Matched Betting Tips & Tricks

Matched Betting Tips & Tricks

Utilize these tips and take your matched betting skills to the next level!

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Since the inception of sports betting, matched betting has continued to capture the hearts of many bettors with its low-risk opportunity. After all, it only requires that players take advantage of the bonus offers at a bookie and maximize the profits of the bonus.  

In detail, players at a bookmaker will claim a free bet offer, bet on an event outcome and lay the same bet at an exchange.

As simple as matched betting sounds, you still need a profound knowledge of the technique to start generating huge returns. We have scripted this review to provide 25 lucrative matched betting tips and tricks to assist you. 

If you are a total beginner or an experienced punter, stay tuned. We have reviewed this matched betting article to educate everyone, including newbies, on how to make money using the betting technique.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Chapter 1

Open a Matched Betting Bank Account

Open a Matched Betting Bank Account

What do we mean by setting aside a matched betting bank account?

Why shouldn’t you mix your betting account with your personal funds?

Read on and find out.

The first tip says you need a new dedicated bank account for your betting endeavours. Please don’t get too perturbed by this advice –  creating a dedicated account makes it easy for you to track all your matched bets and earnings. With this, you can bank easily without mixing gambling transactions with your everyday banking. 

Another reason to open a separate account for betting is the restrictions some banks impose on gambling accounts.

These banks are doing the right thing for many reasons, including preventing scams, but that shouldn’t intrude on your matched betting.

By opening a dedicated bank account for gambling, you will be free to bet and make money.

Chapter 2

Use a Dedicated Email Address

Use a Dedicated Email Address

What do we mean by you using a dedicated email address?

Do we imply that you should create a separate mail for matched betting?

You will find the answers below!

After opening a dedicated bank account, you must sign up for a separate email address to record all your gambling activities.

Instead of going through the stress of sorting your email inbox for information, opening a different matched betting email address will do just the job.

This way, you will have an organized account to track gambling updates, including promotions, bonus offers, etc. 

Chapter 3

Claim All Bonuses, Including Free Bet Offers & Other Promotions

Claim All Bonuses, Including Free Bet Offers & Other Promotions

Promotions and free offers are very instrumental for matched betting to work.

Why is it so?

Find out below.

High-profile sportsbooks provide their customers with many welcome bonuses and promotions. Since matched betting is about taking advantage of free bets and bonuses, you must target these high-profile bookies. Once you register a betting account, claim all the bonuses, including free bet offers. 

However, it is crucial always to check the terms and conditions that apply to the bonuses.

For example, free bet offers usually come with wagering requirements that will ask you to complete a certain amount of wager to withdraw your earnings. If the whole terms seem disturbing, you can join a matched betting community or ask for help. 

Chapter 4

Take Advantage of Oddsmatcher Tools

Take Advantage of Oddsmatcher Tools

What does an oddsmatcher tool do for you?
And why is it important in matched batting?

An oddsmatcher tool assists in finding only quality and profitable market options. The internet is filled with many bookmakers and exchanges competing for an audience.

Some of these services stand out with outstanding sports odds and liquidity. To save you the stress of going through hundreds of gambling platforms and searching for the right market option, you will need an oddsmatcher tool.

This tool compares real-money odds between exchanges and bookies and highlights the best. 

Always Gamble at a Matched Betting Sportsbook

Do you know that some bookies are against matched betting?

That’s why you should use a dedicated matched betting bookie. 

When searching for a sportsbook to back your qualifying bets, make sure it is a matched betting bookmaker. Unfortunately, many services do not accept the idea of matched betting – they frown upon and reject punters with such an aim. So make sure you go for a sportsbook that approves of matched betting. 

Get Access to Multiple Betting Exchanges

Since the technique behind matched betting insists that laying wagers at an exchange is essential, make sure you get access to multiple betting exchanges and increase your chances of bagging huge profits. 

One of the best matched betting advice is ensuring you have unlimited access to multiple sports exchanges.

