Crickex Exchange Detailed Review

  • Great promotions for both new and old players
  • Mobile availability
  • Customer support across several social media platforms
  • Live streaming support
Harry TheTrader 11 minutes
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Crickex is an Indian sports exchange and betting platform that focuses primarily on cricket as it is the favorite for most Indians.

Since its launch, the brand extended its services to Pakistan and Bangladesh as well.

Crickex works just like every other exchange — using the principle of back and lay bets.

We will go into full details in this Crickex review.

Chapter 1

How Does Crickex Exchange Work?

How Does Crickex Exchange Work?

Which region does Crickex exchange work?

And what makes it different from a traditional bookie?

In this section, we will discuss the brand and its legality before delving into back and lay bets.

Is it Legal?

After doing a little digging, we found that Crickex betting exchange operates under a parent company called VB Digital N.V Company.

And further research showed us that the company is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission.

So if that did not answer your question indirectly, the answer is yes, Crickex is legal

Back and Lay Betting at Crickex

We stated earlier that Crickex exchange works with back and lay bets; so what are these bet types?

If you use a regular sportsbook, you probably don’t know lay bets.

Alert Blue icon

Read more about the differences between traditional bookmakers and sports exchanges in this article

Back bets in Crickex are bets that you place to support the occurrence of an event. In short, back bet is what happens in traditional bookmakers.

So if you place a bet supporting a particular team, it means you are backing such a team and in turn, you just placed a back bet.

Lay bets on the other hand may be something you are not familiar with. Crickex exchange does not only allow you to bet in favor of an event; instead, you can also choose to bet against events.

It is what we term a lay bet. So if you bet that a team would lose (i.e not win), you successfully placed a lay bet.

Chapter 2



Crickex exchange does not expressly offer a welcome bonus to players.

However, the magnitude of promotions available on the website is a better compensation.

Read on and find out all you stand to enjoy.

Crickex does not offer traditional welcome bonuses like you are probably used to. Instead, they have several dynamic offers that are available to both new and old customers.

Let’s look at each of them.

Refer a Friend

Crickex rewards you each time to bring your friends to their platform. When you register, you would get a referral link so ensure that your friend signs up through the link.

If your friend deposits INR 1000 and completes INR 5000 turnover within five days of signing up, both of you will receive INR 200 from the exchange.

There is also no limit to the number of friends you can refer.

Weekly Lucky Draw

With each deposit of INR 1000 you make, Crickex rewards you with a special ticket. Every Sunday, they pick a random ticket owner and reward such a person with a 64GB iPhone 13. Tickets are only valid for one draw and the winner is announced every Monday.

Birthday Bonus

As a loyal Crickex customer, you can reach out to customer support on your birthday to get an INR 1000 reward.

To qualify as a ‘loyal’ customer to Crickex, they state that you must have made a total of INR 5000 deposit three months prior.

You must also meet a 10x turnover 30 days after claiming the INR 1000 to withdraw your winnings.

EVO Cashback

To qualify for this offer, you must place bets on EVO. Every Monday, Crickex offers a 5% cash back with a minimum and maximum of INR 50 and INR 500,000 respectively. It is only for players that have a net positive result for the week.

Sexy Cashback

This promotion is for players that play Sexy Baccarat which is a game in their catalog. Every Monday, you are eligible for a 5% cashback with a minimum and maximum of INR 50 and INR 500,000 respectively. And of course, you need to be net positive to be eligible.

Slot Cashback

Slot players are not left out and they also stand a chance for a 5% cashback ranging from INR 50 to INR 500,000. Provided that you had a net win in the prior week, you are eligible.

1.2% Daily Slot Rebate

If you play real money slot games excluding PG card and dice games, you stand a chance to receive a 1.2% rebate daily.

Eligible players receive it before noon IST and there is no maximum or minimum limit to the amount. 

Chapter 3



Just like every other exchange, Cricket also charges commissions.

But how much of your winnings do they take?

Let’s discuss it briefly.

Crickex has a very decent commission rate that is fixed at 2% per winning trade.

And the good thing about this exchange is that they don’t charge commissions on losing trade.

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Considering that some sites charge as high as 5%, Crickex’s commission is decent.

Chapter 4



Liquidity in an exchange is something no one should underestimate.

This section will tell you about Crickex’s liquidity; so you will know whether you will face cases of unmatched bet or not.

At first, we thought Crickex would have liquidity problems because of their location operations. However, it seems the platform is fairing well with having three regions accession their platform.

Occasionally you may have an unmatched bet, however, it is nothing out of the ordinary. And since cricket is one favorite sport for Indians, you would hardly face liquidity problems while trading cricket.

