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Players are often very interested in taking advantage of the best odds available when betting and this is option bookmakers use to attract people to their betting platform. Price boosts usually come in handy and provide an attractive offer that entices more people. 

At times, bookmakers offer more odds on a particular bet as a bonus or promotion for their players or customers. These odds are usually higher than the usual or typical you would normally get which means you will be able to make an instant profit on every matched bet you place. 

The good thing about this offer is that you get to make up to £150 by making use of price boosts daily. This process doesn’t take a lot of time to complete and in a few minutes, you should have a profit of up to £5 on each boost. 

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What Are Price Boosts And How Do They Work?

What Are Price Boosts And How Do They Work?

You may be thinking of using price boosts as an effective profit risk-free option, but what does this exactly mean?

Is it truly a profitable opportunity?

And how does this offer work when betting?

Bookmakers are always on the lookout for various options and welcome offers they provide to attract more bettors to their platforms which makes price boost a useful avenue. 

So basically, price boosts refer to a situation where bookmakers temporarily increase the odds on certain market options and outcomes. In this case, you’ll notice higher boosts on odds that would be typically lesser than the amount stipulated on the site.

This is a popular tactic used by bookmakers to draw the attention of more people to their websites. On the other hand, it also provides a profitable opportunity to make more winnings on your bets. 

For instance, a bookmaker may choose to up the odds on Newcastle to win a game against Chelsea by 0.9 odds, offering an increase from the normal 4.3 prices to 5.2.

This price boost usually lasts for only a while before the odds return to the regular amount. The idea is to give more players the chance to make higher winnings by staking more money. 

However, it is important to note that price boosts often come with a few rules and restrictions such as the maximum stake amount you’re allowed to bet.

Also, once you’ve made a specific amount of bets, the boosted odds will return to initial lay odds of lower value. 

Where To Find Price Boosts?

Several bookmakers often make use of price boosts on their platforms depending on the period they choose to apply it.

You will notice these boosts appear on the sites at least once a day. You can browse through your favourite bookmaker’s websites to discover the available price boosts.

The main purpose is to look for price boosts posted by bookmakers and to determine whether or not they are actually profitable. 

But the hassle of going through the site to discover where the boosts are available may be burdensome for several people.  

Luckily, there are various platforms you can subscribe to for notifications on boosted odds on specific betting sites.

This way, you’ll get information on the lay odds and the boosted back odds. So if you are struggling to find price boosts, there are various forums and platforms you can join or subscribe to for regular updates on the best and most profitable price boosts. 

Are All Price Boosts Profitable?

Depending on how you decide to stake and the outcome, you can make massive winnings from the profit boosts a bookmaker offers.

Price boosts are tempting and may look like a tactic by bookmakers to entice bettors to use their platforms.

However, so long as the bookies offer higher back odds than lay odds, you’re in for a profitable return. 

But in some cases where there is no lay market on price boosts available, you may not land a profit.

For example, if Betway places a price boost on “Aubameyang and Harry Kane to score”, you will only be able to lay on one player which means it is impossible to guarantee a profit. 

Always keep in mind that not all price boosts are profitable, so you need to find a matching selection that allows you to lay your price boosts.

Chapter 2

How To Do Price Boosts Matched Betting

How To Do Price Boosts Matched Betting

How can you profit through matched betting with price boosts?

Do Price boost guarantee profits?

Read on and find out.

Price boosts seem like a profitable offer that can help bettors make higher winnings in their bets. However, you need to understand how you can profit from this offer when match betting.

In some cases, the bookies may decide to offer price boosts on multiple games which invariably means you should get a higher profit value. 

For example, say Betway decides to offer 2 boosted odds on football every Friday, you’ll be able to pick Manchester United and Arsenal to win and get price boosts on these multiple selections. 

Chapter 3

Price Boosts Matched Betting Step-By-Step Guide

Price Boosts Matched Betting Step-By-Step Guide

What are the important steps to know when using price boosts in match betting?

Are you looking for a way to take advantage of this betting strategy?

Continue reading this section to learn an effective step-by-step process

Choose a Profitable Price Boost

One rule of thumb to help you find a decent price boost is that the back odds must be higher than the back odds.

This opportunity appears on different games so you don’t quite have the option to choose where to use price boosts.

So, the first thing you need to do is always be on the lookout for a preferred game that has price boosts available and hopes for a favourable outcome.

Compare The Odds

With bookmakers upping the price of odds on their site, matched bettors get a chance to make the most of this offer to make a profit.

However, to make a profit on this offer you have to ensure that the price boost is of significantly higher value.

Therefore, when you discover a price boost the next thing you must do is to compare the lay odds with the boosted back odds to ensure you’re getting a higher value. 

For example, the bookmaker could choose to offer a price boost for Chelsea to win from 2.5 to 3.0. If the average lay odds is around 2.7, this means you’ll be able to squeeze out a profit of about 0.3 off the back odds. 

Once the boosted back odds are higher than the exchange lay odds, you’ll be in for a profit. So the higher the price boosts, the higher your profit on your bet. 

Chapter 4

Price Boosts Matched Betting Tips

Price Boosts Matched Betting Tips

What are the key points to consider when using this strategy?

Will these elements help you gain profits?

Well, let’s round off this article with some tips to help you make the most of this profitable betting strategy.

Although price boosts are quite enticing and catch the eyes of several bettors, it would help to know certain important factors regarding this strategy. 

Max Stake

As we mentioned earlier in this article, bookies tend to apply certain restrictions to offers like price boosts. Some of these restrictions include a specific max stake that states the maximum amount you can bet on price boosts. 

Price Boosts Are Temporary

Another thing to remember is that price boosts do not last for long and only appear for a very short period, usually not more than an hour. This is why you have to be on the lookout for the availability of this offer before the bookies drop the odds to their former value. 

Always Place Your Back Bet First

Sometimes knowing that the lay bet will gradually increase and become a higher price value may tempt you to place a bet and potentially miss out on the boosted back odds. This is why we advise taking advantage of the increased back odds by playing it immediately before the price boost expires and you’re left with the lower lay odds.  

Chapter 5



Price boosts have proven to be an underrated profitable strategy you can apply for more profits while matched betting. Once you’re able to discover where the bookies post price boosts, the rest is easy. With this opportunity, you stand a chance of winning up to 10% of your stake compared to regular odds. 

But remember, your best strategy is to always bet on the boosted back odds before the lay odds. As a matched bettor, this is one profitable opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

Chapter 6



How do you use price boosts on matched betting?

Bookies regularly offer price boosts on the certain outcome on their betting platforms. You can utilize this opportunity by simply making a matched bet to secure an instant profit.

Are bet boosts worth it?

Yes, as long as you’re able to find a back price higher than the lay odds, then you’re in for a profit. 

What are price boosts?

Price boosts refer to an offer where the bookmaker decides to increase the odds of a particular outcome for a short period of time.

This is deemed a profitable chance when the back price is higher than the exchange lay odds.


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