Best eSports Betting Exchange 2024

Online video gaming has dramatically extended its status and now introduced a whole new environment for sports.

This also brought about the advancement of eSports betting, where bettors get to wager on an outcome for real money.

And currently, we have a lot of online eSports betting exchanges, claiming the spotlight as unique platforms for traders. 

Due to this high number, many players find it challenging to identify excellent betting sites. After considering this statement, we decided to give you this honest review that exposes the best eSports betting exchange.

To get the best ratings, our team conducted thorough research for a suitable exchange platform.

If you are ready, let’s go!

Chapter 1

How To Trade eSports?

How To Trade eSports?

Trading eSports is another lucrative opportunity to make money off the online gaming markets.

How does it work?

Read on and find out how to trade eSports like professionals.

For starters, eSports, cybersports, is a sporting activity that enables people to play games and compete using tech devices.

Regarding trading eSports, the activity offers bettors the chance to bet on it and make real money. In general, eSports gathers gamers from around the world and helps them compete online. 

Esports competitions take tons of people and real-time strategies and experience to play and bet on the activity.

These competitions range from fascinating first-person shooter gaming to manual combat, football gaming, and battle gaming with multiple online players.

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Being a trader makes it essential to know some of the modes and basics of each gaming.

In addition to that, you need a reliable exchange platform to get you the best eSports odds to start trading for profits.

Like most reputable traditional bookies, online exchanges now offer eSports as part of their services.

With these platforms, you then get the chance to trade the sport with any strategy of your choice.

One of the most recognised strategies for trading eSports is through. 

What Is The Best eSports To Trade?

Esports competitions can range from battle gaming to real-time sports gaming and many more genres of online games. Some of the current ongoing cyber sports entertainment currently on the rise include;

  • Real-time sports: NBA, PES, FIFA
  • Action/battle games: Fortnite Royale, COD, Playerunknown’s battlegrounds
  • Multiplayer online battle arena: Call Of Duty, League of legends shooters, Counter-strike: Global offensive (cs-go), Overwatch, Crossfire, Dota 2
  • Fighting games: Dungeon Fighter Online, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat
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As of the time of writing this review, the World championship for league of legends is the best and most popular eSports to trade.

The tournament is exciting and potentially profitable for punters ready to trade.

This is why a lot of eSports exchange betting traders make sure they have the best markets for eSports events. 

Chapter 2

How To Choose An Exchange For eSports Trading?

How To Choose An Exchange For eSports Trading?

One of our best pieces of advice for punters is for them not to rush into picking an exchange for themselves.

It would be best if you considered some things before opting for one.

Let’s find out!

There are several factors to consider before choosing an eSports betting exchange. Here are five elements that an exchange must fulfill for you to start playing with them;


For the records, traders shouldn’t trust any sports betting exchange showing slight unreliability at all.

The gambling industry licenses reliable and fair platforms ready to deliver enjoyable gaming to its customers.

With a valid license, you can be sure the platform is legal and standard enough. 

Additionally, you will need to confirm that this license is from only reputable organizations like UKGC, Malta, or Curacao.

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And once you confirm its reliability through licensing, head straight to finding customer reviews.

Users usually voice out their opinions about the services they’ve used. When you start seeing more negative comments than positive ones, avoid such exchanges.


The liquidity at a gambling exchange is one of the most important things to consider.

It is all about the available amount of money the platform can offer its customers to make successful bets.

If you truly understand the operations at an exchange, you should know that you need another bettor on another end to make a trade.

That means the population at the platform also gives credit to the liquidity. 

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Low liquidity isn’t a good factor and must be considered. Although even big exchanges experience inferior liquidity, it is only a drawback if it becomes usual.

Try your best to find only services with the best liquidity. 

Range of Markets

It would be best if you prioritized finding exchanges with an impressive variety of eSports markets.

Whether you want only battle gaming or not, always consider brands with a better variety.

On the better side, reputable exchange services tend to have a considerable range of markets with exciting opportunities. 


The best exchange commission rate is usually around 0% to 3% on winnings trades alone. We find it inconsiderate to see how some brands impose commission on losing trades.

Ensure your ideal platform makes it for the best commission rates, as it must be only on winning trades. We also think 5% is a good percentage. 

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome offers are not only for traditional bookies. Seeing the increased growth in the exchange industry, many exchange platforms now take the trend to offer their customers welcome rewards.

