Smarkets Exchange App Review from TheTrader

Smarkets Exchange App Review

Smarkets Exchange App Overview:

  • How to install an app on iOS and Android?
  • What are the advantages of the app?
  • What is the bonus and how to get it?
  • How to make a deposit?
  • How do you place a bet?

We will also compare the browser version to the mobile app!

Let’s get down to business!

Harry TheTrader 7 minutes

No doubt, the internet is filled with a multitude of online betting exchanges. The only downside to this bulky factor is the rare existence of advanced technologically-inclined exchanges like Smarkets.

Unlike other exchange services, Smarkets operates one of the most dedicated online betting platforms. 

To be factual, Smarkets houses a betting exchange responsible for reliable sports trading with valid licenses constituted to operate in and out of Europe.

All these make it one of the safest platforms in the industry. Furthermore, it prioritizes its strength in providing the best market coverage for various sports entertainment, including football, MMA, horse racing, etc. 

Get ready to make real money trades/wagers from the best odds in the market as we are about to show you in this detailed online Smarkets app review.

Let’s go!

Chapter 1

How To Download Smarkets App

How To Download Smarkets App
  • Where can you find the application?
  • How do you download it?
  • What are the basic requirements?

Let’s find out!

For even the least tech-inclined person, Smarkets exchange has got you. The company made everything in the platform easily adaptable to make users make real money from online gambling.

This includes operating with a top-notch HTML5 technology so gamblers can make professional bets on the move.

It is your choice here: You can choose to place your trades on the Smarkets website or even go for their application.

Either way, you still have access to make bets at the best exchange service with the most straightforward mobile interface. However, you will need an up-to-date mobile browser to use the website comfortably. 

On the other hand, using the mobile app version can be very interesting. Owing to the seamless interface of Smarkets mobile app, you can always expect the best.

This includes a variety of sports entertainment with lots of rewards and an instant cash-out feature.

Alert Green icon

Luckily for everyone, they operate services compatible with almost every OS, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

How To Download An Android App

Android users have access to Smarkets even without using a browser. All you have to do is download their android applications.

And to do these, here is a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing the Smarkets mobile app;

1. Head over to on your Android device.

download smarkets app step 1

2. Click the download ‘Android APK button’ to initiate the process.

download smarkets app step 2

3. Follow all the required processes, including allowing unknown sources in your settings. 

download smarkets app step 3

4. Then select ‘download app.’

download smarkets app step 4

5. Once the download is done, click on the downloaded file to install the app and start betting.


Note that the app size is 44.32MB, and it is accessible to android users with as low as the 8.0 version.

All you need to do is click the download button, and the app will start downloading.

Once it is finished, click on the downloaded file to install the app. Or better still, just click on the ‘Get it on Google Play button to install the app directly from the Play store automatically.

How To Download An iOS App

iOS device users also have a special app made for them alone. Apart from downloading it directly from the promotion page on your browser, there is another way. To download and install the Smarkets iOS app easily, here is a step-by-step guide;

  1. First, enter the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for Smarkets betting app.
  3. Select the download button to initiate the download.
  4. Stay alert as the app also installs automatically after downloading.
  5. Open the app to start making real money bets.


The app size is 72.4MB with iOS compatibility of 9.0 and higher versions. Luckily, it is also free.

You will find it on the App Store. Once your installation is complete, you can start sports betting at the best odds in the gaming market.

Chapter -1

Smarkets Mobile App Top Features

Smarkets Mobile App Top Features
  • What promotions are there?
  • How do you contact support?
  • How do the odds compare?

Here we go!

Like every other top-class betting exchanges, Smarkets possess multiple top features styled to every bettor’s interest.

The exchange market covers terrific features, including bonus packages for bettors to make more money legally.

These top-class features are the major rising drive at Smarket’s lucrative exchange for sports traders.

Generous Promotions

It’s expected that online betting services provide their customers with a reasonable promotion scheme to assist them economically.

Unfortunately, at Smarkets, these promotions are just too many. As a new player, you even get a deposit bonus offer worth £20.

Alert Green icon

Additionally, the platform provides other plentiful rewards and bonuses with simple requirements ideal for every punter.

Simple Design With Easy User Interface

Smarkets does not only offer sweet promotions; it also offers a unique website and app design for everyone.

