Matched Betting In Football

Matched Betting in Football

Most punters are familiar with placing one bet per outcome but do you know that it is possible to place two?

And even have a better chance of winning?

In fact, you can place two opposite bets on the same outcome to game the system—we will teach you how to do it with no risk. No gambling too.

How? Read on!

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Chapter 1

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

What Is Matched Betting and How Does It Work?

To keep it simple, matched betting is placing two opposite bets on the same outcome in a bid to avoid losing irrespective of the outcome. Most people hear this description and think that they should log into their bookie and place two bets—one on a team to lose, and the opposite on the same team to win. 

While that may work, it is not the best way to go about the strategy.

It is too cost-efficient to place such stakes. And that is still gambling. Do you want to know the best technique?

Keep reading and you will find out soon enough.

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Here is our in-depth matched betting tutorial for newbies. If you not familiar with this type of betting we strongly recommend to start from here.

Chapter 2

Is Football Suitable For Matched Betting?

Is Football Suitable For Matched Betting?

A significant number of people do not believe matched betting works in football. Most bettors use it in sports like horse racing and have not even considered the possibility of it working in football.

Well, take it from us – matched betting works in football. And it is one of the best sports to use this strategy on.

Some may consider football a bad choice because there are three outcomes for a team—win, lose or draw. However, that is looking at the smaller picture.

If you put it on a larger scale, you will discover how well football fits into the profile of matched betting. Your concern should be on two outcomes—win or not win.

The secret of punters that explore this strategy in this sport is that they don’t back just any team. They either choose a strong underdog or a strong favourite. And which other sport contains the most of these two favourable considerations?


Another reason why football is arguably the best sport for this strategy is the liquidity it generates. This is the most popular sport in the world so you can never go amiss with it. 

But why do we need liquidity in matched betting? Does it mean it involves using an exchange? The answer is yes. And you will find out how soon enough.

Which Football Markets Are the Best?

First of all, almost all football markets are good for matched betting. But to make the most from it, you need markets with large viewership which implies that the best ones are:

  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue A

And it is also best to target tournaments like:

  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Copa America
  • UEFA European Championship

Now you know that football is a good sport for matched betting and you also have a good idea of the best markets, how do you go about placing the bets? Hang on and allow TheTrader to show you through a step-by-step guide.

Chapter 3

Football Matched Betting Guide: Step-By-Step Instruction From TheTrader

Football Matched Betting Guide: Step-By-Step Instruction From TheTrader

In this guide, we will show you how to hop on football matched betting from the very beginning. And to make sure you get it, we will use real-life examples.

Step 1: Choose An Exchange

An exchange is what you will use to place the opposite bet which is what we call a lay bet. Lay bet is the opposite of a back bet; so rather than backing a team to win, with lay bet, you are staking on the team to lose. TheTrader recommends using an exchange with good liquidity and reputation.

Step 2: Choose A Bookmaker With A Promotion

Do you remember when we said matched betting can be risk-free? Well, the secret is using a bookmaker that offers bonuses and promotions like no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, free bet, and the like. Then how is it risk-free? Keep reading!

Step 3: Finding the Right Game

We already highlighted the leagues and tournaments that suit matched betting so ensure that your pick is within that range.

Then most importantly, pick a game with either a heavy underdog or a heavy favourite. In such games, the tendency of draws is minimal.

So let’s assume it is a game between Team A and Team B.

Step 4: Double Check the Odds Calculation

Before you start placing the bets, you need to ensure it is a profitable bet. And thanks to matched betting calculators, you would not be doing the calculations by yourself.

So input the parameters into the calculator and ascertain that it is a profitable one—do not settle for breakeven stakes.

Step 5: Place the Back Bet

Assuming Team A is a strong favourite, log into your bookie account and place your back bet. To have a risk-free stake, place the back bet with the bookmaker’s bonus.

Step 6: Place the Lay Bet

Then log into your preferred betting exchange, find the same Team A Vs Team B and place a Lay bet on Team A. So you have two stakes in place now—one on the exchange, backing Team A to lose, and one on your bookie, backing Team A to win.

Step 7: Wait for the Outcome

Let us picture two scenarios which could be either Team A wins or loses. If Team A wins, the bet on your bookie is a win while the one on the exchange loses. And if Team A loses, the bet on your exchange wins, while the one the bookie loses. Either way, it is a win-win for you. 

Chapter 4

Expert Tips For Football Matched Betting From TheTrader

Expert Tips For Football Matched Betting From TheTrader

You have all you need to excel at football matched betting but it is never complete without TheTrader’s tips. So pay attention to these things as you apply the strategy:

If Possible, Use Exchanges With Promotions

Modern exchanges now offer promotions so it will be best if you can find a trusted one to use. That way 0% of your real money is at stake, making it 100% risk-free.

Cash Out If Possible

If you back and lay a heavy favourite and they go 1-0 down early in the game, you can take your profits on the exchange’s lay bet. Since there is still a probability of the team spawning a comeback, the back bet could also be a win. So both bets win!

Never Forget To Double-Check

Remember to double-check the odds, promotion’s terms and conditions, liquidity, and everything else. Since you are using two different platforms to stake, it is easy to make mistakes—that is why you should double-check!

Take Advantage of Periodic Offers

Apart from the sign-up offer that your bookie may grant you, always be on the lookout for more. They come periodically so make the best of them. And in exchanges, occasionally check for 0% commission offers.

Follow TheTrader’s Guide Diligently

And last but not the least, follow the guide because it is all you need to have profitable football matched betting.

Chapter 5

Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid

As much as possible, avoid doing these things as they can reduce your chances of making good profits.

Not Making Necessary Calculations

Not every football game is worth matched betting and that is where using a matched betting calculator comes in handy. Avoid games that give you breakeven and small wins.

Using the Same Platform to Place Both Bets

Assuming that you can back both teams to win on the same bookie is not a great idea. With the way bookies calculate their odds, you won’t see anything good from it.

Betting on Unpopular Games

Unpopular leagues and games will give low liquidity in the exchange so placing the lay bet may not be successful.

Not Following TheTrader’s Tips

That will be a big mistake and you should avoid it at all costs!

Chapter 5



Football matched betting can be very profitable but only if you do it right. And this guide is your perfect roadmap to start your profitable matched betting journey.

Although using two platforms to place bets may seem overwhelming at first, with time you will get the hang of it. Go ahead and make good profits, TheTrader has empowered you!


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