IndiBet Exchange – Complete Review

  • Fast and responsive website interface
  • Wide variety of sports
  • Casino and live casino option
  • Trusted Indian provider
  • Responsive live chat customer support
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Chapter 1

How Does Indibet Exchange Work?

How Does Indibet Exchange Work?

Indibet is what you could term as an upcoming exchange.

So, how do they operate?

What are the things you enjoy with this brand?

Let’s get into it right away.

Indibet surfaced back in 2018, and till now, it owns one of the most active and trusted betting and exchanges platforms in the Indian market.

Looking back at Indibet’s rise to the top, we could attribute its success to the quality of its services.

Players enjoy good odds, bonuses, promotions for new and old players, and many more great services.

The website interface also is a beauty to behold, and it comes with high graphics, awesome design, and very new navigation.

We don’t see any player potentially having issues with the site anytime soon.

We could also refer to this platform as a jack-of-all-trades because players get a betting exchange and a casino. Both sides of their services are great, and one does not affect the other. 

From the offers and promotions, it is a no-brainer that Indibet was designed primarily for India.

Since cricket is a highly valued sport for Indians, it has a special section, and you will find that portion tagged as Cricketbook.

Chapter 2



You must have heard that Indibet is a generous platform.

Well, that isn’t false?

  • What does this brand offer to players?
  • How many bonuses do you get when you sign up?
  • Do you need to deposit to enjoy their promotions?

Continue reading, you will find the answers you seek.

Every brand like this has some promotion, and Indibet is no stranger to giving players high offers.

Whether you wish to focus on the Indibet betting exchange or casino, you can enjoy both sides of the offer.

Indibet, unlike most popular platforms, does not restrict you to choosing only one type of bonus. You will understand what we are saying in a moment; let’s look at the promotions:

1st Promotion

The first promotion is every player’s welcome bonus after signing up.

On registration and successful verification, Indibet credits your account with Rs.100, and this bonus is a two-way deal.

Rs.50 is for sports betting, while the remaining Rs.50 is for the online casino section. You cannot use more than half for one section;

if you don’t know how to play in the casino, you might as well try your luck. After all, you have nothing to lose if you don’t win anything since it is a no deposit bonus.

Also, you don’t need any promo code or special link to claim your Rs.100.

Alert Green icon

It is a free no deposit bonus as an act of generosity from Indibet, and it allows you to explore both sides of the platform.

2nd Promotion

Indibet does not stop at the Rs.100 welcome bonus alone; you also enjoy a deposit bonus.

It offers a 200% first deposit bonus, capped at a stunning INR10,000. However, there is also a catch to it.

The 200% is in two portions; 100% for cricket and 100% for the Cricketbook. So let’s say you can get INR5,000 from your 200% bonus; it is in two portions, and INR5,000 goes to the Cricketbook, while INR5000 is for the online casino.

The minimum deposit to enjoy this offer is INR100, and it is valid for 30 days after claiming it. It demands a minimum wagering requirement of 20x and 1.8 odds for the sports betting part.

3rd Promotion

Let’s go into details on the online casino bonus half. With the 100% bonus, you must turn it over at least 50 times at the Indibet online casino.

You can use it to play games like roulette, blackjack, slots, and table games, but they have different contributions to the turnover requirements.

Indibet offers other dynamic promotions at different times, so you will find some additional promotions depending on when you sign-up.

Either way, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the website’s promotions section.

Chapter 3


  • Is Indibet one of those exchanges that charge
    excessive commissions on your transactions?
  • Can you possibly get 0% commission?
    • Read on and find out.

Those familiar with exchanges are well aware of the commissions that follow suit.

Several exchanges nowadays offer extraordinarily high commissions, which is quite frustrating for players.

However, Indibet is lenient with their prices, and they don’t impose any excessive commissions on their customers.

0% Commission

It may hit you by surprise, but it is possible to enjoy a 0% Indibet exchange commission.

While you don’t get it on all your bets and trades, they throw it at you once in a while.

Understandably, they cannot permanently enforce 0% commissions because that is one way they generate their revenue.

It is good to see that this platform has players’ best interests in mind.

Chapter 4


  • Do you want to know how the liquidity of exchanges affects you?
  • And what does the liquidity of Indibet look like?

Say no more! Keep reading and get your answers.

Liquidity dictates a lot in sports betting exchange platforms, and it deals with the flow of money on the platform, which indirectly affects players at large.

A platform with poor liquidity would have low odds and a bad payout rate, which is not the case for Indibet.

Alert Green icon

The liquidity and circulation of money with Indibet are fantastic, and you can see it in their services.

Offering bountiful bonuses and low commissions is possible due to good liquidity rates. There is no cause for fear with your money on the platform; your payouts are guaranteed.

Chapter 5

Registration: Step-By-Step Guide

Registration: Step-By-Step Guide

How easy is Indibet’s sign up process?

And do you receive your bonus immediately after signing up?

After giving you answers, with appropriate images, we will show you the registration process.

