Matched Betting in Horse Racing

Matched Betting in Horse Racing

Learn how you can bag profit from horse racing by using bookmakers’ bonus offers only!

We’ve prepared a detailed guide to matched betting strategy usage in horse racing.

Dive in and get to know more!

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Undoubtedly, the internet is filled with betting strategies that capture many punters’ attention and push them into making poor betting decisions.

However, if you don’t know, matched betting technique is one of these strategies that anyone can utilise to bag lots of real-money profits without risking extra.

As a horse racing fan, you can learn about using matched betting to win substantial profits from almost zero risk. But, of course, horse racing is a profitable sport only if you use the right strategy.

And trust us, with matched betting, you are aiming for the perfect gambling experience. What’s even more impressive is the path to risk-free profit that matched betting offers.

So, continue reading this review as we reveal everything you need to know about match betting on horse racing.

Chapter 1

What Is Matched Betting & How Does It Work?

What Is Matched Betting & How Does It Work?

You may have heard about matched betting being a risk free strategy, but what does it entail?

Why do people term it a risk-free strategy?

And how does it work?

Matched betting works by taking advantage of free bets, deposit bonuses, and promotions offered by a bookmaker. The method is a risk-free way to wager on your best sporting events.

But how?

After claiming any incentives (such as free bets, deposit bonuses, or any other bonus) offered at a bookie, you use them to place a back bet on a specific outcome.

Then you place a lay bet on the same selection at a betting exchange

So technically, you have two opposite bets running – if one loses, the other wins, and vice versa. For those unfamiliar with the term lay bet, it is simply the opposite of back bet – if a back bet is staking on a horse to win, the lay bet equivalent is staking on the horse to lose. 

Horse racing can offer any punter real money gains once matched betting becomes their strategy.

The sport is filled with competition and lucrative market coverage, which has led many bookies to capture the attention of punters by providing impressive bonuses and promotion schemes.

And luckily, there is a way you can use these promos to bank risk-free profit through matched betting on horse racing.

Chapter 2

Is Horse Racing A Suitable Kind Of Sport For Matched Betting?

Is Horse Racing A Suitable Kind Of Sport For Matched Betting?

Many people may argue that matched betting is not suitable for horse racing.

But is this true?

We will give you the answers in this section.

Although matched betting is more prevalent in sports such as tennis and football, it does not make it any less suitable for horse racing fans. As long as you can use bonus offers to bet on a sport, you can always attempt matched betting.

We would argue that matched betting works better in horse racing than in other sports like football. In football, every team has three potential outcomes – to win, lose, or draw.

But in horse racing, where a dead heat is a rare scenario, win or lose is the only option for each horse.

So which sports give you a better chance of winning – betting on one of two possible outcomes or one of three?

We’ll leave you to answer that.

Which Horse Racing Markets Are The Best?

Recently, gambling options on horse racing have improved, with various events and betting markets for punters to focus on.

And suppose you want to target bigger race markets. In that case, you should watch out for the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, and Grand National – these events have plenty of betting opportunities for race fans to make plenty of profit.

Chapter 3

Horse Racing Matched Betting Guide: Step-By-Step Instructions From TheTrader

Horse Racing Matched Betting Guide: Step-By-Step Instructions From TheTrader

Are you ready to begin your matched betting journey?

Or have you tried it before and it was unsuccessful?

Perhaps you are already using it and could still use some extra help?

If you fall in any of those categories or not, this section will come in handy for you!

We discovered that many punters risk it all by going into matched betting without proper orientation.

So to stop you from falling prey to avoidable mistakes, here is our expert step-by-step guide to match betting profitably:

Choose An Exchange

First, you take your time to find the best sports exchange that satisfies all your needs. To make the most from matched betting, you must seek an exchange with a low commission rate and exceptional service. It will save you from leaving funds on the table. 

Find A Horse Racing Bookmaker Promotion

Choosing an exchange may be straightforward, but you must consider their promotions when searching for a bookie.

Although any bonus will do, the best is usually free bet bonuses. However, if you can’t settle for a good bookie offering a free bet, you can choose options like a no-deposit bonus or a deposit bonus.

Select Your Preferred Horse

It is now time to find the perfect market and select a specific horse to stake your funds on, and it is essential to look out for the terms and conditions that follow the bookmaker’s free bet bonus. 

Locate Quality Odds On The Platforms

Next up, you must locate quality market odds on your preferred selection. Preferably, you should go for the tightest back and lay odds at the bookie and exchange. For newbies, using an oddsmatcher tool will do wonders in helping to locate quality odds with high-paying opportunities.

Back & Lay Your Bet With A Calculator

Once you have found the correct odds to fill your stakes, it is time to match your wagers. First, back the horse at the bookmaker, then follow up with a lay bet at the exchange.

Since matched betting deals with math calculations, a dedicated matched betting calculator will pay off.

Finally, after you place both opposite bets, wait for the outcome and claim your profits from whichever bet wins.

Chapter 4

Expert Tips To Match Bets From TheTrader

Expert Tips To Match Bets From TheTrader

Your learning journey is never complete without TheTrader’s tips.

So before you leave, here are six tips that will make you better than every other average matched bettor.

Take Full Advantage of Free Bet Bonuses & Promotions

The best bonus for matched betting is free bet offers because it doesn’t demand any deposit. So always prioritize promotions like free bets and no-deposit bonuses over other types.

Use an Oddsmatcher Tool

Since matched betting involves winning one wager and losing the other simultaneously, you need to get good odds matches and ensure that your losses do not overcome your win. That is where the oddsmatcher tool comes in handy for you – ensuring you maximise your profits. 

Get Access To Multiple Betting Exchanges

You need as much exchange as you can get to lay off more wagers and get paid. So ensure you get access to multiple exchanges and increase your chances of bagging huge returns within a short time. 

By all Means, Steer Clear of Greed 

Never be greedy – all punters matching bets should remain patient, disciplined, and consistent.

Join a Matched Betting Community For Support

To get the right amount of help and support concerning matched betting, you might need to join a matched betting community.

There, you will find like-minded people and even experts who can assist you in making every wager count. 

Chapter 5

Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid

Here are four mistakes you can watch out for to match horse racing bets successfully.

Backing and Laying Different Events

Matched betting on horse racing events guarantees a risk-free method for punters to make money without actually gambling.

As you place a bet on a sportsbook, you will counter it with a lay bet at an exchange. But it has to be the same event for the whole process to work.

So if you back one event on your bookie and lay an entirely different one on an exchange, that is not matched betting.

Not Using A Calculator

It is not uncommon to see punters complain that matched betting is a scam because their losses are surpassing their wins.

However, you can avoid such occurrences using an odds calculator tool. It will help you calculate your outcomes beforehand and ensure they will be profitable. 

You can also read the article where we’ve tried to find out if matched betting spam.

Not Double-Checking

Since you are placing two different wagers, it is easy to make mistakes – always double-check before finalizing your bets.

Using Arb Bets

Stay clear from low-quality/arb bets with low chances and a more-risky odds setup. This can be very detrimental to the whole risk-free method of matching wagers.

Chapter 6



This review section will round up all our discussions on the high-paying capabilities of matched betting in horse racing.

With the proper use of matched betting, any punter can make a fortune off the horse racing markets. So please take advantage of any bonus offers and promos, lay it at your exchange, and await a return.

Apply discipline, patience, consistency, and thoughtfulness – then you will enjoy your horse racing matched betting journey. 


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