This design comes with a simple, mobile-friendly interface suitable for both android and iOS users. More entertaining, the bookmaker has a default dark theme that you can change anytime to a light version.

Live Customer Service and Banking

Since Smarkets launched in 2009, it has made sure to provide the classiest customer support for its clients.

The exchange company prioritizes its customer’s satisfaction, thereby providing a responsive method to contact for directions.

This way, punters can ask for solutions to any problematic issues they encounter on the platform. These contact methods include an email, telephone number, and live chat. Banking at Smarkets is also very reliable.

Players are provided with numerous banking opportunities to safely make easy deposits and withdrawals.

The banking methods at this platform include Mastercard, debit card, Neteller, Trustly, Skrill, and even bank transfers.

Every gambler’s reason to be at Smarket consist of its 0% commission fee on all payments for the first 60 days as a new player.

Highly Competitive Odds With Lucrative Ends

Apart from offering detailed sports betting portfolio, Smarkets also furnishes its gaming with the best market coverage.

Bettors ready to diversify their betting endeavors will find multiple sports entertainment with very competitive odds.

These odds come as the best in the market, where players can make lucrative ends effortlessly. 

Chapter 3

Smarkets Bonus Program

Smarkets Bonus Program

In this section you will find out:

  • Is there an extra bonus?
  • Will downloading the app release the bonus?

Let’s go!

Another promising feature of this betting exchange is the exclusive provision of bonus programs to customers. Smarkets rewards you with £10 just for signing up as a first-timer.

To receive this offer, you will need to sign up and then make a deposit of at least £10. 

However, only deposits done through bank transfers and debit cards can unlock the bonus. This implies that using other banking methods apart from the listed ones won’t release the bonus.

As you continue to gamble at Smarkets, also expect many more rewards, gifts, and promotional offers.

Are There Any Bonuses For Downloading The App?

For now, Smarkets have not included any special bonus that comes with downloading the app.

On the bright side, if you are using Smarkets either on the app or website for the first time, expect amazing deals.

For example, you will be able to trade at 0% commission for 60 days using the site’s bonus code COMMFREE.

Chapter 4

How To Register Through A Smarkets App And Get Bonus

How To Register Through A Smarkets App And Get Bonus

Check out the exact process of registering a Smarkets account through the app.

Do not make any mistakes, create account and get your bonus now!

Here we go!

Registering at Smarkets mobile app should not be an issue for customers ready to join the profitable venture at this exchange.

The platform has made everything simple. We will discuss all you have to do to register soon. But, before that, let’s talk about the bonuses that come with signing up. 

There is a free deposit bonus package that requires bettors to deposit before claiming. As discussed earlier, Smarkets also have a welcome promotion that allows players to enjoy 0% commission for 60 days with a £20 payback on losses. At the same time, you will need to enter a bonus code when signing up to trigger these bonuses. 

After downloading and installing the app, you can now open it for registration. Once it opens, follow these steps;

  • Click the Log in/Join button.
smarkets app registration step 1
  • Click ‘New to Smarkets?’
smarkets app registration step 2
  • Fill the necessary details in the empty boxes and hit continue to finalize your registration.
smarkets app registration step 3

Chapter 5

How To Make A Deposit

How To Make A Deposit

In this section you will learn:

  • What is the minimum deposit?
  • How do you make a deposit?

Check it out!

One thing a classy betting exchange must be ready to provide is a safe, fast, and reliable banking process.

Smarkets has proven they are top-class by providing over eight reliable banking methods for players to move money in and out.

These methods include Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Bank transfers, etc. 

However, all these solutions have different banking rules. The minimum deposit amount at the platform is £10.

Yet, banking options like bank transfers and PayPal allow deposits from £20 upward. While some of these methods even provide as high as £5,000 minimum deposits.

Whichever way, follow this step-by-step guide to safely deposit on your Smarkets account;

  1. After launching the Smarkets app, click the balance icon and select deposit.
  2. Select a payment method.
  3. Provide all the necessary information to all the questions for your selected method. 
  4. Once you complete that, your account is immediately credited. 

Chapter 6

How To Place A Bet

How To Place A Bet
  • Where to find markets?
  • What to press in order to place a bet?
  • Where do you enter the stake?

