Best VPN for Matched Betting

Vpn for matched betting

As far as you know matched betting requires to have lots of accounts on betting sites.

VPNs make bettor’s life much more easier, because you can securely do so!

Let’s take a look on the best VPN services for matched betting!

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One of the best and most famous techniques in the betting world today is matched betting.

For newbies, matched betting is a risk-free technique of gambling that guarantees a win regardless of the outcome. A long time ago, before the rising existence of VPNs, there was nothing like the level of privacy available nowadays for matched bettors.

In addition to granting a private betting life, VPNs have made a massive number of bettors gamble more securely. For gamblers abroad hoping to join the trend in placing matched bets, VPN is one way out.

One great piece of advice for punters interested in matched betting is to take advantage of the technique by creating multiple accounts or opening a new account with many bookmakers. For a piece of very good advice, it is disheartening to realise that if a bookmaker suspects you of creating multiple accounts, they can easily ban you.

With VPN, it is a whole different picture.

VPN is a true game-changer in the betting industry. Yet, many ignorant punters end up ruining their gambling accounts by sticking to a poor VPN. Only the best VPNs have the right qualities to be used for matched betting.

Are you willing to find the best VPN for your matched betting? Continue reading this review as we dive fully into what VPN is and how you can identify and use one of the best VPNs, and the pros and cons of using it for your betting activity.

Chapter 1

What Is VPN and How Does It Work?

What Is VPN and How Does It Work?

VPN is an important network system that provides online users access to websites and services that are not available in some parts of the world.

How does it work?

Let’s take a brief intro to the tool and how it works.

VPN is an acronym for the term; Virtual Private Network. And it is an online network tool that allows online users, including gamblers, to securely access websites and services restricted to a part of the world.

Some businesses operate services that they do not want a particular part of the world to access. Through the use of a VPN, these services can be breached and accessed by the restricted.

In our case, some suitable matched betting markets and services may be restricted from your current area of residence. All thanks to the existence of these network tools, you will be able to access these markets.

A VPN works by allowing a device to access a particular service by routing the device’s connection through a private service. Instead of using the user’s regular ISP (internet service provider), it uses a private provider and connects the user to the service by hiding their IP address.

Chapter 2

Why Do People Need To Use VPN for Matched Betting?

Why Do People Need To Use VPN for Matched Betting?

If you are already wondering why you will need a VPN for matched betting, take a chill.

Here is why pro punters use these tools to place bets online.

There are several reasons why people, including pro punters, use VPN for matched betting and why you might need it too.

One major reason is to be able to create multiple accounts without the bookmakers detecting. For security purposes too, these tools help bettors avoid cyber criminals while using public WiFi.

And lastly, the use of a VPN allows you to do matched betting when you are out of the country.

Chapter 3

Best VPN for Matched Betting

Best VPN for Matched Betting

Now that you know why you will eventually need a VPN, how do you go about selecting the best?

Take a closer look at our recommendations and find out which one suits you more.

For a VPN to be regarded as one of the best, it must have certain qualities that make people consider using it. Some of these qualities include:

  • Fast connection speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 Responsive customer care
  • A large network server
  • A broader range of Internet for devices
  • A compact encryption

If a VPN tool shows these qualities in higher grades, it is a good one. After going through careful research, and testing every available matched betting VPN based on these qualities, we have found 5 of the best VPNs. Here they are;


This is one of the most trusted and fastest VPNs for matched betting. It covers a thousand servers spread over 50+ countries. In terms of bandwidth, this network tool is endowed with unlimited bandwidth and allows up to 6 device connections at the same time. Besides coming with a high grade of encryption, it comes with a private IP for its users.


If you are looking for a VPN that can keep you anonymous when using multiple accounts or bookmakers, ExpressVPN is another option. In addition to running at a lightning speed, the British network tool takes pride in offering servers covering over 90 countries and 160 locations. One of the best parts of using ExpressVPN is its 24-hour live chat support.


IPVanish is another good VPN for matched betting that operates from its main headquarters in the United States. The network service can cover more than 75 different locations with large servers and an unmetered connection on every one of your devices. It is fast, offers the best anonymity, and protects devices from any indecent cyber threat.

CyberGhost VPN

If you are ready to ghost while doing your matched bets, CyberGhost might be the right man for the job. It only takes a minute for you to completely get your identity off the radar by masking your IP address with CyberGhost. The network tool comes with a lightning-bolt speed, covering thousands of servers, operates with unlimited bandwidth, and uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your identity.


Lile CyberGhost VPN, PureVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption so you can be sure that the VPN services will protect you at all costs. Besides its top-tier security, PureVPN can also compete with some of the best VPNs for matched betting, as it offers over 6500 servers covering up to 78 countries.

Chapter 4

Pros/Cons Of Using VPN for Matched Betting

Pros/Cons Of Using VPN for Matched Betting

No doubt, VPNs are a good tool that can aid you to do matched betting in the most secure, private, and anonymous way possible. This does not make the use of a VPN disadvantageous.

Here are the pros and cons of the tool and how it can inspire your matched betting career.


  • Better security and more privacy while placing bets online.
  • You can always bet, even if you are out of the country on holidays or trips.
  • Allows you to create multiple accounts
  • Guarantees an anonymous gambling period


  • If a bookmaker suspects the use of a VPN, you might be banned from creating new accounts.
  • The bookmaker might stop your account from receiving promos if they detect that you have created multiple accounts to claim bonuses.
  • Your winnings might be withheld if a bookmaker detects that you are using VPN.

Chapter 5

Is Using VPN for Matched Betting Legal?

Is Using VPN for Matched Betting Legal?

The legality of an activity is important, especially when it has to do with something online.

As for matched betting with VPN, is it a legal thing to do?

Let’s find out.

Yes. It is fully legal in any part of the world where online gambling is accepted.

You are free to use VPN to place matched wagers as you like. However, bookmakers see this opportunity as a means of scamming them and will never be happy about it. You can employ the services of a premium-bought VPN tool to get the best of the network service.

Chapter 6

Do You Need VPN for Multi-Accounting?

Do You Need VPN for Multi-Accounting?

Matched betting prioritises the use of creating multiple accounts and VPN does it in a way that is hardly detectable by bookmakers.

So, yes, it is needed.

Of course. If you want to create multiple accounts without being detected by any bookmaker, a good VPN would definitely be needed.

Matched betting is a strategy that will need you to get multi accounts. So, yes, you need VPN for multi-accounting as a matched bettor.

Chapter 7

Are There Any Risks With VPN Matched Betting?

Are There Any Risks With VPN Matched Betting?

Yes. Many huge opportunities usually come with risks. Seeing the great benefits of betting with a VPN, it is not too surprising that it comes with risks.

Read on to know the risks attached to betting with a VPN and how you can avoid them.

A common risk with VPN matched betting is how bookmakers frown and keep a close eye on users suspected of using it. On the bright side, this does not stop you from matched betting with VPN.

Some of these bookmakers even go as far as asking for a KYC check if they detect the creation of a new account with a VPN.

In this case, just move on, and secure another bookmaker. There are hundreds of sportsbooks available on the internet, this should not stop you from doing your matched bet.


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