Whether you register on the mobile or desktop website, it is as easy. The user-friendly interface makes all sign-ups seamless and without hiccups.

Players attest that receiving the welcome bonus is the most interesting part of registering on the platform.

Let’s look at the process, step by step:

1. Visit the official website, and you will find the large sign-up button; you can’t miss it. 

Indibet website main page sign up button

2. The next pop-up will prompt you to enter your details. It will ask you to input your username, email (optional), mobile number, SMS verification code (which you will receive on your mobile number), and password. There is also extra space for promotion code; use this section if there is any code for ongoing promotion.

Indibet website registration form

3. After receiving the code and filling in the remaining details, hit the register button, and you are in!

Indibet website complet the registration

4. At this point, your INR100 bonus should already be in your account, and you are ready to play.

Chapter 6

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal

What are Indibet’s withdrawal and deposit limits?

Do you need to verify before you can deposit into your account?

How long does the verification process take?

And what documents do you need to complete your verification?

You will find your answers in this section.

Banking options are something you cannot overlook in any betting exchange. Players need legit options that will give them the least of problems.

Indibet gives all their customers decent banking options. Here are all the methods you can use for both deposits and withdrawals:

  • UPI
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paytm
  • Google pay
  • PhonePe
  • Net Banking
  • BHIM
  • Paytm
  • Astro Pay
  • Bitcoin

Apart from the popular e-wallets and a few more payment options, you will notice that they are not the common options you normally find.

Alert Green icon

The platform is primarily for Indian players, so the payment methods target mainly the online Indian market.

As for your deposit, the minimum allowed across most payment methods is INR100. The exception lies with methods like Skrill, Neteller, Astropay, and Bitcoin, with their minimum deposit set to INR500.

There is no official maximum deposit cap, so feel free to try out any amount. Based on online regulations, we feel it will be around the INR5,000,000 region. 

Let’s see how you deposit when you already have an Indibet account:

  • Locate the banking icon and click on deposit.
Indibet depositing process step 1
  • Choose your preferred method’
Indibet depositing process step 2
  • In the next pop-up menu, you will find the spaces to input the amount you want to deposit.
Indibet depositing process step 3
  • Depending on the payment method you select, you need to input your banking details on the next page and confirmation.
Indibet depositing process step 4

The funds should appear in your account instantly if you follow these steps.

You can see that depositing is straightforward; the same goes for withdrawals, but there is a catch. Before processing any withdrawal, you need to verify your Indibet account, and you can provide either your Pan Card (PAN Number), Driver’s License, or Aadhaar Card

 for account verification.

It is straightforward if you are verifying with either PAN Card or Driver’s License; you only need to upload it directly.

However, if your option is the Aadhaar Card, you need to contact the Indibet’s support team and mail them the full details. Verification takes a maximum of 72 hours.

The downside to Indibet is that you have only one option: a bank transfer. Locate the banking icon and find the withdraw button.

Then, it will prompt you to enter your bank details. They should ask for your account number, IFSC Code, and Bank Name. Branch and Account Holder Name.

You may also need to re-submit your Indibet exchange login details for security reasons; after that, you submit the withdrawal request.

Since it is via bank transfer, withdrawals may take between three to five working days. IN the nearest feature, we wish to see Indibet diversify the withdrawal options.

Chapter 7

Cash Out

Cash Out

Is there any reason for you to be worried about Indibet cash out?

Do you need verification to cash out any profits?

Read on and get your answers.

Getting your money out should be seamless on every exchange platform. Imagine putting so much on the line to win some profits in exchange, and you cannot get your money out, and it will paint a bad picture of whatever brand is treating their customer in such a way.

If you are curious or fearful of cash-out ability, you should have no fear with Indibet exchange because you will receive your money. Since bank transfer is the only available withdrawal option, cash-out takes three to five days.

To have no issues with your cash out, make sure your account is verified. We advise that you verify immediately you open your Indibet account to prevent delays when you are ready to withdraw. Provide the necessary documents, and in less than 72 hours, your account should be approved.

Chapter 8

Betting Options

Betting Options

What is the betting part of Indibet like?

  • Can you play parlays?
  • Lay bets?
  • Accumulators?

We bet you want to know. Dive into this section to get your answers.

Indibet exchange has a decent variety of betting options for players. Putting the desire to make money aside, betting options have a way of making things more fun.

Players who love to explore admit that a bookmaker with numerous options easily wins their hearts. 

Aside from the fun also, in experimenting with several betting options, players come across game-changing discoveries. Indibet easily meets your criteria by providing diverse options for players, especially for cricket lovers. 

You can also explore their exclusive live betting option with live streaming. So as you watch the match and event tracker, you get to make better decisions.

Other sports don’t have live streaming options for now, but they also come with great live betting options.

Indibet is the typical exchange where you find accumulators, lay bets, parlays, and other rewarding options.

As you read more in the Indibet exchange review, you will see a full explanation of some of these betting types.

Lay Bets

Lay bet is an amazing innovation in exchanges that give players a high degree of freedom of choice. It makes you feel like you are a typical bookie.