All about placing a bet.

Here we go!

After making a deposit, it is time to place your trades or bets. Due to the easy-to-use interface of the Smarkets app, placing bets also follows a few simple steps. 

To start with, let’s discuss the primary betting options at Smarkets. Players at this exchange can place lay bets or back bets.

Back bets involve staking on the highest possibility of a sports event. While lay betting simply implies doing the opposite of back betting still to make profits.

The betting market at this exchange also allows a unique form of In-Play bets that allows players to catch big moves during live sports events. 

To place back bets,

  1. After logging on to the platform, select your preferred sports events.
  2. Select the event you would like to stake on.
  3. Now, to back a bet, select from the available odds in the green box.
  4. Immediately, your contract will appear at the bottom corner on your bet slip.
  5. The bookie will also show you the odds to stake to your liking. Note: you can adjust the odds to suit your bankroll.
  6. Check out your potential returns before proceeding. 

To place lay bets, 

  1. On logging in, select the event you would like to stake on.
  2. Select from the available odds in the blue box to lay a bet. 
  3. Immediately, your contract will appear on your bet slip. 

Unlike backing a bet, laying implies betting for an outcome to happen. For example, let’s assume there will be a premier league fixture between Man City and Arsenal later today, and we decide to trade on a possible outcome.

As most bookmakers would do, Man City will have the favorite privilege. If we decide to back Man City to win the match, we would only win if Man City has won after the regular ninety minutes game. 

On the other hand, if we were to lay this wager, we would be betting on Arsenal’s possibility of winning. This bet would only win if Man City loses or the match ends in a draw. 

Again, the available odds will automatically appear on the bet slip menu. You are free to adjust these odds to your liking.

As you proceed to enter a back stake, you will automatically be presented with liability and return. The back stake is the amount you stand to win if the wager wins.

While the liability is the amount, you stand to lose if the wager loses. 

Chapter 7

Smarkets Mobile Version

Smarkets Mobile Version

What is the difference between the mobile version of the Smarkets website and the mobile app?

Check out our comparison!

Here we go!

One of the best features of Smarkets exchange services is its impressive mobile version. The site offers a sleek and responsive mobile interface with easy controls.

Unlike the app version of these reputable exchanges, the mobile version is compatible with every OS device.

In addition, the services are also accessible to desktop and Windows users. However, the device must be using an up-to-date internet-accessible browser. 

Additionally, this device also gets unlimited access to the lucrative range of sports markets at the exchange. Players are also entitled to a fantastic set of promotions on the site.

If you are ready to trade at the classiest and most reliable betting exchange, access Smarkets mobile version from any device, anywhere, any day.

Mobile App vs Mobile Version comparison

To be factual, Smarkets mobile app and site version offers precisely the same services. The only difference here is the compatibility status of the app version on very few OS. 

OSMobile App downloadMobile Site Version

Chapter 8


  • Should you download the Smarkets app?
  • What is it famous for?
  • Why is it good to have it?

Let’s check out the summary!

Considering the unlimited amount of betting platforms on the internet, Smarkets can boast of operating the most technological exchange services.

The exchange hosts a wide range of sports entertainment with a fascinating market coverage of top events.

Licensed and regulated by MGA and UKGC, the Smarkets exchange platform thrives at its best, operating a legal service as a multilingual sportsbook. 

Banking at Smarkets is another masterpiece technology with some of the safest and fastest payment methods. All the banking methods at this site process instant deposits.

Whether you prefer playing with higher or lower funds, your information is safe and secure with Smarkets.

Furthermore, the site is accessible to every OS device for betting with an app download for only Android and iOS users.

Adding all these together, there seems to be no limit to the fun and safe gambling experience at Smarkets app.

Chapter 9



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Check out the other most common questions.

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How To Download Smarkets Android App?

Apart from getting the Smarkets Android app on the Google play store for download, you will find the download button at the bottom section promotion page of Smarkets. 

How To Download Smarkets iOS App?

To Download Smarkets iOS app, go to the app store and search for “Smarkets exchange app”. Click get to download and then wait for the app to install.

Does Smarkets Have A Bonus For New Players?

Yes, Smarkets exchange services have numerous bonuses, rewards, and promotions for new players ready to make extra earnings at their platform. 


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