Chapter 5

Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the platform for the first time may prove a little difficult.

We have you covered with the necessary registration steps in this section.

Cricket Exchange sign-up is not so difficult. Let’s review the process together:

  • Head to the Crickex official website and click the sign-up button on the first page.
Crickex Exchange registration step 1 - Enter the official website
  • Fill in the demanded details in the next window and proceed.
Crickex Exchange registration step 2 - Fill in the registration form
  • Input the requested details on the next page.
Crickex Exchange registration step 3 - Choose username and password
  • After filling in your details correctly, your registration is complete and you are in.
Crickex Exchange registration step 4 - Get the promotions
  • To access the promotions, click on the promotions tab on the top right of the homepage.
Crickex Exchange registration step 5 - Choose the bonus
  • The next page will show the available promotions; click on any of them to claim and begin trading.

How to Log In After Registration?

If you get logged out, getting into your account is not an issue. Let’s show you how you can log into your account in a few steps.

  • On the home page, click on the ‘Login’ button on the top right
Crickex web-site login button
  • The next pop-up will request your username and password, input the right details and you are in.
Crickex login page

What to Do If My Login Fails?

If you face an unusual occasion where your Crickex login fails, don’t let it stress you. Simply head back to the homepage and click the blue button on the bottom right.

Crickex live-chat button

The next popup should ask for your username and mobile number. Fill it in correctly and click ‘Start the Chat.’ It should connect you with an agent in some seconds.

Crickex live-chat page

Alternatively, you will find another blue bottom around the mid-right of your screen. It looks like a call button.

Crickex main page banner

Hover your mouse on it and a pop-up containing several Crickex support options will appear. We tried their telegram support and found it to be responsive as we got a reply in a few minutes.

Crickex web-site supports

Whichever method you use, tell them about your login problems and you should get a reply.

Chapter 6

Payment Methods Available

Payment Methods Available

Do you want to know the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts for each payment method at Crickex exchange?

We will discuss them in this section alongside how you can process your deposits and withdrawals.

Since Crickex is an Indian exchange, it doesn’t have the widest payment options for players. On their official website, they listed the available payments to be:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Rupee-O
  • UPI
  • Phonepe
  • IMPS
  • iPay

This is not one of those Crickex reviews that merely settle for what the brand says so we did a little more digging to see if they are truly available. Here are the available deposit options we verified alongside their respective limits. 

Deposit MethodLimits
Local Bank (UPI) ₹ 500 – ₹ 50,000
PAYTM₹ 200 – ₹ 50,000
USDT (TRC20) USDT 12.08 – USDT 6,038.64
USDT (ERC20) USDT 12.08 – USDT 6,038.64

As for withdrawal, we saw only one option which was via the local bank method. And withdrawals through this method are between ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 99,000. 

As for other methods like iPay, IMPS and the others indicated on the homepage, we didn’t find them on the deposit and withdrawal page at the time of writing this review. It is unclear to us why the options are unavailable when we checked. 

How to Deposit Money In Your Crickex Account

Here is a step-by-step guide to depositing in your Crickex account. 

  •  When you log in, you will find the deposit button on the top right side.
Crickex web-site deposit button
  • On the next page, you will find the available deposit methods. Select the option you prefer. 
Crickex web-site deposit page
  • Once you select your preferred option, scroll down and specify how much you want to deposit. Click the green deposit button and it will take you to your bank’s page where you will finalize the transaction.
Crickex web-site deposit page 2

How to Withdraw Money From Your Crickex Account

Have you made some profits and you want to enjoy your wins? Here is a step-by-step guide to withdrawing from your Crickex account. 

  • When you log in, click the deposit button on the top right.
Crickex web-site deposit button 2
  • By default, it will be on a deposit tab but you can change it on the top right. Check on ‘Withdrawal.’
Crickex web-site withdraw page
  • On the withdrawal page, click ‘Add Bank Card.’
Crickex web-site withdraw page 2
  • Next, input all the requested bank details and click the ‘withdraw’ button. 
Crickex web-site withdraw page 3
Crickex web-site withdraw page 4

Chapter 7

Betting Options Available

Betting Options Available

How does the Cricket exchange sports market look like?

What betting options can you use?

Does the platform have any special features?

Follow this section closely and you will get your answers..

After checking the Crickex exchange, it is safe to say they offer every basic option that a bettor needs. You could stake on match winners, over/under, and the likes.

Other available options with good odds include head-to-head and player bets. The exchange also supports in-play options and there is a special section of the site dedicated to it. 

Markets Available

The available markets in the Crickex exchange include:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • E-Soccer
  • Tennis
  • FancyBet
  • Kabaddi

Although we did find a little more sports in the sportsbook section, the available market in the exchange falls short and is not so impressive.

