Orbit Exchange in 2024 – Complete Review from TheTrader

  • Powered by the prestigious Betfair
  • Arbitrage betting allowed
  • Fast payouts and execution
  • Fast and responsive website
  • Great liquidity for each service
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Chapter 1

How Does Orbit Exchange Work?

How Does Orbit Exchange Work?
  • How Does Orbit Exchange work?
  • Does this brand really come from Betfair?
  • What is the motive of establishing a clone platform with very similar services?
  • Say no more! Your answers are not far below.

Orbit exchange came into the limelight back in 2017, and it only needed a little time to rise to the top.

This is because Betfair, the prestigious exchange platform, powers this exchange.

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So if you are looking for a perfect alternative to Betfair, there is no better option than Orbit.

This platform came into existence because many players constantly lamented the inability to access Betfair.

Betfair comes with many restrictions in certain countries, so players have very limited access. So the company thought about an alternative to help these players, and it birthed Orbit.

This platform comes in striking similarity with Betfair itself regarding the odds, liquidity, and many other features. 

Orbit provides numerous options in terms of sports and various options that accompany it.

This exchange is the deal-breaker for so many players because you get access to great features fair and square. 

Unlike many other betting exchanges, you will also enjoy great liquidity and higher odds. The commissions are also friendly and lower than Betfair itself.

We will talk more about their services in this Orbit Exchange review; hang on and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 2



Since you don’t register directly on the Orbit Exchange platform, how do the promotions work?

It confuses several players to see the dynamic approach of this platform.

We will dissect and make it clear to you.

Promotions with Orbit Exchange are a bit complicated. Since Betfair is trying to remove restrictions in various countries, Orbit does not have a standalone registration. Instead, you need a betting broker or agent to access Orbit.

You may ask, why do I need a special middleman to access Orbit? Well, it reduces the chances of you getting restrictions.

So when you want to sign up, you simply use a broker or agent that is legal in your country. You have full access because you are using a legal gateway.

So what is the point of our explanations, and how does it relate to promotions at this exchange?

First, it implies that Orbit promotions are very subjective. The standalone platform itself does not offer any form of promotion for now. 

However, your broker or agent may have special offers or bonuses for you.

We hope to see improvements from the exchange in the nearest future but nothing from their end for now. 

Chapter 3



We all know that exchanges cannot do without charging commissions, but how big is that of Orbit Exchange?

Do they charge commissions on both wins and losses?

Look no further than the next section for the answers.

Commissions in exchanges are one thing that most players detest. While it is not nice to see some percentage of your winnings taken away, you must consider the exchange itself.

These extra charges are one major source of revenue generation for them to run on profits.

However, some brands take it to the extreme with their charges. They tend to charge excessive amounts to players, which is not fair on their path.

On the bright side, Orbit is very considerate, and they don’t intend to take undue advantage of their customers.

Betfair, the parent platform of Orbit exchange, Betfair, charges a flat 5% fee on all winnings. However, Orbit takes it lower and charges only 3% on your winnings.

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The 2% margin may look small, but it means a lot, especially for big bettors.

0% Commission

Interestingly, the 3% Orbit Exchange commission only applies to winning trades.

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Players on the losing side of the trades get a 0% commission on their losses.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Orbit feels that losing trade is already enough loss, and there is no need to impose extra fees.

If you are familiar with Betfair, you will be aware of premium charges.

If you win consistently on Betfair, they impose some premium fees on your trades to capitalize on your excessive profitability.

However, with Orbit, there is no such thing as premium charges.

If you win consecutively, they have no interest in taking any extra portion of your money.

Chapter 4



Part of the fear of players with new players with new platforms is the cash flow.
Does Orbit Exchange have sufficient to run the business seamlessly?
Let’s look into it together.

Liquidity refers to how much money circulates the exchange. It may sound insignificant, but it impacts the odds in an exchange. Platforms with lower liquidity tend to have lower odds and issues with payouts because that is how they can cover up for lack of funds. 

Orbit comfortably passes any form of liquidity test because this brand has one of the highest in the business.

It is very reflective in every other part of their services. The odds are high, and the brand boasts of the amount of money in circulation.

If your fear is for liquidity alone, then you have nothing to worry about because this exchange ticks that box perfectly. 

So, how does this brand have relatively high liquidity? After all, they were only established in 2017, which is not too long ago.

It is perfectly normal for a new brand to have issues with liquidity at first. But Orbit doesn’t seem to have that problem; they never had it, so what is the secret? The simple answer is Betfair.

Orbit uses the same liquidity as Betfair and, sometimes, even better odds.

Betfair is arguably the largest exchange platform, and it is quite unlikely for them to have liquidity problems. So, as long as Betfair has liquidity, Orbit also has the same. 

Chapter 5

Registration: Step by Step Guide

Registration: Step by Step Guide

Registration can be strenuous for most platforms, but not for Orbit Exchange; not when we are here for you.

We will show you how you can go about it in the simplest step-by-step process.