With the help of various exchanges, you will be able to bag huge profits since you will get a more comprehensive market option to lay your bets.

But first, stay at a reliable and trustworthy sports exchange. 

Connect Your Oddsmatcher Tool to The Exchange

To avoid placing the wrong suggested bets, you should also link your Oddsmatcher tool to your exchange. 

You can avoid mistakes by connecting your oddsmatcher tool to your sports exchange. For example, you might get a suggestion from your oddsmatcher tool and end up laying the wrong bets.

Connecting the oddsmatcher with the exchange eliminates the occurrence of such mistakes. It also allows you to place faster bets with one click on your exchange. 

Mug Your Bets & Avoid Being Gubbed

Gubbing is when a player is restricted from claiming free bets and promotions from a bookmaker. The way you match bets at a sportsbook determines whether you will be getting gubbed. By mug betting, you are sure to avoid gubbing

Knowing the powerful and low-risk capability of matched betting makes every bookmaker cringe at offering free bet promotions.

So instead, they monitor customers’ activities to gub any account suspected of matched betting to prevent their customers from using them. You can avoid gubbing by tricking the bookmaker into thinking you are a regular punter. How?

By purposely losing a few wagers, you can avoid being gubbed. For instance, if we are going for a football match betting on premier league matches, you can wager on all big/favourite teams to win that day.

No bookmaker will suspect any account of mug betting – it is a simple way to avoid getting gubbed from promotions at a sportsbook. 

Ensure You Back & Lay Bets

Matched betting needs you to back an outcome on your bookmaker and lay that same selection at an exchange. This is the way to match bets. Never refrain from its methods. 

Matched betting is all about backing and laying the same selection on different betting platforms, one being a bookmaker.

Once you get a free bets promo, distract by mug betting and ensure you match every wager by backing a selection at a sportsbook and laying the same at an exchange.

Following the back-and-lay method of matched betting will surely get more winnings without getting gubbed from promotions.

Never Gamble

Matched betting is a zero-risk method to make money without actually gambling. For every bet you make, you will counter the outcome with a lay wager. In short, never gamble while matching wagers. 

By avoiding the probability and luck-gaming process of gambling, matched betting incites a unique way of betting with minimum risk.

For many newbies, you can get carried away with the number of potential wins and start making more wagers without strategies.

Matched betting doesn’t require you to gamble – make sure you stick to the back-and-lay technique. 

Make the Most of any 0% Commission Offers at an Exchange

If possible, securing sports exchanges that charge 0% commission on winning trades are best. This way, you bet and cash out all your winnings without paying a dime. 

Exchanges usually impose commissions to charge you a little for their excellent money-making opportunities.

On average, you will find exchanges with charges between 2-5% on your winnings wagers.

On the better end, more generous exchanges charge 0% commission for you to gamble, win and take all your profits without asking for a dime.

Secure these services and make the most use of their generosity. 

Use a Matched Betting Calculator

To avoid math errors while matching bets for huge rewards, it is ideal to use a matched betting calculator

Matched betting deals with many mathematical calculations in stressful and immediate situations.

However, with the help of a calculator dedicated to matching wagers, you can get ahead of the profit/loss wagers and odd calculations.

For instance, to quickly calculate qualifying bets, with just an input of the designated odds, a calculator will give you the exact profit/loss and direct your staking amount in no time.

Don’t Be Greedy

It takes a lot of patience and discipline to start bagging huge profits through matched betting. But on the other hand, greediness is a shorter way to break your bankroll and end your gambling account.

Always remember that matched betting is not one of those get-rich-quick scam schemes.

Once you can remain patient and stick to the rules of the technique, you will be able to make at least double your initial deposit every month.

The key is never to be greedy but stay heads up for more significant wins and consistent wins. 

Ensure to Double-Check Every Step

Sure! There are times you might need to rush and make decisions. But that should never stop you from double-checking every step and information before proceeding. 

