Is Matched Betting Scam?

Is Matched Betting Scam

Have you heard that matched betting is considered a scam technique?

Let’s find out if it is the truth or a myth.

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Betting is usually seen as a game of luck and probability, and implementing strategies makes it even less probable and lucrative for most punters.

Nevertheless, there are many seemingly attractive methods on the internet today, but are these excellent strategies to make money or a scam idea to rip players off?

Undoubtedly, there are an increased number of profitable gambling strategies and matched betting has been mentioned – most punters would have come across the term “matched betting” on their paths.

Or you may know this unique money-making technique but are scared of it being a scam. 

Read our brief review clarifying every detail about matched betting and how you can profit from the strategy. 

Chapter 1

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

What is this famous matched betting strategy?

And what concepts does it operate on?

Let’s find out!

Matched betting is a method where punters take advantage of the welcome offer on a sportsbook. The main aim of this technique is to profit from the welcome reward you get after registering as a new customer at a bookie.

Usually, you will need to deposit a minimum amount and then bet funds to receive the reward.

But, in actual terms, you will not be gambling using the strategy.

Instead, it involves you wagering on a selection and then depositing to place a lay bet on that same wager at a betting exchange.

As a result, you will be staking to cover all the possible selection outcomes. 

Once you secure a sign-up bonus offering a free bet at a bookmaker, fulfill its requirement to activate it.

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With the free bet, you can place a wager on a selection and also place the opposite outcome (a lay bet) of the same selection at a betting exchange. Upon the event finishing, you secure a profit regardless of the result.

Chapter 2

Example of Matched Betting

Example of Matched Betting

Now that you know what matched betting is, and how it works, allow us to show you a real life example.

Let’s assume you registered for a new account at a bookmaker that is generous enough to grant you a $50 free bet on a $50 deposit.

  1. Make the deposit, use your $50 deposit to wager on a selection, and then claim your $50 free bet. Let’s assume you place your $50 deposit at odds of 2.00. A wager on an outcome with 2.00 odds sees you stand a chance to win $100, with $50 of that being profit.
  2. Once you have made your bet at the bookie, you immediately deposit at a betting exchange to lay that same selection at $50. If you lose your wager at the exchange, you still get a chance to bag a profit of $50 from the bookmaker. At the same time, if the selection from the bookie loses, you get your profit from the betting exchange.
  3. Whether you win or lose on either bet at the exchange or sportsbook, you will still end up with your $100. More interestingly, remember the $50 free bet at the bookie?

That’s what you now have. With this free bet, you can now stake on another event at the bookie. Counter it again by laying the selection on the betting exchange to lose $25 this time. 

If your selection loses, you will have lost your free bet at your bookie but will have won $25 on your sports exchange. And if it wins, you will get $25 in earnings. Interesting, right?

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That’s how matched betting makes many people an income. However, it is essential to note that betting exchanges will charge a small commission on your winnings.

Chapter 3

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Do bookmakers know this risk-free strategy?

And if they do, is it legal?

Can they allow you to gain from them at almost-zero risk?

Long story short, yes, matched betting is legal. However, this still depends on your region’s gambling regulations.

In the UK, for example, it is fully legit to match bets provided you are 18 years and above. 

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The method that matched betting works on is in no way illegal. You only take advantage of promotions at bookmakers as a customer and then capitalize on them.

However, if you still consider it a scam, note that even Wikipedia has an entire article on the lucrative betting technique. Moreover, we’ve written an article that fully answers all possible questions about matched betting legal status in the UK, US and Australia.

Chapter 4

Is Matched Betting Scam?

Is Matched Betting Scam?

At this point, it sounds too good to be true.

Is it actually real?

Or another well-formulated scam?

To cut to the chase – matched betting is nowhere near a scam.

But, for many still calling matched betting a scam, listen closely.

Matched betting is a legal technique of taking advantage of welcome offers at a bookie by turning it to cash on a risk-free path.

It may take a lot of time and effort, but once you master the craft, you will be shocked by how lucrative it can be. 

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Speaking of scams, you should be careful of unreliable bookmakers that impose hard-to-beat wagering requirements on their bonuses.

Chapter 5

Why Do Bookies Allow It?

Why Do Bookies Allow It?

If bookies are aware of this risk-free strategy, why do they allow it?

Why would they allow something that gives them zero returns?

The competition in the gambling industry has drastically increased, with many sports fans searching for bigger and better value.

As a result, gambling companies have stayed heads up by updating and introducing different promotions to attract customers.

This is a reason sportsbooks now offer matched betting as a way to get more customers. And at the same time, it provides a profitable gambling area for punters.

Chapter 6

Tips From The Expert

Tips From The Expert

You know what time it is!

How can you maximize matched betting to gain the most from it?

Check out these tips and find out!

Don’t be fazed if you have heard from losing players justifying their losing spree by blaming matched betting technique.

These gamblers will call the strategy a scam because they lack patience and understanding.

Matched betting is profitable only when you follow the right tips and tricks. Thankfully, you are here today.

Continue reading as we brief you on the best matched betting tips from experienced traders. 

  • Take advantage of promotions and bonuses at reliable bookmakers.
  • Find an excellent oddsmatcher tool to help you filter the best market deals.
  • Use multiple betting exchanges to improve your chances of winning huge profits.
  • Join a matched betting community but filter their advice. 
  • Make use of betting exchanges offering a generous 0% commission on winnings. 

Chapter 7



Now you know matched betting, how it works, and how you can make it work best for you.

Allow us to give you some parting words.

Is Matched betting a scam? A resounding no!

It is one of the most popular betting strategies with guaranteed profitable opportunities.

All punters using the technique take advantage of the welcome offer at a sports exchange and capitalize on it.

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Our best advice for players ready to boost their gambling career with a risk-free strategy is always to consider matched betting.

Chapter 8



Now you know matched betting, how it works, and how you can make it work best for you.

Allow us to give you some parting words.

Is Matched Betting A Scam? 

No – matched betting is a gambling method that uses free bet offers from a bookie to wager and win real money. By understanding and following the strategy, you can make a guaranteed profit. You can refer to our review for more reasons why matched betting can never be a scam.

Is Matched Betting Illegal?

No – matched betting is a legal gambling strategy to profit from welcome offers at reliable bookmakers. 

Is Matched Betting Worth It 2022?

Yes – if you want to boost your gambling career, matched betting should be your go-to strategy. It is a risk-free path to wager on your favourite sports and bank cash. 

Is Matched Betting Guaranteed?

Yes – once you wager on a selection at your bookmaker and lay the same selection on a betting exchange, your profit is guaranteed. 


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