We informed you earlier that Orbit betting exchange does not work with direct sign-ups; this measure helps to deal with restricted countries.

So if you want to register and enter the exchange for the first time, you need an agent or a betting broker.

Each broker’s Orbit Exchange sign-up process may vary slightly; however, we are willing to provide an overview of how the process should look. So let’s review it step by step:

  • Visit your preferred broker platform (preferable one that is legal where you reside) and look for the sign-up button.
  • The next page should prompt you to input your details such as name, email (may be optional), phone number, etc.
Orbit exchange registration form
  • They may demand that you enter an OTP sent to your mail or phone number. Whichever way it is, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • After filling in all the required details, your registration is complete, and you are ready to access Orbit. Some brokers may demand some extra details such as KYC confirmation.
Orbit exchange registration form 2

Chapter 6

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal

You need to make deposits before using the platform. And you need to make withdrawals to enjoy your profits.

These processes can be challenging for some players.

We aim to make things easier for you.

Depositing and withdrawing could also vary, depending on your broker or agent.

However, they allow several payment options, and there may be slight variations in the ones available to you based on your region.

After making deposits, Orbit holds your funds in a BIA Wallet to guarantee its safety. After making your deposits, the platform may demand extra confirmations.

Here are some of the most popular payment methods in Orbit Exchange brokers:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Astropay
  • Ecopayz
  • Crypto

How to deposit may also vary, depending on your agent. We will provide a quick overview of what it should look like:

  1. Login to your Orbit and broker account
  2. Click on ‘Deposit’
  3. Specify your deposit amount and preferred payment method.
  4. Some platforms may ask for your Orbit Exchange login details for extra confirmation
  5. Provide the required information and click on ‘Deposit Now,’ You are good to go.
Orbit exchange payments methods available

We should also mention that Orbit Exchange has strict KYC enforcements. To pass the check, you need to provide a valid means of identification.

They accept Identification Cards (IDs), Driver’s License, and recent Utility Bill. The exchange has the right to limit your activities on the platform if you can’t verify your account. 

Withdrawals with Orbit Exchange are also seamless, and you can only process them when you have a balance already.

The platform mandates that you use the same method for the deposit. And irrespective of your payment method, it must carry the same name on your Orbit account. 

To withdraw, Login to your account, and locate the banking icon, you should find the withdraw button.

The next pop-up will prompt you to specify additional details on your withdrawal, like the amount and banking method.

You must use the same banking method you used for the deposit, or else Orbit will not grant your process.

After additional confirmation, your request will be processed and will get to you in a few days, depending on your preferred method.

You should note that Orbit processes all withdrawal requests the next day. So if you ask for withdrawals today, you should start counting from tomorrow.

They don’t intend to delay you in any way, but sometimes, the withdrawal request in a day may be overwhelming for them. So to avoid errors and extra delays, they queue up your requests for the next day.

Chapter 7



With Orbit Exchange, can you cash out on live trades?
Is this feature truly functional in this platform?
Let’s give you the answers you seek.

Orbit Exchange has a functional cash-out feature for those who like to secure profits. This feature is a great way for you to lock little profits or limit the size of your loss.

You will not find this feature at times of low liquidity, but times like that rarely happen. Cash-out also depends a lot on the movement of live markets. If there are sharp market movements before your cash out is processed, you could potentially receive more than initially indicated.

In some cases, your cash out may be partially or unsuccessful; it depends on the volatility of the live market.

Chapter 8

Betting options

Betting options

Being able to bet on various sports is not enough.

Players also want variety in the options.

Let’s see what Orbit has for you.

If we categorize exchanges by the betting options they offer, Orbit is miles ahead. Since Betfair powers this exchange, it provides players equal and advanced betting options. The options are available for over 30 sports on the platforms.

You should also know that Orbit has a special thing for cricket. There is a separate section for those who prefer cricket, calling it Cricketbook.

Alert Blue icon

Here is you can find our in-depth guide to cricket trading.

You can also use several betting options in the Cricketbook, but they only permit back bets in that section.

Interestingly, players admit to some betting options having higher and better odds on Orbit compared to that Betfair. We don’t understand the underlying concept or why, but we will maximize it.

Overall, Orbit has well-advanced options in the market to guarantee you higher and better profits. Any exchange that will match this platform’s options would need to put in a lot of work.

Lay Bets

In any traditional bookmaker, the norm is to bet in support of an event. We call those back bets, that is, backing an event.

But have you ever thought of the opposite? Rather than banking on the probability of an event occurring, you want it not to occur.

If you have thought about it before, you should know that it already exists. And we call it Lay bet.

Lay bets are typical exchange options that allow you to oppose a back bet. So how does it work? What is the underlying concept?

Alert Green icon

So in exchange, for a lay bet to be successful, there has to be someone on the opposite end.

There has to be someone taking a back bet at the same price and willing to risk the amount you could potentially win on the trade. The work of Orbit is to match your bets together and ensure that the deal is in place.

So if your lay bet wins, you will win the other party’s money, and if it loses, the back bettor wins your money.