You must double-check every step and action to review mistakes before proceeding further.

We will all be dealing with real money where a little mistake can cost you your bankroll.

By double-checking, you are clearing the paths for such errors and making better paths for big winnings. 

Track Your Progress

To maintain an organized matched betting career, you must track your progress, including losses and profits incurred, free bets bonuses and every other activity concerning your gambling account.

Take time to track your progress with essential emails about bonuses, favourable odds, profits/losses incurred, banking info and all your underlying bets.

Cash Out Regularly

Make it a habit to withdraw your winnings regularly from the exchange and the sportsbook. You can decide to cash out weekly, monthly, or whenever suits you. 

Many bettors consider the idea of regularly withdrawing winnings common sense but still lose some of their profits. So ensure always to cash out your earnings regularly. 

Find Support at a Matched Betting Community

You can always join a supportive matched betting community to get the right amount of help and support while matching bets for real money. 

For many newbies out there still sorting themselves, find help and support by joining an online matched betting community.

In case of difficulties, you are sure to get tons of solutions from experienced punters in the community.

Be Consistent

Consistency is another critical skill to wield while making matched wagers.

Matched betting guarantees you a minimal risk but small reward gambling opportunity. With consistency, any player, including a beginner, can rise above others and make huge earnings off matched betting.

Create a Dedicated Space

If you do have space in your abode, you might want to consider opening a dedicated room or setting up a space to plan and match wagers profitably. 

Don’t get us wrong, you can always match bets from the comfort of your bed or couch. But, as you grow and make a more significant profit, setting up a particular workspace might be worth it.

You don’t need to get all fussy about it – just a corner of the room will suffice since you only need this space to plan and organize your bets. 

Grow Your Accounts

Avoid the temptations to shop or buy something with winnings from matched betting. Instead, take more time to build and grow your bankroll. 

Do you know bigger bankrolls generate bigger winnings when matching wagers? So take your time to grow your bankroll instead of falling into the traps of spending all of it. 

Make it a Little Bit Fun

The process does not have to be boring: try to have as much fun as possible while matched betting.

Do not dwell too much on rushing to make money that you forget to have fun while capturing free bets and promotions from a bookie and turning them into profits.

Avoid Arb Bets

Arb bets are bets with lower odds and poor market conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid any form of arb bets.

To avoid arb bets with inferior market opportunities, you can always rely on an oddsmatcher tool to filter them out of your available options. 

Maintain Patience & Discipline

With patience and discipline, every punter will surely get an outstanding reward from matched betting technique. 

As stated earlier, patience is crucial in getting the most out of matched betting. In addition to discipline and non-greediness, matched betting will generate players with the best results.

Filter Only Reasonable Betting Advice

There would surely be punters trying to share their advice: Yours is to filter the reasonable ones and work on them.

Many punters in the game will try to assist you and give advice based on their experiences or opinions. Some of this advice is good, while others are bad.

All you need to do is filter only the helpful advice.

Keep Earning

Claim that free bets today, capitalize on it and continue earning using the profitable method of matched betting.

Once you consider all our matched betting recommendations and tips, the profit is all yours. So register at that bookie, sign up at an exchange, claim that bonus and start earning cash.

Chapter 5



Matched betting is undoubtedly a fantastic method for both newbies and experts to make money off the generosity of bookmakers.

However, for any player to master and wield the technique, they must be able to follow expert tips and tricks.

Matched betting is one of the best methods sports punters can use to make real money through minimum-risk staking. You need to register at a sportsbook, claim a deposit-free bets promo and use this promo to make money. However, don’t get too excited about the simplicity of the technique – it requires more knowledge than you think. 

Thankfully, you are here today. We compiled this detailed review to assist you in making the best matched betting decisions, providing the 25 ultimate matched betting tips and tricks. So, with a read of this review, you are 100% guaranteed to make huge returns as you continue to match bets.


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