This reward can range from no deposit bonuses to free bets and deposit offers. After confirming the platform’s bonuses, also make sure to check out the requirements on it. 

Chapter 3

Best Betting Exchange For eSports Trading: Our Top 3 To Work With

Best Betting Exchange For eSports Trading: Our Top 3 To Work With

To save you from the time-consuming search, here are the three best eSports betting exchanges we advise you to work with.

Let’s explore these platforms.

Here are the three best exchanges with more details about their services;

Betfair Exchange

betfair logotype

Betfair exchange has gained an indisputable reputation as one of the most comprehensive betting platforms.

It was founded in 1999 and still stands as an exclusive sports gambling exchange. This brand provides various sports betting opportunities, including eSports trading for bettors ready to become their customers.

Key Features

  • In-Play stream availability
  • 24/7 customer support options
  • Downloadable mobile app
  • 0% commission on losing trades

Welcome Bonus

Betfair offers no form of welcome bonus for new customers but provides a wide range of impressive promotions as you continue to trade. 


  • Low minimum deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Nice variety of payment methods with many currency options 
  • Betfair allows a more significant number of regions


  • Outdated website and app platform
  • Low liquidity for less popular events

Expert Conclusion

Betfair is an exchange with an electrifying selection of sports entertainments, with eSports being a significant part.

The brand is reliable and safe for players ready to make real money off the eSports market. 

Smarket Exchange

Smarkets logotype

Smarkets is another reputable eSports betting exchange with a considerable market and low commissions on Trade.

The brand was licensed and regulated by MGA in 2009, showing their vow only to provide a suitable and reliable exchange platform.

Let’s look at an overview of their services.

Key Features

  • Lower commission rates
  • Great range of markets
  • Lucrative odds
  • Enticing bonus offers

Welcome Bonus

With boldness, Smarkets can boast of providing new players at their exchange site with an excellent welcome offer. During sign-up, players can use the code COMMFREE to get 0% commission for 60 days.

Or use SMK20 for a £20 refund.


  • Great bonus offers
  • Downloadable mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Wide gaming selections


  • Inconsiderate liquidity on small sports events.

Expert Conclusion

After a thorough evaluation of Smarket’s service, we found their services to be exceptional.

They have got excellent gaming selections and an impressive welcome bonus package for new and existing customers. 

Orbit Exchange

Orbit x logo

For people that cannot access Betfair, the best alternative is Orbit Exchange. The brand is as expertise as Betfair.

Apart from that, the company is directly related to Betfair to the extent that they operate practically the same sports market.

So if you are looking to enjoy a fantastic eSports trading market, Orbit is here for you.

Key Features

  • Lower commission charges
  • A broad selection of sports entertainment
  • High liquidity as Betfair

Welcome Bonus

Orbit has not been credited to offer any welcome bonus. However, using a generous broker might get you the chance to claim a welcome offer as you sign up at Orbit. 


  • Exceptional market
  • Low commission rates
  • High liquidity on popular eSports events


  • No mobile app

Expert Conclusion

Orbit exchange is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional eSports betting exchange sites for trading.

Players unable to register at Betfair can get a similar service with Orbit exchange. 

Chapter 4

Expert Tips To eSports Trading From The Trader

Expert Tips To eSports Trading From The Trader

eSports becomes more straightforward when you know the right tips and strategies.

To assist you, we will be giving you some expert tips from experienced traders.

Watch out!

Here are the best approaches many expert traders advise eSports aspirants to always work with. Follow these seven tips and get the best results from eSports trading;

  • Understand the basic idea of trading the market
  • Use reputable betting platforms
  • Set an achievable betting plan
  • Identify value exchange odds
  • Specialize on a particular eSports events
  • Study previous matchups for research

Chapter 5

Final Words

Final Words

Finding the best eSports betting exchange can be very difficult due to the numerous available options on the internet today.

As we have played a crucial aspect in assisting you with the best information, we’ll be wrapping up this review.

eSports betting exchanges are indeed excellent platforms, readily providing bettors with the chance to catch massive price movements in the eSports market.

If you are ready to enter this lucrative market, take this review as a guide to help you pick a reliable platform.

Or better still, you can avoid the stress of searching and choosing from our recommended list.

Good luck on your new journey! 


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