Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Score?

Have you ever asked yourself if matched betting affects your credit score?

Well, you are not alone.

Here we provide the answers to one of the most asked questions in the industry.

Discover the effects of matched betting on your credit score!

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The last thing anyone wants is to be denied a loan after application, especially for reasons that could be easily avoided. Your credit score is the most important factor that determines your chances of securing a loan.

This means that you need to regularly pay attention to factors that influence your credit score such as your credit reports. 

So it’s no surprise that so many people frequently ask and wonder whether or not matched betting has any adverse effect on their credit score.

Well, as a punter it’s normal to worry about these factors when applying for a loan. But the good news is that matched betting doesn’t lower your credit score in any way.

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Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Rating?

Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Rating?

Your bank transactions do not appear on your credit reports and hence do not affect your credit rating.

But does this apply to matched betting?

You’ll find the answers in this section.

While matched betting does require frequent deposits and withdrawals via your bank account, it does not affect your credit rating.

This invariably means you do not have to worry about your matched betting activities becoming a setback in your loan applications. 

The main credit bureau agencies have stated that your credit score is largely based on your credit history and not on the kind of transactions made.

Simply put, you can make as many betting transactions as you want without any negative impact or reflection on your credit rating or credit score.

However, other records regarding delinquent payments or unpaid fees will significantly hurt your credit rating.

Since the national credit bureau does not receive bank account information and transactions this invariably means your matched betting activities have little to zero impact on your credit score.

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Will Matched Betting Affect Mortgage Applications?

Will Matched Betting Affect Mortgage Applications?

Matched betting is legal and ideally should not lower your credit score.

Lenders often look at certain factors before granting mortgage applications.

Read on to discover expert tips on mortgage applications.

According to recent statistics by Bankrate, a large percentage of homeowners purchased their houses through mortgage loans. And the number doesn’t go down from there.

Several other prospective homeowners have resorted to this option to acquire this essential need for themselves. 

However, securing a mortgage loan isn’t determined by whether or not you participate in matched betting. Banks and other financial institutions are usually least concerned about your account information but rather your credit score and rating. 

So regardless of your numerous matched betting activities and transactions, this information does not pose any danger to your mortgage application. Your accumulated winnings from your bets also do not matter or translate to your income. 

Generally, unless you have pending loan payments, matched betting does not affect your loan deal. Here are some expert tips to help you secure a mortgage loan without hassles.

Separate Your Betting Operations

Getting a mortgage is quite direct and involves a typical official process. Lenders and other financial institutions would naturally demand essential details and documents such as proof of salary, credit history, renting history and so on. To ensure a smooth procedure it would be best not to “mix pleasure with work”. 

In other words, you should create a separate bank account primarily for your betting operations. This will prevent any possible hurdles that may hinder a successful loan application along the way.

Keep Your Documents Arranged

Now that we have established that your participation in matched betting does not affect any credit score, you have to ensure all your essential documents are well organized. 

Some of the necessary items needed include the following:

  • Credit history
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • Means of Identification 
  • Proof of rent
  • Proof of income

Soft Search

One thing to have in mind is that bookmakers, betting exchanges and casinos often carry out a soft search to verify the identities of newly registered bettors and comply with anti-laundering regulations.

However, this information will not be visible to lenders and other mortgage companies.

So you don’t need to worry about the results of this soft search on your loan application as they don’t hurt your credit score at all.

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Ultimately, your involvement in matched betting doesn’t put a dent in your credit rating which means you can apply for mortgage loans without any hassle. If you’re looking to apply for a loan, your main focus should be eliminating any negative item on your credit report for a better credit score. 

Feel free to request your credit report from the Credit bureau to get a proper analysis of the items affecting your credit score. 


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