gives a select few of their customers a paid trip to Dubai.

Moreover, you get the chance to get on a yacht and meet a celebrity. To qualify for this, you must place bets on the website in July and August.

This platform rewards every 1000 Rs wagered within this period with 100 points that place you on a leaderboard.

Finally, the top ten on the board get a paid vacation to Dubai. 

Respin Bonus

This bonus offer gives players on this site free spins on Lightning Roulette summing up to 5,500 Rs. To claim this bonus, you must place single or multiple bets on any casino games accumulating to INR 50,000. 

Refer a Friend Bonus

On Betadda, for every friend that registers and deposits on the site through you, you get a reward of 250 Rs. Not only that, but the friend you invite gets the same reward also. So then, go out and spread the word to claim this bonus. 

Feedback Bonus

Unlike other sites we have come across, Betadda pays you for giving testimonials about their site. To become eligible for this, all you do is send feedback along with a photo or video of you to Betadda customer support. You stand to gain a free bet bonus equivalent to ₹250 when you do this. 

Chapter 3



Want to know how much commission Betadda charges on each of your winnings? Continue reading and find out.

Since Betadda is unlike the regular sports bookmaker, it does not gain profits when wagers are lost.

Therefore, it provided other means of generating revenue and this involves charging fees.

These fees serve as commission and they are deducted when bettors win. Hence, Betadda reserves the right to deduct a commission from their customers’ winnings.

We were unable to match a specific number to the commission charged but the website affirmed that it is quite small and insignificant compared to the bettor’s wins. 

Chapter 4



Liquidity problems are quite common among newly established betting platforms.

To know if Betadda also falls victim to this, we suggest you keep reading.

Although relatively new, Betadda has enough customer traffic to ensure its users do not encounter liquidity problems. Liquidity problems occur when there is not enough money available to make successful bets.

In the event of this scenario, your bets get matched partially or are unsuccessfully matched. However, we confirmed that this is not the case with this exchange platform. 

Chapter 5

Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

You may be thinking that the registration process is difficult and cumbersome.

Follow us as we show you a step-by-step guide.

The registration process is quite straightforward and it is as follows:

  • Head to the Betadda website, at the top right corner of the homepage, click on “Register” 
  • On the next page, enter the required details and confirm that you accept the terms and conditions. Then select “create account”.
 betadda exchange registration
  • If you are located in a supported country, you will be redirected to your personal account page confirming your registration is successful. 

Besides this, you have the option of using any of your social accounts like Google, Facebook, or Telegram to create your Betadda account.

How to Login After Registration?

After signing up, you should automatically get redirected to your account dashboard. However, if this is not so, fret not. Simply for the process listed below. 

  • At the top right corner of the homepage, click on “Sign In” 
  • Input your username and password, then select Sign in. You now have access to your account. 
sign up betadda exchange

You can also sign in with your registered Google, Facebook, or Telegram accounts. 

What to Do If My Login Fails?

On the rare occasion that your login details fail, simply send an email to the official website address at [email protected].

You will be connected to a support staff whom you can explain your complaints. The response time is usually quick, not taking more than a few minutes. 

Chapter 6

Payment Methods Available

Payment Methods Available

If you want to find out the banking options Betadda makes available for you, you may read on.

If you also want to discover how to execute transactions on this site, this section is for you.

On the Betadda exchange website, we noticed that the payment methods vary from country to country.

This means that the same options are not available to players from different locations. In our research, we found out that the only method common to all is the use of cryptocurrency.

Also, we find it limiting that most of the payment options are unavailable to non-Indian customers. 

However, the following is a list of the payment methods available to Betadda users located outside India. 

  • Cryptocurrency 
  • EcoPayz 
  • Credit cards 
  • Neteller or Skrill 
  • Rapidtransfer

We discovered that some options are exclusive to Indian players alone and they include:

  • Rupee-O
  • Bank Transfer 
  • UPI
  • Net Banking 

In addition, note that on this website, deposits are usually processed immediately, it all depends on the method you select. As for withdrawals, the payout time is normally instant but for larger withdrawals, it might take a little more time. 

Furthermore, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount are usually 500 INR and 2,000 INR respectively. It all depends on the option you select. As for the maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals, we were unable to find those on the website. 

How to Deposit Money In Your Betadda Account

The procedure may vary depending on the deposit options available in your region. The general process however to make deposits is as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Betadda dashboard 
  2. Click on “Balance”, located at the top right of the page
  3. Click on your preferred method, then select “Deposit” 
  4. When Betadda completes your deposit request, you will receive an email notification. 

How to Withdraw Money From Your Betadda Account

Note that your email must be verified before applying for withdrawals. To initiate withdrawals, follow the procedure given below. 