Orbit exchange offers amazing lay bet options on several sports. The only exception is cricket. They only allow back bets in their Cricketbook.

Accumulator Bet

Accumulator bet, also called Acca, is an amazing option that allows you to save money and give you the potential to win more.

Do you ever wonder if there is a way you can combine all your single bets into one and stake on them only once?

It sounds great, and maybe too good to be true? If you didn’t know, such a betting option already exists, and we call it an Accumulator bet

This option allows you to combine those individual bets into one single slip. So you can stake them all at once. So let’s assume you want to bet on five different soccer games.

An average bettor may think to stake five single bets in different slips. So it costs more money while providing relatively low odds. A better option is the Accumulator bet. 

You can combine all five games with an accumulator bet and stake them simultaneously.

Now not only does it save you more money, but it also increases your odds. When you use this option in an exchange like Orbit’s Cricketbook, what they will do is multiply your odds. 

Multiplied odds are higher compared to single odds on one ticket. The only catch to this betting option is that all the outcomes have to win. One loss ruins the whole ticket.

Alert Green icon

So out of five picks, if four win and one loses, the whole Acca bet is null.

You can master this betting option and maximize its use on Orbit. Moreover, you stand to profit a lot from it.


Since Orbit is an exchange platform, they don’t exactly work betting like normal bookies. On the exchange, we call them back bets.

This option refers to when you want an event to occur; it is the opposite of a lay bet. 

It works in exchange because for every back bet you make; there has to be someone placing a lay bet on that same event.

So both you and the opposite player should be betting at the same price for both bets to match completely.

If you wonder how it is possible, Orbit is a big global platform, and several players are present every time. So the tendency of getting your bet matched is very high.

After the event, if your back bet wins, you get the money of the lay bettor. If your back bet loses, the individual on the opposite end wins your money.

Chapter 9

Mobile App

Mobile App

You may be curious about the mobile availability of Orbit Exchange.

Do they have a mobile app, or the website has enough mobile optimization?

Let’s give you the answers!

So far, there is no Orbit Exchange app. However, it is not a barrier as players can access the website on their mobile devices.

The website has perfect optimization, and you will surely enjoy it whether you are on a small or big screen.

Mobile players enjoy every feature that desktop players enjoy, so there is no discrimination.

Chapter 10

Trading Software

Trading Software

Does Orbit Exchange take after its parent platform with its software?

Is their software good enough to give you flawless execution?

There’s only one way to find out.

Orbit exchange is very powerful today because of its connection with Betfair. Both platforms work on the same software, and the similarities are glaring.

The trade execution is flawless, and it is nearly impossible to experience glitches or errors. If you ask us, the trading software works perfectly.


How secure is the platform? 

Do they prioritize the security of players? 

Do they demand any form of verification from their players? 

Security is a big issue in the gambling industry, and players avoid platforms that take security issues with levity. Orbit Exchange is very particular about the security of its players. Although you register through a broker or agent, don’t accept random and unreputable brokers.  

Even after successful registration, they demand additional documents for KYC verification. All these measures are in place for the security of players.

Usability Of Platform

How usable is the Orbit Exchange platform? If they don’t have a mobile app, we could expect that their website is A-class. 

Read on to see a vivid description of the platform. 

If you have concerns about the usability of Orbit, then you should take a minute to visit Betfair. Do you see how Betfair looks?

Well, that is how Orbit looks too. Several people call it the Betfair clone because of the striking similarities.

However, the designers did not shy away from making the platform look like its parent brand.

Short Overview

We are drawing to a close, here is a quick overview of the Orbit Exchange platform. 

Orbit exchange is one of the best in the business. While it is quite easy to attribute their success to Betfair, we should also commend the platform on its own. The quality of services and customer satisfaction are great.

They offer over 30 sports and an exclusive Cricketbook for lovers of cricket. Orbit is doing a great job for a platform that came into the industry in 2017.

Chapter 11

Short Overview

Short Overview

We are drawing to a close, here is a quick overview of the Orbit Exchange platform.

Orbit exchange is one of the best in the business. While it is quite easy to attribute their success to Betfair, we should also commend the platform on its own. The quality of services and customer satisfaction are great.

They offer over 30 sports and an exclusive Cricketbook for lovers of cricket. Orbit is doing a great job for a platform that came into the industry in 2017.

Chapter 12



You may have some extra questions about Orbit Exchange.

We are not mind readers but we have an idea of what you are asking.

Let’s do what we do best and give you answers.

How does Orbit Exchange work?

Orbit Exchange is a powerful platform that takes after the prestigious Betfair exchange. They offer exclusive trading and betting services for over 30 different sports. They also offer some of the best odds you will ever find.

How much commission is charged on my transactions at Orbit Exchange?

For each winning, Orbit Exchange charges a flat fee of 3%. The good thing about this brand is that they charge 0% commission on losses.

Is Orbit legit?

For each winning, Orbit EYes, Orbit exchange is legit. They possess a valid Curacao Gambling License, and over the years, they have maintained an outstanding reputation in protecting their customers.


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