Is Matched Betting Legal or Not?

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Asking yourself “Is matched betting legal”?

We’ve got the answer!

The UK, US, and Australia have completely legalized this risk-free strategy!

Read on and get the proofs!

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Most punters use one of many popular methods to succeed at sports betting and matched betting is one method punters use to profit from generous bookmakers using their promotional offers.

The technique is a zero-risk way to gamble and make money off the generosity of your registered and licensed bookie. 

Due to several reasons, many have thought the matched betting method was a scam.

To answer, we present to you this review where we will shed more light on the legality and accessibility of matched betting in the UK, US, Australia and most parts of the world.

We will even provide more information on how you can use the technique and make a real profit. 

Chapter 1

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

Is matched betting just another random strategy?

And how does it work?

Read on and find out!

Matched betting is a gambling method that allows players to use bonuses and promotions in a zero-risk way to win profits.

Usually, these promotions are in the form of free bets that an online bookmaker gives its customers.

The idea is to take this free bet offer to stake on an outcome and then place a lay bet on that same event at a betting exchange.

In detail, matched betting deals by spreading your bets on different outcomes, using free bets and actual money. This is done so that you make a profit regardless of the result.

Unfortunately, the high-end opportunity of this strategy makes it seem illegal to some punters.

Hence, one of the primary reasons why many ask, “is matched betting legal?”

Chapter 2

Example of Matched Betting

Example of Matched Betting

We explained what matched betting is but what about a practical example?

This section buttresses all our explanations!

First, you need to claim a free bet at a bookie. You have probably heard of the phrase “Bet $100, get $100” – this is how a sportsbook gives its players free bets.

This, however, implies that you make an initial deposit as low as $100, claim the free bet of $100 and then find a good match to place the qualifying bet using your deposit. To get a lucrative market option with better odds, you may need a reliable oddsmatcher tool to find the best options.

The second step will require that you register an exchange account and place a lay bet against your initial selection. Once you find the best exchange option, sign in, and lay off that qualifying bet.

After the final call for the event, either wager from your exchange or bookie will return a profit. If the main wager loses at the bookmaker, you will still get a profit from the betting exchange and vice versa.

Now, remember you still have a free bet.

We will now use the free offer and turn it into a withdrawable income by using the first technique on another event.

And lastly, you can lock profits using the same method as the second step.

Chapter 3

Is Matched Betting Legal In The UK?

Is Matched Betting Legal In The UK?

What is the stance of the UK against this risk-free strategy?

Discover it in this section.

Is matched betting legal in the UK?

The honest and straightforward answer to this question is a resounding Yes!

No law in the UK disallows 18+ residents from matched betting.

Furthermore, the technique is 100% legit since online bookmakers voluntarily give punters the free wager promotion. 

However, UK bettors must remember that registering multiple accounts under the same sportsbook can be illegal.

Opening more than one account can even escalate to a legal case for online fraud: So gamblers should refrain from the act and stick to the only rule that might make matched betting illegal.

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Chapter 4

Is Matched Betting Legal In The US?

Is Matched Betting Legal In The US?

Does the US approve of matched betting?

There’s only one way to find out, so read on!

Yes. Like the UK, the US does not have any law that restricts 18+ residents from matched betting.

However, some bookmakers usually impose certain restrictions on how to use their promotions and how winnings will be shared.

Aside from the restrictions, it is up to you to decide how to use your free bet promo and to match bet and win.

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Chapter 5

Is Matched Betting Legal In Australia?

Is Matched Betting Legal In Australia?

Is Australia aware of this risk-free technique?

And do they legally approve of it?

We will give you the answers below.

For many Australians asking the question, “is matched betting illegal in Australia” the answer is Yes.

Matched betting is fully legit in Australia.

The technique only allows punters to claim bonuses, place a back bet at one bookie then lay the same wager at a sports exchange.

Up till now, there has not been any law in Australia that says no to the method of placing matched bets for 18+ Aussie punters.