  1. Sign in to your Betadda account 
  2. At the top-right corner of the next page, click on your “Balance” 
  3. In the drop menu showing the available payment options in your country, choose the one you wish to use. Then select “Withdraw” 
  4. Input the amount you want to withdraw and your bank info or other details then click on “Withdraw” 
  5. Once your withdrawal request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Chapter 7

Betting Options Available

Betting Options Available

How many events are available for me to choose from?

What special features does Betadda offer?

Find out more as you browse through this section.

Betadda goes over and beyond to provide its customers with the best available betting options. From basic options such as over/under, win/place, etc to more extensive ones like an exacta, trifecta, etc, this platform does justice to each.

Also, in-plays are available on this site and there is a whole page testament to that fact.

Markets Available

At Betadda, the market offers a lot of sports events that players can choose from. Some of them are:

  • Basketball 
  • Cricket 
  • Soccer 
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Boxing 
  • Tennis 
  • Baseball 


We discovered some interesting features on this website and we are going to share them with you. 

  • Virtual Sports betting – At Betadda, you are not limited to betting on real sports events, you can also bet on virtual sports. This feature made available to users of this gaming hub gives them a chance to make things more interesting. These virtual sports offer astonishing graphics and audio tracks. Some virtual sports available on Betadda are Virtual Cricket, Virtual Cockfight, Virtual Hockey, etc. 
  • Live Casino – Another Betadda special is its live casino. It gives gamblers the chance to take their seats at a virtual live dealing table. With over 150 live dealer games, you can never get bored on this platform. Games like Dragon Tiger, Crazy Time, and Andar Bahar ensure you have an exciting gaming experience. 
  • Cash Out – This is a feature that allows users to take control of their bets by taking in their profits before an event ends. It also helps them minimize their losses by locking it while the event is still ongoing. Worthy of note, however, is that there may be various wagering requirements before you can use the cash-out feature. Hence, we suggest that you check these requirements first before engaging. 

Chapter 8

Mobile App

Mobile App

Has this platform developed a mobile app for itself and how does it work?

We have answered these questions in this section.

At the time of writing this article, we discovered no mobile app. However, we expect that this will soon become available.

Betadda needs to develop a website plan if they want to remain on top in the industry. 

Chapter 9

Trading Software

Trading Software

What trading software does this betting exchange make use of and how safe is it?

Find out as you read through.

On the Betadda website, we did not find any clearly stated trading software. From time to time, we will check if the exchange reveals anything about their software. But no one has complaints relating to bad software so far. 

Chapter 10



Security is a very important aspect of any betting website and this is why we discussed it at length in this segment.

The Betadda website makes use of SSL certificates to encrypt all sensitive information and protect them from hackers and third parties.

Furthermore, their privacy policy prevents them from sharing any of their user’s personal information with outside parties.

Also, users of this platform reserve the right to have their personal data deleted. To do this, they must reach out to the customer support team at [email protected].

With all this, Betadda assures us that among others, they consider information security paramount. 

Chapter 11

Usability of the Platform

Usability of the Platform

In this segment, we dived into the website interface and how easy to use it is. We also looked into the design and how tidy it is.

Come along with us as we do this.

Better simple than too colorful; this seems to be the working principle of the Betadda website design. It sports the same old black text on white background. The only splash of color is the orange-colored sign-in button and the Betadda logo which is a green and orange combo. 

Beyond the outlook, this site is clearly user-friendly with everything neatly organized and easy to navigate. Also, if you need to search for anything, the search bar is boldly plastered on every page of the website.

Also, the site responds fast without any delay. We also discovered that the site is mobile responsive when we checked it out both on mobile and desktop devices. 

All in all, the Betadda website seems great and can be easily understood by a first-timer. We say kudos! 

Chapter 12

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

After all that we have analyzed, we have reached a conclusion.

Want to know what that is?

Discover as you read through this penultimate section.

In this Betadda review, we have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of this platform. From there, we can decide that the good greatly outweighs the bad.

Hence, Betadda exchange is a great gambling site for bettors looking for more interesting ways to make money. Simply sign up and enjoy all that this platform has to offer.

Good luck! 

Chapter 13



What is Betadda exchange?

Betadda exchange is a betting exchange site that allows bettors to purchase not only winning odds but also those that will lose. 

Is there a minimum amount I can deposit? 

The minimum deposit amount is dependent on the method you use to execute the transaction. However the general minimum is INR 500.

Is Betadda legal in India?

Yes. India is among the countries allowed by Betadda to engage its services. Other countries are the Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. 

How does Betadda calculate bets? 

On Betadda, bets are calculated by multiplying the number of market odds with your wager amount. This results in your potential win. 

Is Betadda safe?

Betadda is a very trustworthy and secure gambling site. They employ technical procedures like SSL encryption to ensure your personal information remains protected.


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