However, since the platform is tailored for Indians, they won’t have many problems with it since their favorite sports are present. 


Here are extra features we could point out on the Crickex exchange website. 

  • Activity Log: The activity log shows you all you do on the website starting from when you log in. This is especially useful to know if anyone is having unauthorized access to your account. It shows the IP address, city, country, or state, and device type of whoever logs into your account. 
  • Account Statement: Looking at the account statement, we realize it is a feature every bettor doesn’t know they need. It shows the amount you deposit, withdraw, and also your balance during this transaction. This feature is very useful in regulating how much you spend in the exchange. 
  • Quick Stake: This feature is straightforward and it allows you to make bets very quickly; in a few clicks. All you need to do is to specify your quick stake amount as it helps you go through lesser steps when placing your bets. 

Chapter 8

Mobile App

Mobile App

Does Crickex exchange have a mobile app?

If yes, for which platforms, and how can you download it?

Let’s give you the answers you seek in this section.

Crickex also has a functional mobile app that replicates everything you can do on their website. At the moment of this writing, there is only an android version of the Crickex app. We believe the IOS version is still under development. 

Apart from the sleekness and fast performance of the app, we don’t see any other significant advantage it has over the website.

However, it allows you to log in to your account easily because you don’t need to go to any website. All you need to do is open the app and you are in!

Here you may find our rating of the best betting exchange apps.

How to Download the App

Downloading the app is not difficult and you don’t need to visit any store to get it.

  1. Simply visit the official Crickex website on your mobile device, and you will find some ads on top of the page.
  2. One of them has the download button, click on it and your device should begin the download. 
Crickex app download banner

Chapter 9

Trading Software

Trading Software

Does Crickex exchange use an independent software?

Or is the exchange powered by an external software?

Read on and find out!

Crickex does not use any standalone trading software. When you navigate the exchange, you will find ‘powered by Betfair’ somewhere around.

The Betfair software is well known to be powerful and functional so you have nothing to worry about; you are in safe hands. 

Chapter 10



How safe is the Crickex website?

What security measures do they take to protect members?

We conducted tests for ourselves – read on and see our conclusions.

We believe Crickex exchange to be a secure and reputable platform. The first assurance comes from the Curaçao gaming license that the brand has to its name.

For an exchange to be licensed, it means the licensing body found it safe for players. Besides, Curaçao is a very reputable body so that should give you peace of mind. 

We also attempted to check the site’s encryption and it seems to pass all our checks.

Apart from the valid website certificate, we also found it to be encrypted and authenticated with AES_128_GCM.

At the time of this writing, the website’s certificates and encryption are up to date, making it safe for any visitor. 

Chapter 11

Usability of the Platform

Usability of the Platform

IS Crickex exchange website and app user-friendly?

If yes, why?

Read on and find out why we think the available platforms are usable.

In terms of usability, we believe the platform to be very usable. The navigation is easy and any new individual would figure it out in no time.

We must also do well to commend the color combinations. The blue and white overlays are easy on the eyes making it favorable against unnecessary eye strain. 

Since the app is a replica of the website, we can say the same for it. So far you have a good device, you will enjoy its sleekness and responsiveness.

It also looks good if your device is on night mode. Overall, we think the developers gave their best in the designs. 

Chapter 12

Our Conclusion

Our Conclusion

The experts have done their tests, now, it is time for the final verdict.

Read this section to see our parting remarks on Crickex exchange.

Overall, Crickex is a decent platform. It is quite obvious that the developers did not create the platform for global consumption as most features are best enjoyed by players from India and Bangladesh.

It contains mostly their favorite sports and options that surround it. 

Alert Green icon

In our opinion, Crickex is nothing out of the ordinary. The website and app are functional and responsive and any player would have a great time playing.

If you are comfortable with the available sports and payment options, feel free to give it a shot. We believe you are in for a great time. 

Chapter 13



Is Crickex App Legal in India?

Yes, Crickex App is legal in India. The platform is tailored primarily for Indians so players from the region also have access to the app. 

Is Crickex Safe? 

Yes, Crickex is safe. It possesses a valid license from the Curaçao Gaming Commission which is a reputable body. 

What is Crickex App? 

Crickex app is a functional and responsive mobile substitute designed to replicate everything you can do on the Crickex website.

How to Deposit Money in Crickex? 

Depositing your money is Crickex is straightforward. We explained the process in our review; check it out and your will understand instantly. 

How Do You Bet on Crickex? 

After creating your account, deposit funds and select whichever game you want to stake on. Choose your stake amount and preferred option, then execute the bet.


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