With this option, you can choose the specific odds you’d love to wager on an event, staking against someone backing the opposite of your bet.

If your lay bet is successful, you win the opposing player’s cash. In short, a lay bet is banking on an event not to happen, as opposed to the general conception of backing an event.

Many players are yet to explore this amazing option; if only they knew what it brings to the table.

Indibet gives players exclusive lay bet options in their exchange, and this time, not only on cricket. They allow you to lay other sports like soccer, football, etc.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are very common among experienced players; they also earned the name ‘Acca.’ Have you ever thought of a way to stake on several events at once with the same money?

Alert Green icon

It is more like combining multiple events, adding up their odds, and staking on all at once with the same cash.

It is not a new option in the industry, and Indibet offers it. We call it accumulator bets.

Accumulator bets allow you to combine multiple single bets on the same betting slip. So rather than betting on each event one by one, you can combine them into one.

The good thing about Acca is that it saves you a lot of money. If you wish to stake on three events, you can use the money planned for only one event to combine them into one slip with Acca.

The best part is that Acca also increases your potential profit. For each event you combine, the odds are multiplied in a certain way to make it bigger.

So the more the events in your Acca, the more your potential wins. The only catch is that all your picks have to be winners, and if one loses, your whole Acca is a loss.

Luckily, Indibet offers accumulator bets as one of their options. Lots of bettors are already maximizing this option for high gains too.


As much as they want to give you great services and advanced betting options, Indibet does not forfeit the basics.

You will find the old-school betting options too. Betting to win real money is possible thanks to the exclusive Indibet exchange services. 

Login to your Indibet account and head to the sport you would like to bet on. If you prefer cricket, then go to the Cricketbook.

Choose the matchup you wish to stake on and specify your betting option. Specify the amount you want to stake and make your bet.

Wait for the game’s outcome, and if you win, Indibet will credit your account relative to the agreed odds.

Chapter 9

Mobile App

Mobile App

Does Indibet have any app for mobile platforms?

Or is the website’s functionality good enough?

There is no Indibet exchange app for either iOS or Android. While you may see it as a disadvantage, it isn’t. Their website has an awesome mobile optimization that puts them miles ahead in the mobile category.

Mobile users don’t feel different from desktop bettors because there is no difference. So far, you have a good internet connection; you can access the website on your mobile phone.

Chapter 10

Trading Software

Trading Software

How is Indibet’s trading software and providers?

Does the website reflect how good their software is?

Let’s take a look!

Indibet may not have the most aesthetically pleasing website, but the functionality is enough to make players satisfied.

The underlying software and providers did a good job of ensuring everything works in perfect order. 

Every section has the perfect partitioning, and you won’t have a hard time finding your way.

Alert icon

Taking a second look at it, no wonder Indibet does not have a mobile app; they don’t seem to need it.

Chapter 11



Is Indibet a licensed brand?

Do they take security seriously?

Security is an important factor so let’s get into it immediately.

From a platform that possesses a valid Curacao Gambling License, you expect nothing short of tight security.

Indibet does not joke with the security and safety of its website, and the website is well encrypted so that you can trust it for all your transactions.

Also, Indibet makes deliberate efforts to promote tight security. Before any customer can be 100% part of the platform, you need to pass the KYC check, or you won’t be able to transact.

This simple measure puts the platform ahead of potential scammers who want to take undue advantage.

Chapter 12

Usability Of the Platform

Usability Of the Platform

Is the platform presentable?

How easy is it to navigate the website?

Let’s have a look!

The usability of the Indibet platform is undebatable, and you will see it immediately when you visit their website.

It is easy to use, has a good color combination, and is very functional and responsive.

The color combination makes it easy on your eyes, so when you seldom get tired of looking at the screen.

Compared to competitors, Indibet can beat their chest that they are one of the best platforms.

Chapter 13

Short Overview

Short Overview

As we draw the curtains, do you want to have a quick overview of the platform?

Let’s run through it in this section.

Overall, Indibet is an awesome platform for both betting and casino services. The interesting part is that offering multiple services does not affect the quality of their services.

People may want to complain about the favoritism of Indian players but don’t forget that the site is primarily designed for Indians.

Their bonuses and promotions are awesome, and we hope they continue at this pace. Being at the top is imminent if they keep up with their consistency.

Chapter 14



We understand that you have a few questions; we also had.

Let’s give you the answers in a comprehensive manner.

How Does Indibet Exchange Work?

Indibet exchange is a reliable platform focusing on sports bettors and casino players.

They offer tons of exciting betting options alongside the bountiful bonuses. This platform focuses on the Indian markets, and they are good at what they do.

How much commission is charged on my transactions at Indibet exchange?

The interesting thing about indibet is that their commissions are dynamic; they don’t take unnecessary extra fees. On some transactions, players get to enjoy 0% commission. 

Is Indibet legit?

Yes, Indibet is a legit platform. They possess a valid Curacao Gambling License, and they also prioritize their customer’s safety by conducting thorough KYC verifications.


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