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Chapter 6

How Do Bookies Know You Are Matched Betting?

How Do Bookies Know You Are Matched Betting?

Are bookies aware that players capitalize on their bonus offers?

Surely they do! But how do they know?

We will explain below.

No business aims to lose. This also applies to the operation of an online bookmaker and its entire business.

Considering that you only need the promotion at a bookie to place matched wagers, there is a need for these businesses to monitor customers’ accounts to stop them from taking advantage of their promotions.

Once they find a punter holding more than one account for the promotions, they block the promo or permanently close the accounts. 

In case you do not know, every bookmaker has the right to take down an account suspected to be involved in account fraud.

It is best to move to another betting site, claim their promo offers and match bet to make good earnings.

Chapter 7

Is It Risk Free?

Is It Risk Free?

Is there anything that is truly risk-free in gambling?

We don’t think so!

Matched betting comes with very little risks too.

Find out what it is below.

Matched betting is not 100% risk-free.

For example, betting on sports like football with three-way outcomes may risk the strategy.

For instance, if a football match finishes full-time as a draw, either of your wagers, both at the exchange and bookie, will lose. So remembering the risk of using matched betting on specific sports is very important. 

Once you can remember to watch out for the type of bet and study the market correctly, matched betting will be your only money-making technique. However, you will still need to strategically place these wagers to avoid account restrictions or gubbing.

Some bookmakers may decide not to ban accounts suspected of matched gambling.

Instead, they impose several restrictions, including a max stake restriction, reduced odds, or even gub your account. 

In case you don’t know, gubbing is a worst-case restriction that disallows punters from using promotions and bonuses at a gambling brand.

You can also avoid gubbing by deliberately losing bets, placing a few wagers monthly and using other strategies to minimize getting noticed by a bookie.

With this strategy, you will be able to distract the bookmaker.

Chapter 8

Is Matched Betting Scam?

Is Matched Betting Scam?

The grand question that everyone asks when they first hear this technique – is it scam?

This section will give you answers.

Matched betting is not a scam. It is a lucrative method of using free bets and promotions at a sportsbook to reduce risk when staking for real money.

Sure, it would take a lot of patience and effort to get excellent responses from the technique.

But once you keep your heads up and listen to expert bettors, you will surely make huge profits. 

Chapter 9

Tips From The Expert

Tips From The Expert

Your knowledge is never complete without The tips from the expert!

Go through this section to find out additional ways you can capitalize on this strategy.

In this section of the review, we want to brief you quickly on some of the best tips and tricks from matched betting experts.

Without further ado, here are five expert tips you can always rely on before placing match wagers;

  • Avoid creating multiple accounts under the same bookmaker. 
  • Make the most use of promotions and bonuses at a reliable bookie. 
  • Take advantage of profound oddsmatcher tools to filter the best gambling options.
  • Use multiple sports exchanges to improve your chances of bagging large profits.
  • Never gamble using matched betting techniques.

Chapter 10



As we draw the curtains, here are our parting words.

Read on and enjoy!

Matched betting is a legit way to take advantage of free promotional offers at a bookmaker by using it to make cool cash.

It is one of the most sought-after techniques to gamble risk-free and win real money.

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If you think matched betting is not legal, a glance at this review will show its degree of legality and what you are missing out on.

Chapter 11



We would love to gift you this section—one that addresses your most asked questions.

Is Matched Betting Illegal In The UK?

No. Matched betting in the UK is entirely legal. So every UK punter is free to use the method. 

Can Bookies Ban You For Matched Betting?

Yes. Bookmakers have the right to ban accounts suspected of gambling solely through matched betting.

Why Do Bookies Hate Matched Betting?

Customers using their services to match bet provides a bookmaker with minimal profit. 

Does Matched Betting Affect Your Credit Score?

No. Generally speaking, placing match wagers does not affect your credit score. However, you can check out our review if you want a more detailed description of matched betting and how you can profit from the method. 


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